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The Best Postpartum Jeans for Comfort & Confidence

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Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

When it's time to finally get out of the house with your newborn in those postpartum days, it's extremely overwhelming. There are so many things you need to now think about for the baby, let alone your own comfort and care. Add on the fact that none of your clothes fit you, and you’re left with a stressful situation. In the weeks and months after giving birth, be kind to your body and realize that your old jeans just aren’t going to be the right solution for you right away. That’s why considering postpartum clothes like maternity jeans is essential. Postpartum jeans are designed to accommodate your postpartum belly and baby weight, providing comfort and support. They can help you feel more confident and allow you to try new things, all while helping you get back into your old pair once your body has healed. The last thing postpartum moms wants is to feel self-conscious about their body.

But yes, you’re likely saying to yourself “my maternity pairs are way too big now, and my pre-baby ones don’t have a chance of buttoning up… what am I supposed to wear!?”

Well you have a couple of options for you: size up in non-maternity pair, wear a maternity option with stretchy side panels (an over the belly pair are just going to fall off), ditch the denim for a while and stick with stretchy leggings or yoga pants instead, find extremely stretchy jeans, or (my personal favorite option) now there are brands creating jeans specifically for after you've had your baby.

Best postpartum jeans

Understanding the Need for Postpartum Jeans

Our bodies go through a remarkable transformation during and after pregnancy, which calls for a shift in our clothing choices.

You've nurtured a tiny human life inside you and brought it into the world, and, no surprise, it's left some changes in its wake. Your hips might be wider, your tummy softer, and let's not even start on the hormonal rollercoaster ride. So when you peek into your closet, it's like looking at clothes for someone else. You may find your pre-baby jeans staring at you, whispering “remember when…”. But those days are behind you, and it's time to embrace your new body. Now is the time to take care of yourself – body and mind – and that starts with feeling beautiful, comfortable and confident in what you wear.

Important Features in Postpartum Demin

Stretch and Flexibility

First things first. Stretch and flexibility are key when you're hunting down the best pair to wear after birth. And here's why. Your body's recovering from a remarkable journey, and finding the best pair can exponentially help how you feel as you navigate this new phase in life. So it's only fair that your jeans, too, should be just as flexible as you are. Look for denim with a good amount of stretch in the waistband that can accommodate your changing body so you can find the perfect fit. That way, bending down to scoop up your little one or running after a toddler isn’t uncomfortable.

High, Mid or Low Rise – What's Best?

I swear by high-waisted options for their tummy-supporting qualities, especially in those postpartum days. And I love how the 90s inspired styles are in again, offering high waist, relaxed fit, and a bit of bagginess to give you ultimate comfort.

The Role of Compression

Compression in denim can offer much-needed support to your belly and back. So don't dismiss it – compression might just be the secret ingredient to finding your perfect pair of postpartum denim. But remember, compression does not mean a tight fit. You want a pair that offer compression without restricting your ability to move.

The Best Postpartum Jeans IMO

Now that we've covered all the basics and know what to look for in a great pair of jeans, it's time I shared my favorites with you. These are my personal top picks based on what I've tried in my most recent pregnancy with Willow. Each body is unique, so what works for me might not work for you. But hopefully, these suggestions will point you in the right direction as you build your new mom wardrobe.

Seamed Front, Wide Leg Jeans

Seamed Front, Wide Leg Jeans in Ecru – Spanx

Flare Jeans in Vintage indigo | Best Postpartum Jeans

Flare Jeans in Vintage Indigo – Spanx

Wide Leg Jeans in Raw Indigo | Best Postpartum Jeans

Wide Leg Jeans In Raw Indigo – Spanx

The Way High Sailor Jeans by Everlane

The Way High Sailor Jeans – Everlane

Flare Jeans Best Postpartum Jeans

Flare Jeans in Midnight Indigo – Spanx

Citizens of Humanity Brynn Drawstring Wide-Leg Jeans

Citizens of Humanity Brynn Drawstring Wide-Leg Jeans

We the Free Esme Pull-On Denim Trousers

We The Free Esme Pull-On Denim Trousers

Rag and Bone Miramar Sofie Pants

Rag & Bone Miramar Sofie Pants

Everlane the Way High Jean

Everlane The Way High Jean

Good American Always Fits Straight Jean

Good American Always Fits Straight Jean

Good American Good Waist Palazzo Jeans

Good American Good Waist Palazzo Jeans

Best postpartum jeans

How Long Should You Wear Postpartum Jeans?

Your postpartum body needs time to recover and adjust after the changes it has experienced during pregnancy. And while there's no hard and fast rule to how long you should continue wearing them, the consensus is to wear them as long as they provide comfort and support during the postpartum period. Every body is unique and transitions at its own pace.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pair

Choosing the right pair of denim can make a world of difference in your comfort and confidence.

But how exactly do you choose the right pair? Start by considering your lifestyle and activity level. If you're constantly on the move, you might prefer a pair constructed with stretchy materials like spandex that allow for easy movement. On the other hand, if lounging and relaxed activities rule your day, a pair of soft, comfy denim might be all you need. 

There was a time when postpartum pants simply meant an elastic waistband. Thankfully, fashion has caught up with the times, and offer a multitude of flattering styles made for your new postpartum body: skinny jeans, high rise, slim fit, “mom jeans.” Don't be afraid to try a wide range of sizes, variety of styles and multiple pairs to find a great option that will work for you!

No matter the style, the best jeans are the ones that fit and make you feel good.

Do Postpartum Jeans Assist in Recovery After Delivery?

They can provide support your abdominal muscles, which can be helpful in recovery, especially for those who've had a C-section. While they can provide support, they are not a replacement for medical advice or treatment. Always consult with a healthcare provider for additional care guidance.

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