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15 Mom Influencers to Follow

Mom Influencers to Follow




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

When someone describes themself as an influencer, they’re typically met with one of two very different reactions. Either an exaggerated eye roll or genuine enthusiasm. A lot of people tend to think influencers, better known as content creators nowadays, don't have real jobs. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. These content creators spend hours daily curating inspiration, advice, entertainment and personal stories for their communities. And many of them have thriving careers or own businesses behind what you see on Instagram.

As the number of influencers continues to increase each year, more and more moms are turning to social media to find parenting advice and to connect with likeminded people. For many moms, myself included, influencers have become valuable resources for parenthood and life in general.

It’s no wonder, given that mom influencers can offer advice on various parenting styles and insight into different stages of motherhood. But as the number of “mommy influencers” continues to increase each year, it’s getting harder to find the ones offering real sound advice. 

So I created a round-up of mom influencers to follow that I love to keep up with who create authentic, valuable, and relatable content. 

mom influencers to follow

15 Mom Influencers to Follow

If you a mom friend and stylist: @jordannasharp

If you are looking for effortless, chic style inspiration Jordanna is your girl. Her advice on simplifying your outfits to just two colors is what I know live by. I'm working with her to help me style a big trip to Portugal this summer.

If you need a mom friend to give you recipes: @carochambers

Her newsletter What to Cook When You Don't Feel like Cooking takes the guesswork and endless scrolling to easily prep a meal plan for your family for the week. Plus she's had some stellar podcast guests recently that are so relatable to this season of life.

If you need a mom friend who can be your mentor: @jeanelleteves

Jeanelle is an NYC mom of two, giving a behind the scenes look into executive life and raising city kids. From corporate leadership, to style to balancing it all, Jeanelle is full of actionable advice all working moms could benefit from. I’m serious, her tips are gold.

If you need a mom friend for practical travel advice: @whereisbriggs

Jess Darrington’s Instagram is one to follow if you love to travel, especially with your kids in tow. From family vacation ideas to travel tips and tricks, the Where Is Briggs Instagram is loaded with insightful content for globetrotting mamas. Considering she took her son on more than 65 flights before he even turned two, you can expect plenty of valuable info and advice on traveling with kids. 

If you need a mom friend to give you honest POVs: @cameronoaksrogers

Cameron Oaks Rogers Cameron is that mom friend who provides a real perspective on motherhood and mental health through personal stories shared on her Instagram and podcast. She’s a no BS storyteller and leads with authenticity. Her latest content includes valuable advice for second-time moms. Her Instagram is definitely one to follow for honest POVs from a mom who’s been there.

If you need a mom friend to have fun with: @everydaypursuits

Ashley Torres is a mom influencer who feels more like a friend you’ve known for years. She's just fun! Her Instagram feed reads like an interactive picture book covering a variety of topics, including travel destinations, enviable fashion, and relatable insight into the life of an easygoing mom with a great sense of humor. You can also follow her family account @everydaypursuitsfam.

If you need a mom friend for style tips: @ashleykane

You know how some people manage to look totally on point, no matter what they’re wearing? Those people who can throw on a number of seemingly random pieces and create an outfit that would take you hours to put together? Ashley Kane Harper is one of those people. And her followers love her for it.

Ashley’s Instagram feed is an accurate visual representation of chic, effortless style. With each post, she inspires her followers, showing that becoming a mom doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye to good style. If anything, Ashley makes you believe in your ability to integrate your love of fashion, as well as enviable home decor, with the chaos of motherhood. 

mom influencers to follow

If you need a mom friend to entertain your children: @stayathomeactivitymom

With more than a half-million followers, Brittany Bacharach is one of the top mom influencers to follow. With three kids and a background in teaching, Brittany uses her personal and professional experience to create simple and fun activities for kids. 

In addition to her popular social media accounts, Brittany runs the popular website Stay At Home Activity Mom and offers Monthly Activity Kits as well as a Play At Home Preschool Program. Seriously, what can’t this mama do?! If you’re looking for new ways to entertain your kids, Brittany’s account is definitely one to follow. Her ideas are simple, entertaining, and beloved by both parents and kids.

If you need a mom friend to help simplify your life: @newmodernmom

Oh hey… that’s me! And yes, I would love to help you simplify your life! I started New Modern Mom as a resource with curated checklists, product recommendations, self-reflections, and lessons learned to answer all the questions that moms have top of mind. And I don’t take light decisions lightly. Every piece of advice or opinion I share on this platform is backed by research and personal experience.

But New Modern Mom is more than just a publishing platform, it’s a mission to empower mothers striving to find that delicate balance between a rewarding career and cherishing precious moments of motherhood. It’s about living a fulfilled, balanced, present, and beautiful life amidst all the chaos.

I hope that by browsing my Instagram or my blog, you feel more confident and empowered to face and embrace the chaos of motherhood. 

mom influencers to follow

If you need a mom friend to help organize your home: @riorganize

Ria Safford is the best-selling author of “The Organized Home for New Parents” and the mastermind behind Riorganize. Ria shares real, attainable solutions for parents. She’s worth following because she makes even the most overwhelmed, disorganized mom feel seen and heard. She regularly shares organization tips and inspiration that can truly transform your life. 

If you need a mom friend to prepare you for postpartum recovery: @dr.maehughes

Being a mom is hard. Being a healthy and fit mom is even harder. And don’t even get me started on how pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on a woman’s body. Wouldn’t you love to have a mom friend who can help you feel strong and confident, no matter what’s going on around you?

Dr. Mae Hughes is a pelvic floor physical therapist specializing in pregnancy movement, diastasis recti and pelvic floor function. She's a new mama herself. To put it simply, this mom influencer knows what she’s talking about and she's not afraid to talk about the awkward stuff you are too hesitant to ask your friends.

If you need a mom friend to keep you updated on current events: @hithapalepu

For a mom friend who is on top of all the current events, Hitha's newsletter 5 Smart Reads curates the news you need to know for the day that you can read in 5 minutes. She’s an executive, a writer, an avid travel and mom who shares advice that all of us should be incorporating into our days.

If you need a mom friend for wellness inspo: @elainerhayes

I got the opportunity to meet Elaine a few years back when we both spoke on a panel about women in business. I was instantly blown away by her warmth, beauty and inspirational advice on movement. This successful entrepreneur runs a local pilates reformer studio and operates my go-to at home fitness app, MNT Online. If you're looking for daily reminders of how important movement is, she's your girl.

If you need a mom friend for parenting advice:  @simplyonpurpose

Ralphie is an experienced mama with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has a passion for teaching. But when she started a family of her own, she struggled to meet the demands of motherhood. Her experience, as well as the lack of resources she hoped to find, inspired her to create Simply On Purpose. She strives to bring joy back into parenting and family life. 

If you need a mom friend for real talk on working motherhood: @thecorporatemama

Working moms have an entirely different set of struggles. Having a friend who understands, because she’s a working mom herself, is a wonderful thing. Sarah Jean Steele, The Corporate Mama, is the kind of mom friend you wish you really did have by your side.

mom influencers to follow

Who are some of your favorite mom influencers to follow? 

I'd love to know who your go-to mom influencers to follow are! DM me on Instagram to share your favorites. And if you're looking for more mom content, here's my round up of top podcasts for moms.

For more valuable resources on motherhood, as well as tips and tricks on being the best mama you can be for your kids, read more on the blog


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