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Coterie vs. Millie Moon Diapers

Coterie vs. Millie Moon diapers




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This post is in partnership with Coterie. We only endorse products we use with our families.

I'm a Coterie fan, but on a recent stroll through Target, I noticed an unfamiliar diaper brand, Millie Moon. After a quick Google search, I discovered that The Strategist recently published an article saying that Target's Millie Moon diapers are a Coterie dupe. They claimed that Millie Moon diapers have a similar quality but with a more budget-friendly price tag… could this really be true?

As a mom of two, I know a quality baby product when I see it, and certainly appreciate a good deal. So, I geared up for some investigative work and decided to put both diapers to the test. Here's my review of how Millie Moon stacks up against Coterie.

Criteria #1: Ingredient safety

A note on ingredients: I'm really particular about ingredient safety, especially what goes on my kids' bodies. Terms like TCF and ECF are floating around parenting groups, and its important to understand the meanings. Total chlorine free (TCF) diapers are made without the use of chlorine or chlorine derivatives in the bleaching process when diaper materials are manufactured.  Elemental chlorine free (ECF) diapers are crafted without elemental chlorine, but they aren't entirely chlorine-free because chlorine dioxide is used for bleaching instead of elemental chlorine. If given the choice, I feel safer using TCF diapers and products on my babies.


Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested, free of over 200 chemicals commonly found in other diaper brands, including: fragrance, lotion, latex, rubber, dyes, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, chlorine bleaching, VOCs, and optical brighteners. Third-party tested with a publicly shared Diaper Safety Report

Millie Moon

Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF), dermatologically tested, and free from lotions, latex, fragrance, dioxins, phthalates, and over 100 harmful substances. Every material is subject to a rigorous safety evaluation, and the diapers are certified by OEKO-Tex Standard 100.

Ingredient Safety Winner: Coterie

Criteria #2: Absorbency

An absorbent diaper is important because it means fewer leaks and messy blowouts. To thoroughly evaluate absorbency, I conducted two tests. 

  • Test A: I poured 1 ounce of water into each diaper to simulate urination. I waited 60 seconds before assessing dampness inside and outside the diaper. 
  • Test B:  I poured another ounce of water (2 ounces total) into each diaper to simulate a second urination. I waited 60 seconds before assessing dampness inside and outside the diaper. 


After 1 ounce of water, the interior of the diaper was slightly damp. The exterior was completely dry. Even after pouring in two ounces, the dampness inside remained the same, and the outside stayed completely dry too. 

Millie Moon

After 1 ounce of water, the interior or the diaper was damp, and wet to touch. The exterior was completely dry. After the second test, the diaper was noticeably wetter inside. The outside remained dry. 

Absorbency Winner: Coterie

Coterie vs. Millie Moon diapers

Criteria #3: Softness


I'm still blown away by how soft Coterie diapers are. They feel as soft as a gentle cotton washcloth, and it feels good to know that my baby's little bum is wrapped up in something so cozy and gentle.

Millie Moon

Millie Moon diapers are about as soft as Coterie. They are surprisingly superior to your typical drugstore brand.

Softness Winner: Tied

Criteria #4: Availability


Coterie diapers can be purchased on Coterie's website for one-off orders or for subscription orders. They're also available in-store at Erewhon, Whole Foods, or Wegman's so when you're grocery shopping, you can grab diapers too. 

Millie Moon

Millie Moon diapers are only available for purchase at Target.

Availability Winner: Coterie

Criteria #5: Cost


A subscription of Size 1 diapers with 198 diapers: $90.00 ($0.45 per diaper).

Millie Moon

A purchase of 108 diapers: $24.99 ($0.23 per diaper).

Cost Winner: Millie Moon

Coterie is pricier than Millie Moon, but worth the splurge!

Coterie diapers stand out for their superior ingredient safety, excellent absorbency, availability and subscription options. While Millie Moon are cheaper, we went through more diapers given their lack of absorbency compared to Coterie.

✅ Ingredient safety: free of 200+ harmful chemicals

✅ Brand transparency: third-party testing and published results

✅ Top-notch absorbency: Tested and proven as the the most absorbent and driest 

✅ Softness: Super soft, cotton-like feel

✅ Availability: can be purchased at multiple retailers and has a hassle-free subscription option

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Coterie vs. Millie Moon diapers

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