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What American parents can learn from Europeans on diapering

learn from europeans on diapering


This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in.

In my first pregnancy I became obsessed with the European way of parenting from the book Bringing Up Bebe, which made me quickly realize that American brands have disserviced parents for far too long. From the way they feed their children, to their approach to discipline, independence and sleeping habits, I’ve admired the European style which favors what’s best for parents as much as what’s best for their children. The recent formula shortage is a prime example of how American brands have failed us, but it’s not just formula that has been manipulated by big box store brands… its diapers as well.

That’s why I’m SO excited Coterie is leading the way in disposable diaper innovation for us with its recent launch of the Pant – a European style diapering method that bridges the softness and absorbency Coterie is known for with the flexibility of both a traditional diaper and pull-up in one. Did you know that Europeans introduce what we consider training pants or “pull-ups” as soon as babies start crawling? It just makes more sense.

As a mom of an active toddler and recent newborn, while working full time as a tech marketing exec, let’s be honest: I’m optimizing all my purchases for what makes my life easier. Coterie has nailed it with this recent launch of The Pant and I’m never turning back to the old way of diapering.

Try the Pant for yourself. Get 10% off your subscription purchase ($85.50 for a month of the Pant) with code EXTRA10

Here’s why Coterie’s Pant will change your diapering life for the better once your baby becomes active:

Faster, easier changes with a 2-in-1 waistband

This is a big differentiator. Now you can do diaper changes standing up or laying down with a resealable waistband you won’t find in any other training pant on the market. It’s the ultimate versatility. No more stress as your baby becomes a wiggle worm on the changing table, or if you’re like me and prefer “the standing diaper change” when you’re on the go, pulling the Pant up like underwear makes changing a breeze.

Better fit for more comfort and ease as babies develop

The Pant’s stretchy waistband engineered with Japanese ROICA™ Spandex (commonly used in high-performance athletic wear and yoga pants) gives it an adaptive fit that stays in place with movement. Instead of selecting a diaper simply based on weight, Coterie is connecting the type of diaper you choose with your baby’s unique developmental milestones to allow for more comfort to crawl, explore and walk, as well as ease the transition into potty training when your baby is ready.

Extreme absorbency minimizes leakage, especially for overnight use

You at this point know absorbency is the most important factor in a diaper – it’s what avoids blow-outs and keeps your baby (and you) asleep all night.  The Pant’s dual absorbent core holds 2x more liquid than other pull-up pants. It’s light and flexible for daytime use and secure enough for overnight wear. With a strong top sheet that locks away moisture from baby’s skin, you won’t be losing sleep over this decision.

Cashmere-like softness with safety in mind

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: OMG these are so soft. You seriously just need to feel them for yourself. And they are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, fragrance free, dye free, lotion free – safe from harmful chemicals for your baby’s sensitive skin. The Pant fabric is engineered to provide the breathability and lightweight feel of a more ‘grown-up’ pant. 

Is your baby active? Well time to make your life easier with the diaper made for movement. Get 10% off your subscription purchase of Coterie’s Pant ($85.50 for a month of the Pant) with code EXTRA10

I only endorse products I believe in. When you make purchases through links in this post, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

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