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I Brought My Own Diapers with Me to Europe… Here’s Why




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in and use myself.

Traveling with kids, especially internationally, is challenging, so I'm always searching for ways to make it easier for us all. After traveling to Europe with our kids the first time, a major lesson was learned the hard way: bring your own diapers. The reasons may surprise you…

I’m not dealing with leaks, blowouts or night wakings on vacation

Imagine being on vacation and having to call the hotel’s housekeeping in the middle of the night or dig through unfamiliar closets in an Airbnb because your baby had a leaky diaper. Or even worse, being in the middle of a beautiful tour when your kid has a massive blowout. No thanks, not for me.

“Fun” fact: this happened on a private wine tour with my two-month-old in Tuscany using a local diaper brand. Instead of enjoying wine, I spent my time cleaning her up, changing her into a new outfit, and scrubbing the stroller 🫠

Coterie diapers are the most absorbent, and I’ve tested many. They don't just soak up liquid, they also stay dry to the touch both inside and out. This gives me peace of mind during overnight flights, long travel days, and overnight stays. Plus, the quality is amazing, with cashmere-like softness, and the fit is perfect in all the right places.

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I don’t want to worry about ingredient safety while traveling

My kids have sensitive skin, and traveling can sometimes cause flare-ups or rashes from the heat, weather, and new environments. That's why I rely on Coterie diapers—they use safe ingredients and I don't have to worry about translating ingredient lists with or playing a fun game of trial and error on what won’t cause my baby to break out in a rash using international, unknown diaper brands.

Coterie diapers are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and free of over 200 chemicals commonly found in other brands. I’ve tested many non-toxic diaper brands, and they won my top pick.

I’ve wasted too many precious minutes searching in foreign countries

I despise how many minutes we’ve wasted on our vacation going out of our way to find a grocery store or pharmacy in an unfamiliar town searching for non-toxic diapers in the correct size. Aside from precious time wasted on your vacation, remember that most countries don’t enjoy the 24/7 luxuries we do in the US. Take our last trip to Tuscany with 2 kids in diapers: we arrived late at night after 24 hours of traveling, on our last few diapers and no stores were open. AND the next day was Sunday… so we had to drive far and wide to find a store that was open at all to replenish our supply. 

Bringing diapers with you is just easier and eliminates the stress of running around.

Pro tip: If you're worried about diapers taking up room in your suitcases, I have an awesome hack. Schedule a delivery of Coterie diapers for the week prior to leaving, throw enough for your trip directly into your car seat travel bag (and even Coterie wipes) and don’t think twice about diapers on your vacation. There's always extra space in your car seat bag and I’ve never had an airline care (and I’ve done this on over 25 flights, many of which were international). 

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For this trip and all future ones, I'll definitely be packing Coterie diapers, and you should too!

✅Extremely absorbent

✅Superior ingredient safety 

✅Convenient, scheduled deliveries before your flight

✅No stress searching for non-toxic diapers abroad 


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