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25+ Best Peloton Instructor Motivational Quotes

Best Peloton Motivational Quotes




Written by:

Jason Mighdoll

Dad Bod: Stay motivated to hit your fitness goals with these Peloton instructor sayings and workout mantras

This is part of a series of fitness guest posts we’re calling “Dad Bod” by my husband, Jason!

It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan and might even say “love” Peloton. Peloton’s home fitness technology has changed the fitness game and the way I workout for the better and quite possibly permanently. I just can’t get enough, which is why I’m continuing on with the Peloton theme in my series Dad Bod (check out my first article, The Best Peloton Instructors Based on Your Mood). 

I’m coming up to my 250th ride this month and all I want for my birthday is a shout-out in a live class. I’m also starting to get a real feel for the instructors and which classes to take. On this journey though, sometimes I need that extra umph to get me to show up strong and I think this applies to more than just getting on the bike or lifting weights. 

When I get up in the morning some days are easier than others. When it comes to exercising, count that as double. Sometimes we need a little pick me up to carry forward our routine. They say that it can take anywhere from 18 to 224 days (average of 66) to form a new habit. [They = According to Phillippa Lally; a health psychology researcher at University College London]. 

It’s not reasonable to workout 66 days in a row and so what’s a person to do if they still want to get fit but the motivation is hard to come by. Well don’t listen to me, let’s hear from our favorite Peloton instructors.

Best Peloton Motivational Quotes
Peloton Motivational Quotes

Ally Love gets me centered but also knows just what to say. Sometimes I swear she looks into the camera and is literally talking to me. I’m not kidding, more than once I was just at that second about to drop my weights or lower the resistance on the Peloton bike and she picked her head up, looked right at me and said “don’t touch that dial, you can do anything for 30 seconds. Can you make it up the hill, Yes or Yes?.” Some of her other fun loving motivation sayings that get me through my rides and my day are:

  • We are not here for trophies, we are here for memories – Ally Love
  • If people count you out, they can’t count – Ally Love
  • This is when you boss up, never back down – Ally Love
  • Not because you want to Boss, but because you can – Ally Love
  • Are you ready? Yes or Yes? – Ally Love

Next up on my “leaderboard” is a quickie but a greatie, sometimes you have those days and you have to remind yourself “They can knock you down, but they can never knock you out” – Kendall Toole. A similar spin (pun intended) she will often say is “They can knock you down, but they can never take you out of the fight.”

As I mentioned in my last article, Alex Toussaint’s motivation flowed through me all the way to the birth of my son. In particular it was his Michael Jordan inspired ride that motivated me (be sure to take this Peloton ride). Here are a few of his more common sayings:

  • This ain’t daycare! You are blessed, you woke up this morning! – Alex Toussaint
  • Feel good, Look good, Do better! – Alex Toussaint
  • The good ones work out, the great ones out work – Alex Toussaint
  • Show up and show out – Alex Toussaint
  • If you’re not strugglin, you’re not hustlin – Alex Toussaint

Robin Arzon recently announced she is pregnant with her first child and we couldn’t be happier for her. I’m not crying, you're crying! Anyway, Robin is a lot of fun and while she talks a bit more than other Peloton instructors during her rides, she used to be a lawyer so what'd you expect? She is fierce and does bootcamp, cycling, and floor strength classes. Her workout classes are really tough and so is she! So let’s see how she can motivate you through her words of wisdom:

  • You don’t wake up to be mediocre – Robin Arzon
  • We eat fear for breakfast – Robin Arzon
  • No challenge, no change – Robin Arzon

Jess Sims is one Peloton instructor you can’t forget. I think her classes are actually genuinely the hardest. I might have torn a pectoral muscle on my 1000th pushup in a 20 minute pushup palooza class. But how do you get from 999 pushups to 1000? You have badass motivational speeches! I give you a few of Jess’s best motivational quotes:

  • You Don't Have To. You Get To – Jess Sims
  • No Ego, Amigo – Jess Sims
  • How you do anything is how you do everything – Jess Sims
  • Never Easy, Always Worth it – Jess Sims

The bulk of this article may be “Done and Dusted” –  Leanne Hainsby, but there is still plenty more fun to be had. Here are a few more Peloton instructor sayings that still motivate even if they aren’t from one of the instructors above.

  • Drop your shoulders and drop your baggage – Christine D'Ercole
  • We don’t half ass, we give it our whole ass – Jess King
  • Inhale the good shit exhale the bull shit – Jenn Sherman
  • No one does it alone – Jenn Sherman
  • If you can’t be good, be careful – Dennis Morton
  • Love Ya Self, Boo – Cody Rigsby
  • Fix your wig and get your life together – Cody Rigsby

My commitment to you is that as I hear more great Peloton instructor motivational quotes I’ll write them down and update the blog. Now go out there and make this day yours New Modern Fam!

– Yours truly, Jason (New Modern Dad Bod)


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