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The Best Peloton Cycling Instructors Based On Your Mood

Top Peloton Instructors Based on Your Mood




Written by:

Jason Mighdoll

Dad Bod: Stay motivated to workout at-home with a baby with this list of top Peloton instructors

This is the first in a series of fitness guest posts we’re calling “Dad Bod” by my husband, Jason!

Thinking of purchasing a Peloton? 

If you are struggling to keep up with your at home fitness and thinking of buying a Peloton, save yourself $100 with my referral code at checkout: 7UPDP7. Then follow me at my Peloton handle “ModernDadBod” and Barbara’s “NewModernMom” and let's exchange high fives during your next ride.

If you aren’t quite ready for the big commitment, this at-home Peloton Bike Hack below is the perfect gateway into your Peloton cycling addiction.

How I got started with Peloton: This Amazon Peloton Bike Hack

When I was first introduced to Peloton 5 years ago, I was one of those people who could never workout at home. Anytime I would try to convince myself I could skip the gym and do a few sets of burpees, push ups or crunches at home I would end up uncommitted and find myself watching TV instead of burning off that bottle of wine from the night before.

My wife was actually the first one who wanted a Peloton. I was an avid outdoor road biker and couldn’t understand the allure of biking inside a studio let alone your own home… I mean you aren’t going anywhere, right? She finally convinced me to give it a try, but unready for the financial commitment, we decided to build our own Amazon Peloton Bike Hack.

How to Build Your Amazon Peloton Bike Hack

  1. Purchase these to build your bike:

    $370 stationary bike
    $24 iPad mount
    $40 bluetooth cadence sensor
    $85 Shimano Bike Shoes
    $13 SPD Clips

  2. Subscribe to the app

    $13/month subscription to the Peloton App

This Amazon Peloton Bike Hack will run you about $550 plus the monthly app cost of $13. You also should factor in an iPad if you don't already have one, although you could use your phone instead.

I told Barbara that if she did a Peloton ride twice a week consistently we would justify the full cost of getting a Peloton. Three years later as she was beginning her pregnancy with our son, she got a taste of what a real Peloton workout experience was like while we were staying the weekend up in Napa.  So she attempted to convince me once more. This time I said if she did at least two rides a week for a month on our Amazon Peloton Bike Hack we would get one. I’m not 100% sure she passed, but we got one anyways in November of 2019, and we haven’t looked back since.

I cancelled my gym membership in January and now weirdly find so much more pleasure and intensity in my workouts. While it was my wife who initially wanted it, I’m now the Peloton obsessed fan, and either bike or use the app about six days a week; which is why I get the pleasure of sharing with you my favorite instructors today.

The best Peloton instructors provide motivation that lasts

I have so many stories about how the Peloton has changed my life or my friends' lives to share, but one sticks out in my mind. When my wife was having a really difficult birth and pushing for hours on end I needed to motivate her. I found the strength and the words that I had heard just that week prior by Ally Love and Alex Toussaint in my head. As they had cheered me on, I was using similar tactics to coach my wife on. Now I’m sure she doesn’t remember, but it helped me help her to get through the birth and for that I’m eternally grateful.


The Best Peloton Cycling Instructors Based on Your Mood

Pumped Up: Kendall Toole
Exhausted: Emma Lovewell
Grateful: Ally Love
Unmotivated: Alex Toussaint
Silly: Cody Rigsby
Professional: Matt Wilpers
Naughty: Leanne Hainsby
NSFW: Jenn Sherman
Nostalgic: Denis Morton
Sluggish: Jess King
Invincible: Robin Arzon
Optimistic: Tunde Oyeneyin
Top Peloton Instructors Based on Your Mood

List: The Best Peloton Cycling Instructors Based On Your Mood

Which instructor and what type of fitness class you choose depends so greatly on what kind of mood you’re in, what your energy level is, and what else you’ve done that week. There is one truth though that I’ve found in every class I take; whether I’m ready for it or not, the energy in the class makes you step up to the plate and rise to the occasion. As Ally Love puts it “If they count you out, it just means they can’t count.” Or as another favorite instructor Kendal Toole puts it, “They can knock you down, but they can never take you out of the fight.” So without further ado, here are the best Peloton instructors to pick based on your mood:

Mood: Pumped Up

  • Instructor: Kendal Toole (1 of 2 cycle instructor crushes)
  • IG Handle: fitxkendall
  • Tip: Kendall specializes in boxing and themed rides, so if you enjoy punching with weights take one of her cycling classes such as “Intervals and Arms.” My favorite rides from her unique fun musical ones such as “Power Hour with Deadmau5 Ride”,  “Metal Ride”,  “Classic Rock Ride”, and “Best of a Decade Ride.” She really gets into it, dresses the part and gets you in it with her. She gets the best outfit award. I would guess Kendal is the most likely instructor to run into at the club, well besides Cody.

