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Best Baby Registry Sites for Busy Parents-to-be

best baby registry




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This post is in partnership with Babylist. I only endorse products I believe in and use myself.

After the initial excitement of the pregnancy news settles, it's time to start building your baby registry. For soon-to-be parents, there's a laundry list of essentials to think about, from strollers and cribs to swaddles and bottles. Thankfully, baby registry sites simplify the process by serving as your one-stop shop to document all the baby stuff you’re going to need. 

With countless sites available to host your baby registry, it can be overwhelming to decide which one best fits your needs. As a mom of two toddlers, I've navigated this process twice, so I've gathered my thoughts and research to help you make the best choice. In my search I compared baby registries from Babylist, Zola, Target, Amazon, Pottery Barn, Crate & Kids, and MyRegistry… basically all the major ones. Here’s what I found out and the one I chose for both pregnancies.

baby registry gifts at a baby shower

Tips for choosing a baby registry

Not all baby registries are created equal, and some offer more benefits than others. Here are some helpful tips when choosing a baby registry:

  • Product Variety: Opt for a registry that offers a diverse range of products across various categories like feeding, diapering, clothing and sleep. This ensures you have access to everything you need for your baby. 
  • Registry Type: While you can use multiple registries, IMO it's best to stick to one universal registry. Managing multiple registries can be confusing for gift-givers and can complicate returns. Not to mention the mental math you’ll end up doing trying to remember which gifts and quantities of items are on what registry. Universal registries allow you to purchase items from multiple retailers, including small businesses and even Etsy. It streamlines the shopping process and keeps everything in one place for easy tracking.
  • Ease of Use: Prioritize a registry platform that is user-friendly and intuitive for both you and your gift-givers. A straightforward interface reduces frustration and makes the registry experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. And a massive necessity is the ability to have a plugin to your browser to easily add a gift from the retailers’ sites directly, instead of manually inputting it into your registry.
  • Returns Policy: You may begin receiving gifts months before the arrival of your baby, so a short return window may mean you need to return a gift before your baby even arrives. I found that some items I registered for, I didn’t end up needing. It’s very important you have flexibility to assess your needs after your baby’s arrival. Also, you should plan to have items that cover your baby for the first 6 months of life, so you may not even realize you don’t need an item until way past a return window.

Why selecting the right baby registry matters

Your registry will become your checklist to ensure you have everything you need for your baby’s arrival. So, it should help and add value to your process.

  • Convenience: A well-designed baby registry site should make it easy for you to add and remove items, track gifts, and manage returns.
  • Discounts and perks: Many registries offer discounts, coupons, or freebies for hosting your registry with them.
  • Group gifting: Some registries have the option for group gifting, where multiple people can contribute towards one larger gift.

The Best Baby Registries Reviewed In-Depth


Babylist Baby Registry

Type: Universal registry

Ease of use: Creating a baby registry on Babylist is super simple. The platform boasts a beautifully designed interface that's easy to navigate, and you can add a browser plugin to your bookmark bar to easily add items from any store. It's a universal registry so you can add products from major retailers like Amazon and Target, as well as smaller shops like Etsy. With extensive checklists to guide you, you can easily tick off everything you need and stay organized. Plus, you can add items, manage, and track your registry on-the-go with the Babylist app. And if you happen to be in the LA area, you can visit the Babylist Showroom and Shop in Beverly Hills.

Brand and product selection: What sets this registry apart is that you can add items to your registry from any store (no exclusions!)! It's also dedicated to providing expert-selected, parent-tested products and gear in its own Babylist store online. Some unique offerings include:

  • Exclusive Try-It kits to sample products before committing like pacifiers, bottles and diapers (disposable or reusable)
  • Certain products are eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement 
  • Offering the ability to register for products directly from DTC brands like Coterie and Mockingbird 
  • Non-physical gifts like dog walking, housecleaning, and babysitting in their Help & Favors section

Shipping fees: Items purchased from other retailers are subject to that retailer’s typical shipping fees. Free standard shipping on orders over $45 for the Babylist Shop.

