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No Reception Club Getaway Bag Review: A Family Travel Must-Have

No Reception Club The Getaway Bag




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

The multiple-times-sold-out No Reception Club Getaway Diaper Bag is coming back in stock, so I'm excited to share my review of this incredible travel diaper bag that's accompanied our family on over 25 flights. So let's get to it…

Okay real talk about traveling with toddlers. It can be pure chaos, and every little bit of forward thought and organization can make a big difference. So if you've ever tried using a regular diaper bag for a trip, you know the struggle. You're on a plane, and everything is a mess inside that black hole of a bag. You're trying to find the only snack acceptable, squeeze out the toy to calm during an in-seat meltdown, or urgently yank out a diaper, wipes and changing pad to beat the next person to the lavatory. I've been there, desperately dumping out the contents of our bag on the floor of the plane on the edge of a tantrum. And I was over it.

Then, as fate would have it, I was making our packing list for Italy when the founders of the No Reception Club Getaway Bag were interviewed on our local news. This bag sounded like travel bag dreams, designed to tackle the very challenges of traveling with little ones. I was intrigued enough to purchase it. My skeptical husband thought I'd lost it buying more gear, but trust me, at the airport, he got it. Having a specially designed diaper bag for travel isn't just another “baby item,” it's a sanity saver.

No Reception Club Getaway Bag Review: A Family Travel Must-Have

The Hierarchy of Needs for Toddler Travel

After 25+ flights, here's my essential list of needs for traveling with a toddler:

  1. Quick access to your phone, wallet, and passport.
  2. Diapers for one full day and night or a travel potty with backup clothes.
  3. Enough snacks, drinks and milk to last the day. Pro tip: bring shelf stable milk cartons.
  4. Entertainment to prevent meltdowns, including space for iPad, headphones and toys.
  5. Sleep essentials for on-the-go naps like a stuffed animal, blanket and sound machine.

Based on this list, what should you look for in a travel bag? A backpack-style for hands-free toddler chasing, multiple compartments for all the things, easy access pockets (because time is of the essence), lightweight yet sturdy, waterproof (because spills), an insulated spot for snacks, and yes, even a space for my laptop and personal items. TLDR a bag clearly made for parent travelers.

How The No Reception Club Getaway Bag Meets These Needs

Pure genius design, that’s how.

  • Organized Like a Dream: Organize everything from diapers to entertainment in three distinct sections with its unique shelving system. Not to mention a separate side pocket for items you’ll need frequent instant access to.
  • Instant Side Access: Open the main compartment and get exactly what you need with one hand.
  • Holds All The Things: I am continuously shocked by how much fits in this bag. No need to bring along a rolling carry-on to fit those emergency items for the day. It even fits a travel potty!
  • Emergency Compartment: A separate, odor-containing, waterproof section for those messy moments.
  • Parent Pockets: Keep your sunglasses, phone, wallet, and AirPods safe and separate.
  • Comfort: Despite its capacity, the bag is surprisingly lightweight and comfortable. For reference, I'm 5'3″ and it doesn't feel too big on my frame. Air mesh padding on the shoulder straps adds extra comfort during those long travel days.
  • Smart Accessories: Store healthy snacks or milk in the insulated lunch bag. Quickly attach the bag to your travel stroller with the 2 included stroller straps.
  • Dedicated Laptop Pocket: Keep your laptop safe with the padded 15″ laptop sleeve in a completely separate compartment with zippers for chargers, smartly designed along the back of the bag.
  • Wide luggage pass-through: No struggling to squeeze this over your handle, the extra wide luggage pass-through accommodates larger handles on roller bags.
No Reception Club Getaway Bag Review: A Family Travel Must-Have
The Getaway Bag packed with sleep essentials in the top shelf, snacks, lunch and milk in the middle shelf, toys and entertainment in the bottom shelf, and not pictured, diapers, wipes and changing pad in the side pocket.

The Finer Details


The No Reception Getaway Bag has a capacity of 24 Liters, weighs 2.7 lbs when empty, and 3.4 lbs with the dividers and lunch bag. It meets the airline personal item size requirements, and can confirm I've had zero issues fitting it under the seat in front of me. While it weighs slightly more than a traditional diaper bag, I find the well-crafted design with padded straps and easy to adjust strap length to fit on my frame (5′ 3″ tall) super comfortably and have never had back pain while carrying it. My husband would agree.


This is where the bag really shines, and is distinct from any other option on the market. The bag comes with 2 adjustable shelves that can easily be moved up or down with secure velcro to accommodate your organization style. This is the secret behind creating a bag that no longer serves as a bottomless pit. I typically pack on-the-go sleep essentials (Hatch Rest Go sound machine plus a blanket or sleep sack) and extra diapers on the bottom, lunch boxes for both my kids (love these mini lunch boxes for travel days) on the middle shelf, and a canvas bag full of airplane entertainment on the top which can be accessed through a drawstring from the very top of the bag.

Aside from the main compartment which can be organized into 3 distinct sections, there is a waterproof compartment at the bottom of the bag where you can place soiled clothing in case of an accident, or dirty bibs, utensils or bottles from the day. There is also a side compartment with access on the opposite side of the shelving compartment that fits a couple of diapers, wipes container and changing pad for easy diaper changes on the go. It also fits The Sidekick (No Reception Club's belt bag) or a super compact travel potty seat for those potty trained kids.


The pockets will make the most organized of us smile. There is a front pocket with stretch compartments for small items (think Airpods or sunglasses), there are 2 water bottle pockets (although disclaimer, if you pack the interior of the bag full, its unlikely you'll be able to fit a water bottle on the sides, there just isn't enough stretch to expand), there is a padded tech pocket in the back that can fit a full sized laptop plus a kindle and activity books for your toddler. The top pocket is the most easily accessible for a fast grab and is typically where I'll stash my phone, passports, hand sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer spray. Finally there is a hidden security pocket along the back panel where I usually store our keys so they don't get lost in the travel shuffle.


It's no surprise the No Reception Bag Getaway Bag keeps selling out. Look at all the awards its received: Babylist Best Travel Diaper Bag, Good Housekeeping Best Family Travel Awards, Self Outdoor Awards.

No Reception Club Getaway Bag Review: A Family Travel Must-Have
The Getaway Bag has been our go-to travel gear for over 20+ flights.

Ready for Smoother Travels with Your Toddler?

The No Reception Club Getaway Bag isn't just another piece of travel gear; it's a necessity for the traveling family. It’s transformed our travel experiences from stressful to streamlined. It's 100% worth the investment IMO. Trust me, you'll wonder how you ever traveled without it.

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no reception club getaway bag review


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