Mood: Exhausted

  • Instructor: Emma Lovewell
  • IG Handle: emmalovewell
  • Tip: I’ve been taking the most Emma classes lately and I’m not sure if it's the sheer volume that she has or the approachability to her rides. She finds ways to get you up and working hard. Emma has the best taste in music and helps me explore new artists with her “Listening Party” series, 80’s & 90’s Rides, Rock/Classic Rock Rides, and Pop Rides. 

Mood: Grateful

  • Instructor: Ally Love
  • IG: allymisslove
  • Tip: When I’m feeling down or frustrated, I can always count on Ally to get me centered. Her motivational sayings are a daily ritual. Her “Sunday’s with Love” series are by far my favorite classes overall. She has some great groove rides that will still break a sweat. Hard to say which Instructor is my favorite, but Ally is definitely in the running.

Mood: Silly

  • Instructor: Cody Rigsby
  • IG: codyrigsby
  • Tip: His sassy and fun personality is infectious. People either love him or hate him, I think he’s a blast. Former professional dancer so be ready to bring in some choreography. Cody has the most “Live DJ Rides.” When compared to others on the Leaderboard, I am usually 3-5% higher on Cody’s rides.

Mood: Professional

  • Instructor: Matt Wilpers
  • IG Handle: mattwilpers
  • Tip: Take the “Discover Your Powerzones” program when you first get your bike. You will hate doing it but be so glad you did. Then return every few months to retake the FTP Test (Functional Threshold Power Test) to see how much you’ve improved. Learn more here. I like riding with Denis more but tend to hit a higher FTP with Matt.

Mood: Naughty

  • Instructor: Leanne Hainsby (2 of 2 cycle instructor crushes)
  • IG: leannehainsby
  • Tip: What can I say, total Peloton Instructor crush. Her british accent will keep you cranking up the hill. Her “Disco Ride” was particularly fun. She has 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s for all fan favorites. 

Mood: Nostalgic

  • Instructor: Denis Morton
  • IG: denis_morton
  • Tip: I probably connect most with Denis. I’m not sure why, but he feels down to earth with great taste in music. We have similar taste in music such as 90’s and 00’s rock and alternative music. He tells you what’s coming and coaches you through the end. He also leads one of the FTP tests. I tend to enjoy Denis over Matt, but I do get a higher PR with Matt.

Mood: Sluggish

  • Instructor: Jess King
  • IG: jesskingnyc
  • Tip: Jess was the first instructor I was introduced to by one of my guy friends for some very obvious reasons. She’s fun but I do find her rides are on the easier side and she somehow sweats less than everyone else. Her glitter game is on point. Join her for a “Low Impact Ride” or “EDM Ride.”

Mood: Optimistic

  • Instructor: Tunde Oyeneyin
  • IG: tune2tunde
  • Tip: Tunde gets you excited to be out there. She has killer jams and pushes you through the whole ride. She won't let you stop half way and if her tunes dont motivate you enough, her workout moves will. She is a lot of fun and I didn't even realize I was working hard until I saw my metrics. If you want a ride that turns your optimism into fuel for a good workout, turn on Tunde.

Mood: Invincible

  • Instructor: Robin Arzon
  • IG: robinnyc
  • Tip: I hit my Personal Record (PR) on her “The Greatest Show Ride.” My wife and sister thinks she talks too much during the ride, but I actually don’t mind it. She is a bit more on the yell at you spectrum, but can’t argue with results. She’s the “Head” instructor but still tags in to break a heavy sweat. 

Mood: NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

  • Instructor: Jenn Sherman
  • IG: pelotonjenn
  • Tip: Jenn is the only Mama instructor with a full family that I’m aware of. Despite this she definitely has a tendency to drop the F* bomb the most often. Her specialty is the 70’s and 80’s. She loves Billy Joel and will remind you every chance she gets. I’m pretty sure she might have had a fling with him in college. This is another instructor I tend to be on the higher % on the leaderboard.

Mood: Unmotivated

  • Instructor: Alex Toussaint
  • IG: alextoussaint25
  • Tip: He has some fun sports themed rides. I read an article a while back how a lot of famous athletes often take his classes. “Club Bangers Ride” is a good time.

Too Many Favorite Peloton Instructors, Enjoy the Ride!

There is too much fun to be had to stick to just one instructor which led me to branching out of my comfort zone to try them all. Hopefully this brief guide will give you a starting point to explore the amazing world of Peloton Cycling group classes. Classes aren’t for everyone, but I for one feel like I have a personal trainer at my beck and call. Come join me ModernDadBod + Barbara NewModernMom and feel free to use my Peloton referral code to save $100 off your bike purchase: 7UPDP7

See you on the ride!

Jason (New Modern Dad Bod)

Stay motivated to workout at-home with a baby during COVID with this list of top Peloton instructors based on your mood
Stay motivated to workout at-home with a baby during COVID with this list of top Peloton instructors based on your mood
List: The Best Peloton Cycling Instructors Based On Your Mood
List: The Best Peloton Cycling Instructors Based On Your Mood by New Modern Mom


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