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5 Pregnancy Airport Outfit Ideas

pregnancy airport outfits




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I don’t let pregnancy, newborn babies, or toddlers prevent me from traveling. My family loves to travel together, but I’ll admit that a long flight is not my favorite part of any trip. This is especially true when I’m pregnant! 

There are so many physical changes and discomforts that pregnant women go through, so during this time, your body deserves a little extra love when traveling. (If this is your first pregnancy, here’s how you can expect your body to change each trimester.) To me, comfortable and functional clothes are a must. However, I do still like to look put together and feel beautiful, because it charges me for the positive energy of my upcoming vacation!

Truthfully, that’s a lot to consider… the outfits need to be practical, comfy, stylish, and pregnancy-friendly. To help you with your pregnancy airport looks, I’m sharing some of my fave pregnancy looks for air travel. Here they are: 

Pregnancy Airport Outfit Ideas

5 Pregnancy Airport Outfit Ideas

Athleisure Airport Pregnancy Outfit for Long Flights

My go-to mom uniform is leggings, tank tops, and cozy cardigans. This is an elevated version of that for the airport! First of all, you need Lululemon Align Super-High Rise Pants, which will be comfortable and will give you full coverage as you’re bending and twisting into your airplane seat—even if you’re pregnant! (If you’re far along, definitely consider going up one or two sizes since they aren’t maternity clothes.) 

Pair these leggings with a Reebok Maternity Tank. Instead of a cardigan for this look, I went with a jean jacket. Layering is important for unpredictable airport and airplane temperature control. 

For the rest, wear New Balance Sneakers and compression socks. This helps with blood flow and prevents blood clots during flying. I recommend Bombas or Comrad. For a personal bag or carry-on, try the Baby Bag by Caara. Even if baby isn’t here yet, you’re going to love this travel backpack! 

Here are more travel backpacks for moms.

Trendy Travel Pregnancy Look with Jeans

If you have somewhere to be right when you land, sometimes you may want a more put-together airport look. For this outfit, I combined the Madewell Maternity Jeans with a white button-up. This is such a timeless pairing, but it really works every time! 

To bring it together, wear this oversized coat and add these Chelsea boots! Sometimes boots are better than sneakers because they’re easier to pull off and on at the TSA security line. And, we all know how later in pregnancy an action like putting on shoes is essentially an Olympic sport, so easy shoes are a big bonus. For a handbag, go with your favorite shopper bag. I like this one from Mango.

Pregnancy Airport Outfit Ideas

Maternity Airport Outfit for Summer 

If you’re running hot or it’s the height of summer, a cooler look might be best. I started with these maternity shorts and a striped button-up. Stripes are one of my favorite prints to wear because I think they automatically make a look feel chic and elevated, even if the piece is just a simple tee like this one. 

An oversized cardigan adds some texture and makes sure you have layering options if the airport or airplane is cold, in contrast to the outside heat. For shoes, you could go with sneakers, but don’t be afraid to whip out those Birkenstocks. They’re comfortable and easy to slip on and off hands-free. For the finishing touches, add a few pieces of gold jewelry and the Stevie backpack

Neutral Pregnancy Travel Look

I love this oversized cocoon crewneck. It’s comfortable, luxe-looking, versatile, breastfeeding-friendly, and can be worn during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. That’s the beauty of an oversized fit! Grab it in either color and pair it with these faux leather leggings. I love the combination of the loose-knit sweater and the shiny, form-fitting leggings for both style and comfort. 

I also like Chelsea boots with this look for ease and comfort. You could go with black or brown for this neutral look. A leather shopper bag will tie it all together and be the perfect “personal bag” for storing your essentials! 

Simple Maternity Airport Travel Outfit 

Jumpsuits are so easy to wear and style. They’re extra comfortable for airport travel because you can’t help but feel like you’re in big one-piece pajamas, except you look chic. Start with this knit black maternity jumpsuit and bring in your jean jacket again. Keep it casual with Cloud 5 Running Shoes (I love these shoes in general, but especially for 3rd trimester since you can slip them on and off without needing to tie laces) and give it a pop of color with this tote bag

The jean jacket covers your arms and keeps you warm without adding too much weight. The tennis shoes will hopefully alleviate some potential pain from rushing to connections and standing in long lines. And, the tote bag will give you easy access to your personal items for quick TSA screenings. It’s functional and fashionable. 

Comfortable Pregnancy Airport Outfit

The right outfit will make air travel during pregnancy way more comfortable. 

I hope that you found something on this list that matches your mom style (or, your soon-to-be mom style) and will be functional for traveling when pregnant. For outfit ideas for postpartum see my fall nursing outfits here and for travel tips, browse my blog and LTK. I’ve got plenty of recommendations from years of motherhood and traveling. Have a great trip! 

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