When I discovered I was expecting, the barrage of emotions, choices, and to-do lists was overwhelming. Nesting, preparing for the arrival of our little one, and the desire to advance in my career were all happening simultaneously. And let's not forget a global pandemic. So I combatted that uncertainty the only way I know how: I over-researched everything to gain the confidence I needed to make quick decisions.

As a result, an extensively long Google doc began to take shape: pages and pages of my research, product recommendations, lessons learned and self-reflections through pregnancy. Then that document found its way into the hands of friends, and friends of friends. A community of new mothers was forming right there in my Google doc.

It prompted a realization: I could use my marketing expertise accumulated over a decade to turn this Google Doc into something much more significant - for me, and for ambitious moms everywhere. And that's exactly what I did.

I started New Modern Mom as a resource to help simplify the daily chaos of motherhood. I designed the logo, built the website, and curated helpful checklists, product recommendations, self-reflections, and lessons learned to answer all the questions that moms have top of mind. And I don’t take light decisions lightly. Every piece of advice or opinion I share on this platform is backed by research and personal experience.

New Modern Mom is more than just a publishing platform, it’s a mission to empower mothers striving to find that delicate balance between a rewarding career and cherishing precious moments of motherhood. It's about living a fulfilled, balanced, present, and beautiful life amidst all the chaos.

Motherhood is overwhelming.
I want to help.

the genesis of new modern mom

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