After struggling with overwhelming emotions preparing for motherhood, heightened by a pandemic, I wanted a space to share my experience to help other Mamas feel prepared and confident in all that motherhood brings.  I hope my insane tendency to over-research, test and trial everything simplifies the many choices you're in the midst of making!

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An honest review of Coterie, the upgraded disposable diaper worth the splurge + $20 off your purchase Coterie Diapers are one of my top must-purchase items for your baby, hands-down.  The quality of these diapers just can’t be beat.  After researching reviews of what the best disposable diapers brand on the market was, there were […]


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Tested and approved by an actual 18 month old toddler Picking out gifts for a toddler is hard. They have short attention spans, are very opinionated, love something one day and have zero interest the next. That’s why I’ve put together a quick list of “approved” gifts from my 18 month old that he frequently […]

Gifts for 18 month old
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The Premium Diaper Showdown I’m a busy mom. As the head of marketing at a fast growing tech company and repeat offender of over-scheduling our social lives, I never thought I’d be a parent to have time (or care) to obsess over a diaper brand… but here I am being that parent spending her time […]

Coterie vs. Dyper vs. Pampers Pure

Finally, we took our first big vacation since pre-pandemic! While we’ve gone on a few long weekend road-trips, nothing compares to a full week of time off together as a family. 18 months was far too long and you can bet we won’t be waiting that long again. When it came time to decide where […]

Kauai with a toddler
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How to design an Instagram-worthy first birthday party on a budget. We finally got to celebrate Caden. Since the pandemic started, all the typical moments I expected to experience as a first time mom were just canceled. No big baby shower, no friends coming over to meet the baby, no mommy and me classes, no […]

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It’s Caden’s first birthday – how!? – and I’m taking a moment to reflect on the last year.  I’d say I’m still in denial, but the tears kicked in this past Sunday as it finally hit me that Caden is turning one.  I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year – […]

12 Lessons Learned as a First Time Mom

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Expert advice from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist: Megan Craig, DPT  There are many things to think about in those final days of pregnancy. I had lists on top of lists of final to-dos: hospital bag, birth plan, birth playlist. I was also recommended to research pelvic floor physical therapy options. Why? Medical care and pregnancy […]


pelvic floor therapy
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Introducing solids is a big milestone, one that comes with lots of questions.  Here’s advice straight from a Pediatrician. When Caden began eating solid food, it felt oddly sentimental.  My little baby suddenly didn’t seem so little anymore.  While I just about died over how cute he was sitting up in his highchair, I was […]

Introducing Solids
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What’s in my diaper bag at all times for a quick exit out the door As a new mom, you’ll quickly learn that it now takes an extra 20 minutes to get out of the house.  Between squeezing time in to get yourself ready (here’s my 10 minute routine), getting baby dressed, packing baby’s diaper […]

Diaper Bag Essentials 0 to 6 Months

Fatherhood is not rocket science, but it’s also not the simplest thing in the world. This is a guest post by my husband, Jason. Edited by Josh Perlow. When Barbara and I started trying to have our first kid, it was a lot of fun and felt more like a dreamy haze. Was I ready […]

first time dad

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