What started as an extensively long Google Doc has turned into a little passion project. When I found out I was pregnant I was overwhelmed: with emotions, with choices, with purchases, with nesting, all while juggling my career and desire to spend as much time with friends and family before our little one arrived. There is just so much to do to prepare for the unknown. Here’s my challenge: I have an insane tendency to over-research. I need to know I’ve seen all my possible options, but at the same time I have little patience and like to make decisions fast. 

Initially I started documenting my pregnancy and tips I learned along the way as an opportunity for self-reflection but quickly realized the abundant amount of friends who could use this as a guide, or at least frame of reference, as they experienced pregnancy and motherhood for the first time. I even collected feedback from other Mamas to add a diversity of experiences. Before I knew it this obnoxiously long document had made its way into the hands of friends of friends of friends. 

So here it is, New Modern Mom, my effort to promote collective knowledge to create stronger, more confident Mamas. Hope you enjoy along my journey!

Mamahood is overwhelming.
I want to help.



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