Returns Policy: If purchased from the Babylist Shop, returns can be made within 9 months of the purchase date. A great return window!

Discounts and freebies: 

  • Welcome gift: Free Hello Box with gifts for mom and baby 
  • Completion discount: 15% off items in the Babylist shop for 60 days before and up to 6 months after your baby's due date

Unique gifting options: 

  • Group gifting 
  • Cash funds 
  • Gift cards from multiple retailers 
  • Babylist gift cards

Get your free welcome gift now by signing up for Babylist.

Babylist welcome gift

Zola Baby Registry

Zola Baby Registry

Type: Universal registry

Ease of use: Zola Baby is another universal baby registry that provides access to top brands from different retailers. To open a registry and add items, you must download the Zola app since no web version of the registry maker is available. Personally, I prefer shopping on my laptop rather than an app for a better view of all the selections (queen of one hundred tabs IYKYK).

Brand and product selection: Zola offers many baby products from luxury gear to eco-friendly products from many trusted brands and retailers. Zola also has its own Zola Baby shop with a variety of favorite baby essentials.

Shipping fees: For orders placed on Zola Baby’s shop, the shipping charge is $5.99 on most purchases. Items purchased from other retailers are subject to fees from third-party retailers.

Returns Policy: If purchased from the Zola Baby shop, returns can be made within 90 days of delivery for most items, with certain restrictions and exceptions. Other returns are subject to the returns policy of the retailer the gift was purchased from.

Discounts and freebies: 

  • Completion discount: 15% off discount for 60 days before the baby’s due date and for 30 days afterwards, but only up to $300 in savings.

Unique gifting options: 

  • Group gifting contributions to items on your registry
  • Gift cards from multiple retailers
  • Zola baby registry gift card
  • Cash fund

MyRegistry Baby Registry

myregistry baby registry

Type: Universal registry

Ease of use: MyRegistry is a universal registry, so you can add items from a wide range of retailers. With the MyRegistry app, you can add items using your phone, or even in-store by scanning barcodes with the app. You can download the browser plugin button to add items to your registry on your computer. If you choose to create registries on other sites, you can also sync them to your MyRegistry account, to ensure everything is located in one place.

Brand and product selection: Any retailer can be added to this registry.

Shipping fees: Shipping charges are subject to fees from third-party retailers.

Returns Policy: Returns are subject to the returns policy of the retailer the gift was purchased from.

Discounts and freebies:

  • No completion discount or welcome gift
  • If you sync other registries to your MyRegistry account, you can receive those retailer-specific discounts.

Unique gifting:

  • Cash gift fund via PayPal (with associated 2.5% transaction fee for each purchase)

Target Baby Registry

Target baby registry

Type: Single retailer registry

Ease of use: Sign up for a baby registry on Target’s website and add items to your registry shopping cart. You can pick up items at a Target store, complete in-store order pick up, or have items delivered to your home.

Brand and product selection: Products can only be purchased from Target.

Shipping fees: Gift-givers will enjoy free 2-day shipping when you spend at least $35 or use your Target Circle credit card.

Returns Policy: Up to one year after your due date. Products must be unopened. Love this!

Discounts and freebies:

  • Registry completion discount allows a 15% off your total purchase, which can be used up to two times
  • Exclusive access to 20% off deals
  • Free welcome kit
  • Price matches with qualifying items if you find the same items at a different store

Unique gifting: 

  • Gift cards

Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon baby registry

Type: Single retailer registry

Ease of use: Sign up on Amazon’s website and add items to your registry shopping cart. Search for any item you’d like to add on, select the item you want, then under Add to Cart, select Add to Baby Registry.

