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third trimester checklist

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Even though you’ve probably spent your entire pregnancy planning for your baby, focus on YOU during the third trimester. You’ll thank me later! Up until now, your pregnancy journey has largely revolved around preparations for your baby. Chances are, you’ve been gradually gathering all the essential baby gear, ranging from basics like diapers, wipes, and […]

Everything You Need to Thrive in the Third Trimester

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Expert reviewed by Dr. Madeleine Katz, PsyD. You’ve just had a baby. You’re tired, you’re overwhelmed, and amidst all the joy and cuddles, there’s a feeling you didn’t expect – resentment towards your partner. Sometimes, after your new baby arrives, instead of that romantic glow you see in movies or your friends’ Instagram, you might […]

Advice for Overcoming Resentment of Your Partner After Baby

Caden demonstrating how easy it is to get a toddler to take medicine

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Sick season is upon us, which means you’ll likely be battling your toddler to take medication sometime soon. There is nothing worse than your child having a fever, but refusing medication to help ease the temperature. They are upset, you are upset, it’s all around a frustrating experience. I want to help you understand how […]

How to Get Toddlers to Take Medicine Easily

Toddler travel essentials

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Traveling with my kids is one of my life’s greatest treasures. I love seeing the joy on Caden’s and Willow’s faces as they experience something new on one of our family trips, whether that be their first international flight or their first time trying a new food. However, when you travel with young kids, there […]

20+ Toddler Travel Essentials

It's Official Cake

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Today, I’m thrilled to share some personal news with you. After much introspection, I am taking on a new professional journey. I’m transitioning from my role as a VP of Marketing in the world of Silicon Valley tech startups to become the full-time Founder and CEO of New Modern Mom, a passion project I spun […]

New Modern Mom: Where My Passion and Profession Collide

international travel with an infant

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So you’ve got this adorable new addition to your family and you’re itching to introduce them to the wonders of the world. Good news! The third and fourth months of your baby’s life are the perfect time to start traveling – road trips, domestic flights in the United States, and yes, international trips too. Your […]

Step-by-Step Guide for International Travel With an Infant

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These products were voted clear must haves by new moms  In my final weeks of pregnancy, I was pretty stressed about still having a ton of items left on my baby registry.  I didn’t really know what products I needed to have stocked immediately and what things could wait. Aside from the obvious infant car […]

5 First Time Mom Must Haves

The Top of Mind Newsletter by New Modern Mom is your guide to a fulfilling life, packed with wisdom on motherhood, travel, career, style and self care. Get the latest resources, news and musings right to your inbox.

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Navigating work, deadlines, and motherhood can be quite the juggling act. I’ve found that learning from others is the best way to help career growth, personal development and navigating the working motherhood journey along the way. Podcasts have been my go-to resource for this, providing invaluable insights in a format that allows me to multitask. […]

Expert reviewed by Barb Davis, Certified Potty Training Consultant I was terrified to start potty training. We waited until Caden turned 3 to even attempt potty training, mostly because he was showing zero, I mean absolutely no signs that he was ready. Luckily, I had a consultation with an incredible potty training expert to help […]

Expert reviewed by Victoria Winter, entrepreneur and small business strategy advisor. In today’s world, parents have to navigate the tricky waters of incorporating new technology into their kids’ lives while ensuring it’s both educational and safe. Enter ChatGPT, a super-smart AI buddy that can really make a difference. This guide will discuss how parents can […]

chatgpt hacks for parents

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This post is in partnership with Babylist. I only endorse products I believe in and use myself. After the initial excitement of the pregnancy news settles, it’s time to start building your baby registry. For soon-to-be parents, there’s a laundry list of essentials to think about, from strollers and cribs to swaddles and bottles. Thankfully, […]

best baby registry

When it comes to protecting your baby from the sun, choosing the right sunscreen is super important. Babies have delicate skin, which makes them more prone to heat rashes, burns, and the harmful effects of UV rays. Pediatricians usually recommend sunscreen use on babies starting at six months, and advise keeping younger babies out of direct […]

When it comes to planning a fun family day at the pool or beach, making sure your kids have the right swim diapers is key. Disposable swim diapers are convenient, easy to use, and designed to withstand water without swelling up like regular diapers. But not all swim diapers are created equal, and some are […]

Expert reviewed by Dominika Knossalla-Pado, MA, Certified Dog Trainer Bear, our Bernese Mountain dog, had a tough time adjusting when we welcomed Caden into our family. At first, he didn’t show much interest and was a bit wary of approaching him. But as time passed, we noticed a change, and he started to develop a […]

introduce dog to baby

After going through the whirlwind of pregnancies, labors, and hospital stays, I’ve got to say, a postpartum retreat would have been an incredible way to round out my birth experience. The postpartum period, especially those first few days and weeks, is a wild ride, with sleepless nights, constant feeding, and the chaos of adjusting to […]

Feeling like you’re drowning in never-ending to-do lists? Trust me, I’ve been there too. Countless times, I’ve felt immobilized by the sheer weight of everything on my plate, feeling like I’m dropping balls left and right, like I’m failing in so many areas of my life. Eight piles of laundry that need to be folded […]

If you’re expecting or already navigating the adventurous world of parenting, adding a soft-structured baby carrier to your registry is a must-have. Not only do baby carriers strengthen the bond between you and your baby, but they also miraculously free up your hands, so you can perfect the art of mom-multitasking. From grocery shopping to […]

The best thing to come from COVID was the general acceptance of working from home. Now, you can easily find roles at companies that are completely remote, or offer a hybrid setup that allows for some days in the office and others at home. Working from home has completely revolutionized the work-life balance for mothers. […]

Traveling with an infant can be challenging, but it’s well worth it. Even if they don’t remember the trips years from now, you will. You’ll remember the smiling, the bonding, and every special moment you shared. My husband and I have continued traveling since we’ve had kids, so both Willow and Caden have been avid […]

Best Places To Travel With an Infant in the US

Welcome to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide themed “Treat Yourself,” specially curated for the moms out there who deserve more than just a day of recognition. Mother’s Day is not just another day; it’s a celebration of strength, love, and sacrifice. It’s about acknowledging the silent battles won, the chaos managed, and the unconditional love […]

Mother's Day Gift Guide

In the journey of motherhood, there’s a rarely discussed season: loneliness. It sounds dramatic, I know, but hear me out. Throughout life, I’ve always had a built-in community of women to surround myself with. High school meant cheerleading, college was filled with sorority sisters, and post-college brought a crew who bonded over Bachelor Mondays, Galentine’s […]

The Top of Mind Newsletter by New Modern Mom is your guide to a fulfilling life, packed with wisdom on motherhood, travel, career, style and self care. Get the latest resources, news and musings right to your inbox.