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Baby’s Weekend Road Trip Packing List: Summer Edition

Baby’s Weekend Road Trip Packing List: Summer Edition Banner


A packing checklist for a summer weekend getaway with your newborn baby

The best way to create calm before the chaos of a long weekend family road trip is to feel prepared and pack in advance.  You’re probably accustomed to having all the gadgets and products you could ever need at home for your baby, so the tough question is what can you live without for a few days? What does your baby actually need for a vacation? How do you avoid overpacking?

Here’s a look into my packing list based on my experiences road trip traveling for long weekend getaways with my newborn baby at 3 weeks old, 6 weeks old and 12 weeks old.

For complete tips on taking a weekend getaway road trip with a baby, check out 9 tips for newborn baby’s first road trip.

First thing’s first: write your checklist

I write down everything because physically writing things is weirdly therapeutic to me, so either take out a little notebook, giant sticky notepad or pull out your computer and start writing out your day-by-day plan. Reminder from my road trip tips list: only schedule one major thing a day! If you’re following my advice, then it should be easy for you to break your day into two: AM & PM.  Here is a quick template you can follow:


Weather: XX℉, Sunny
AM: outfit details
PM: outfit details

I do this to avoid packing too many clothing items and to ensure we’re covered for the day’s weather patterns i.e. it tends to be cold at night and hot during the day in California in the summer.

After you’ve written out your day-by-day plan, put together your complete “Other” list – all the products, gadgets and stuff you need to keep baby thriving.

Next up: Get organized

I love packing cubes! They are great for keeping your clothing and other items organized regardless of how much space there is to unpack in your hotel or vacation rental.  It also makes it super easy to find things when you are trying to get out the door fast.

I also recommend picking luggage that is easy to throw in the car, small enough to carry but big enough for a few days worth of stuff, and with tons of interior pockets.  I prefer a weekender duffel bag vs. a hard suitcase.  I also usually put all of baby’s things in one bag and then have a separate bag for everything under the “Feeding” category below so it’s easy to grab what I need while we are in the car on-the-go since I sit next to the car seat in the back.

Time to start packing!

There are a couple call-outs from my packing list I want to make.

Travel Crib: We used the UppaBaby Bassinet for the first two trips with Caden to sleep in at night instead of packing a travel crib.  It’s safe for overnight sleeping up until 3 months according to UppaBaby.  Caden outgrew it though by 11 weeks, so we brought along a travel crib after that.

Diapers: If you haven’t heard, I’m obsessed with Coterie diapers. Because I’m pretty specific, I pack enough diapers accounting for the maximum usage so we don’t have to run out and grab a drug store brand.  I plan for 10 diapers per day away (have not ever used this many, but better to be safe than sorry).  I also pack one full package of wipes.

Gear: I didn’t include these below, but you obviously need to be prepared with an installed infant car seat.  You should also have your stroller ready to go as you normally would if you were out and about during the day.

Diaper Bag: Pack up your diaper bag as you normally would for a full day’s outing.  This isn’t included in my list below.

Extra Clothes: If your baby is prone to blow-outs, account for this and pack extra clothes.

Baby’s Weekend Road Trip Packing List: Summer Edition
Baby’s Weekend Road Trip Packing List: Summer Edition

Baby’s Weekend Road Trip Packing List: Summer Edition

Here is a complete packing list for a 3 night, 4 day adventure away with your baby.

Clothes Packing List

Feeding Packing List

Health Packing List

Sleeping Packing List

Other Packing List

COVID Precautions Packing List

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Hand wipes
  • Hand sanitizer

Traveling for a summer weekend road trip with your baby will be so much fun! Being prepared makes all the difference for your mental health and will truly allow you to be excited for this fun adventure.  Enjoy your vacation Mama!

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