Brand and product selection: Amazon provides an extensive selection of baby gear and products from popular and smaller brands, catering to various price points, from high-end to budget-friendly options.

Shipping fees: Shipping fees are dependent on the product. If your gift purchaser has an Amazon Prime, they can benefit from free shipping for eligible items.

Returns Policy: Gifts are eligible for free returns within a year of the receipt of your shipment. Items purchased by you can be returned within 90 days of receipt of shipment.

Discounts and freebies:

  • Welcome gift: Amazon Prime members get a free gift box
  • Completion discount: 15% off completion discount, up to $300 in savings

Unique gifting:

  • Group gifting
  • Gift cards for certain retailers
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Diaper fund

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry

Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry

Type: Single(ish) retailer registry

Ease of use: Sign up for an account on Pottery Barn Kids’ website and complete your checklist in-store or online by adding items to your registry cart.

Brand and product selection: Pottery Barn provides a selection of popular brands, emphasizing better-for-you products and luxury items. While they’re not a universal registry, Pottery Barn Kids is part of the One Registry Collective, allowing you to add items from Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.

Shipping fees: Shipping fees are dependent on the product and retailer, and shipping prices may vary depending on where you live.

Returns Policy: Within 90 days of your due date or within 90 days of your purchase, whichever date is later.

Discounts and freebies:

  • Free nursery design and registry advice from a team of experts
  • 15% off completion discount for 2 months before and 6 months after your due date (Pottery Barn Kids only)
  • 10% off completion discount for Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn

Unique gifting:

  • Gift cards

Crate & Kids Baby Registry

Crate & Kids Baby Registry

Type: Single retailer registry

Ease of use: Sign up for an account on Crate & Barrel’s website and add items to your registry cart. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the selection process and unsure of what to add, you can browse through registry examples and add everything with just one click. You also have the option to shop for products in-store.

Brand and product selection: The product selection at Crate & Kids features luxury items with higher price points. Registry items can only be purchased from Crate & Kids. 

Shipping fees: Shipping fees are dependent on the product and prices may vary depending on where you live.

Returns Policy: Free for 90 days from your due date with furniture excluded.

Discounts and freebies:

  • 15% off registry discount to use three months before and six months after your due date
  • Free registry consultation, design guidance, and style tips from experts

Unique gifting:

  • Group gifting
  • Crate & Kids gift card

Babylist is the Clear Winner for Best Baby Registry

Babylist stands out as the best baby registry because it is a universal registry that also has its own store with a diverse set of registry essentials. It has a generous return policy for its own store, discounts, trial kits, freebies, and unique gifting options. There’s a reason I used it not once, but twice, and recommend it to all my pregnant friends.

✅ Universal baby registry featuring a wide selection of brands and retailers

✅Tracking and managing gifts via app and online

✅ Exclusive offers: Try-It Kits, offerings from DTC brands, non-physical gifts 

✅ Generous return policy for its own store

✅ Awesome discounts, freebies, and unique gifting options 

Get your free welcome gift now by signing up for Babylist.

Babylist welcome gift box

Other considerations when planning your baby registry

When should you start your pregnancy registry?

You can start anytime! Just give yourself enough time to do some research, choose your products, make adjustments, and give your family and friends enough time to buy gifts (especially if you’re planning on having a baby shower).  

When creating your baby registry, it's important to consider the type of items you will need for different stages of your child's development. From newborn essentials such as diapers and onesies, to items for when your baby starts crawling, like toys and safety gear.

How much should you have on your baby registry? 

This is probably the most common mistake – not having enough items on our registry! I recommend registering for items you think you’ll need from the newborn stage through to the first six months. Don’t forget items and services for your postpartum as well! A good rule of thumb is to have at least 100 items on your registry. This gives your friends and family a variety of options to choose from at different price points.

–I hope this guide will make choosing a baby registry a whole lot easier!  I even made a baby registry checklist to help simplify it for you!

gifts from baby registry at a baby shower


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