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Amara Smoothie Melts vs. Happy Baby Yogis

Yogurt Melt Showdown: Amara Smoothie Melts vs. Happy Baby Yogis




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

The Yogurt Melts Showdown

Introducing solids is a lot of work (here are some tips from a pediatrician). Between preparing food, feeding and cleaning up, your time spent for mealtime increases exponentially. Of course I was so excited when Willow started to master the pincer grasp, because it meant I could start introducing foods where she can practice these skills and feed herself on her own. Enter the world of yogurt melts. These are excellent snacks to entertain your baby during mealtime and bring on-the-go. Like all foods I’ve given to Willow, I care a lot about the nutritional value and safety of ingredients. So I narrowed down my search to Amara Smoothie Melts and Happy Baby Yogis. Here’s how they compare:

Amara Smoothie Melts (No added sugar) vs. Happy Baby Yogis (Added sugar)

Criteria 1: Ingredients

AMARA SMOOTHIE MELTS: Immediately I noticed the simple, minimal ingredients list. Just fruits and coconut milk, nothing else! No added sugar. Gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free. Organic and non-GMO. 5/5

HAPPY BABY YOGIS: A long list of ingredients and fillers. The first ingredient is organic skim milk, followed by sugar, fruit puree, tapioca starch and a list of hard to pronounce ingredients. Gluten-free. Organic and non-GMO. 3/5


Criteria 2: Texture & Taste

AMARA SMOOTHIE MELTS: No residue is left behind when you touch these bites. These have a soft texture that easily dissolves in your baby’s mouth. They come in Mango Carrots, Carrot Raspberry and Beets n’ Berries flavors. I let Willow judge in the taste test, after sampling one of each, she chose to eat ALL of the Amara melts first. 5/5

HAPPY BABY YOGIS: These have a chalky residue when touched. They are creamy and melt-in-your mouth. They come in Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Banana Mango flavors. After Willow finished the Amara melts, she ate these with less enthusiasm. 4/5


Criteria 3: Cost

AMARA SMOOTHIE MELTS: These can be purchased in packs of 6, 12, 18 or 24. A single pack comes out to $5.66.

HAPPY BABY YOGIS: These can be purchased in individual packs. A single pack is $5.99


Criteria 4: Convenience

AMARA SMOOTHIE MELTS: Amara can be purchased directly from the Amara website with a single purchase, or subscription. The subscription makes it easy to never run out of stock of these popular snacks you’ll be grabbing for daily. 4/5

HAPPY BABY YOGIS: Happy Baby can be found at most grocery stores for in person or delivery shopping including Safeway, Whole Foods, Target, Amazon Fresh etc. 5/5


And the winner of the Yogurt Melt Showdown is….

It’s hard to argue with which yogurt melt is the better option when looking at the ingredients criteria. Added sugar and a long list of preservatives are a hard stop for me. Amara wins for the best yogurt melts for your baby without question! Try Amara Smoothie Melts for yourself now.

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Want to do this challenge at home yourself? You can find a great trial pack of Happy Baby Yogis on Amazon.

Yogurt Melt Showdown: Amara Smoothie Melts vs. Happy Baby Yogis


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