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The Best Snacks To Pack In Your Hospital Bag for the Big Day

Best snacks for hospital bag




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Packing for the big day at the hospital can be as exciting as it is daunting. Among the essentials on your hospital bag checklist, snacks definitely claim a prime spot. (Need more packing inspiration? Here's a list for you, and a list for dad). So we’ve compiled a list of some top-notch suggestions that will keep you energized and satisfied during your hospital stay.

Best snacks for hospital bag

The Importance of Snacks During Labor

The Role of Food During Labor and Delivery

Labor is a marathon, not a sprint, so your body needs fuel to keep going. Choosing the right foods during this time will give you a boost of energy and stamina, along with help you cope with contractions and nausea.

Hospital Policies on Eating During Labor

But are snacks allowed during labor? Hospital policies vary. Some hospitals allow clear liquids and light bites during early labor, while others discourage eating once labor begins due to potential anesthesia needs. It's always best to check with your healthcare provider about their specific rules.

What Constitutes a Good Snack for Labor?

Energy Boost

Maintaining stamina and energy levels during labor is crucial for several reasons. Labor can be physically demanding and exhausting, so having sufficient energy is essential to cope with contraction intensity and duration. It allows you to stay focused and effectively push during the pushing stage. By keeping your stamina up, you can ensure a smoother labor experience, potentially reducing complications. Eating during the early stage of your labor is often a good idea, as it can provide you with some much-needed energy to support you as your labor progresses. Listening to your body and responding accordingly is important, as some women may have an appetite during labor while others may not.

Carbohydrate-rich foods like bananas, dried fruit, and granola bars are easy snacks and can be excellent choices to give you quick accessible energy.


Make sure to include a variety of refreshing drinks and snacks that not only keep you hydrated but also provide essential nutrients. Consider options like freshly squeezed juices, water infused with fruits or herbs, hydrating coconut water, and hydrating fruits such as cucumbers or oranges.


Protein-rich options are a great choice to keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day. When packing your hospital bag, consider adding a source of protein, with options like nut butters, beef jerky, string cheese, or a wholesome trail mix blend packed with nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. These nutritious treats will not only provide you with long-lasting energy but also help curb hunger and keep you feeling sustained during your stay.


During labor, it's important to choose items that are gentle on your stomach and won't cause any discomfort. Consider opting for easily digestible options such as applesauce pouches, creamy Greek yogurt, or whole grain crackers. These food choices can provide you with the necessary energy and nourishment while being gentle on your stomach and keeping you feeling full and energized for a long time. If you’re in early labor, any of these snacks can be a good option.

Best snacks for hospital bag

The Best Snacks for Your Hospital Bag

Best Hospital Snacks for Labor

In the early stages, you'll want foods that can be eaten easily and provide a good energy boost. Think about packing honey sticks, yogurt, and sliced fresh fruit.

Active Labor Snacks

During active labor, it is ideal to have easily digestible foods. Consider bringing along popsicles, Jell-O, light broths, peanut butter or almond butter packets with pretzels, and honey on graham crackers.

Post-Epidural Snacks

After receiving an epidural, you may be restricted to clear liquids. Stay hydrated with options like coconut water, broths (such as chicken broth), hot water and lemon, ice chips, and refreshing treats like popsicles. Also, consider adding honey sticks to your post-epidural routine for their natural properties and added benefits. Honey is renowned for its potential health benefits, including antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Post-delivery Snacks

Post-delivery, you'll need to replenish your energy. Go for protein-rich foods and complex carbs. Pack some granola bars, cheese and crackers, or a PB&J sandwich.

If you're happy and nourished, that's the best scenario for you and your baby. As you pack your hospital bag, choose the best snacks that not only meet your nutritional needs but also offer comfort and satisfaction during your stay.

Best snacks for hospital bag

Best Hospital Snacks for Dad

Birthing partners also need to keep themselves energized! They play a crucial role in providing both emotional and physical support during the long haul. It's important for them to have their own stash, separate from the mom-to-be's stash. Opt for simplicity with options like trail mix, fruit cups, oatmeal cups, granola bars, mixed nuts, or turkey roll-ups with cream cheese on a whole grain tortilla. These choices are not only nutritious but also travel well and don't distract from the main event with noisy packaging or strong smells. Adding to this list, bananas are another great option for birthing partners. Bananas are easy to eat, travel easily, and contain natural sugars that can give them a burst of energy if the labor is long. They also pair well with nut butters and honey sticks.

How To Pack Snacks for the Hospital

When packing snacks for the hospital, keep convenience and compactness in mind. Choose items that won't spoil without refrigeration and are easy to eat on-the-go. Individually packaged items are a win. They're easy to distribute, they keep portions in check, and they reduce the chance of any mess. Also, don't forget a reusable water bottle for easy hydration. To enhance the portability and freshness of your snacks, I recommend using a small cooler or lunch box. This will ensure that your snacks stay cool and easily accessible throughout your hospital stay.

What If I Forget to Pack Snacks?

What happens if you forget to pack snacks in your labor bag in your rush to the hospital? Don't panic! Most hospitals have cafeterias or vending machines, and delivery services are always an option. Also, your birthing partner or family members can always run out and grab something, such as small snacks. Ultimately, the best snacks for your hospital bag are the ones that make you feel comfortable and nourished. So, whether you meticulously plan your snack pack, or end up improvising, the most important thing is to stay energized and focused on the beautiful journey ahead.

How many snacks should be packed in a hospital bag?

It is recommended to pack at least 3-5 snacks in your hospital bag. This will ensure that you have enough variety and options to keep you satiated during your hospital stay. It's always better to have more snacks than you think you'll need, just in case.


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