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These Are the Best Mom Backpacks for Travel

best mom backpacks for travel




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Investing in a good backpack is essential for a traveling mama. If you love to visit both domestic and international destinations with your kids like I do, you know there’s always plenty to pack. Regardless of the age of your children, you’re always carrying essentials, from snacks to diapers to full on potties and everything in between. 

Backpacks are my favorite type of diaper bag for travel because they keep your hands free for whatever the day brings. Now that I have two kids, I am even more grateful for the extra hands! If you don’t have a designated travel diaper backpack, I highly recommend getting one. However, don’t take your backpack selection lightly. It’s super important to get the right product. 

What should I look for in a good mom backpack for travel?

You need a backpack that’s high quality, is the right size, and functionality that offers all the convenience and versatility you need for traveling all over the world. Other factors to consider are durability of materials, compartments for organizing essentials, comfortable straps and back support, easy access to items and any additional features like insulated bottle pockets or stroller attachments. Style is a plus too, of course. 🙂. With so many choices out there, it’s easy to get lost in the thousands of options. To help you narrow down the options, I am sharing my favorite diaper bag backpacks for moms who travel:

The Best Mom Backpacks For Travel

The Best Mom Backpacks For Travel

My Top Choice: The Getaway Bag by No Reception Club

My top pick is definitely The Getaway Bag by No Reception Club. There’s really just nothing else like it on the market! It has this unique side panel opening that reveals adjustable shelves where you can neatly organize all of your stuff. Seriously, I’ve packed for whole weekend trips just using this bag! 

Beyond the side-pocket function, The Getaway bag also has additional zipper compartments on the top, front, back, and bottom. (There are pockets everywhere on this thing!)  Plus, the bag comes with an insulated lunch back, and the bundle version has a changing pad and belt bag too. You definitely don’t have to stress about organization with The Getaway Bag.   

Other reasons this is the ideal bag for travel are the fact that it fits on a luggage handle, has a TSA-approved padded laptop pocket, it’s water resistant, and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It’s even machine washable! It’s genuinely a travel bag ready for any day and any adventure. 

This bag sells out fast, so I recommend signing up for the waitlist now. Use code NMM20 for $20 off your purchase.

How I packed The Getaway Bag by No Reception Club

Runner Up: Baby Bag by Caraa

The tall shape of The Getaway Bag only works as well as it does because of that side access panel. Otherwise, tall diaper bags will have you digging constantly for the items you need, which is why lots of mamas (myself included) love the short and wide style along with lightweight design of the Baby Bag by Caraa. When you zip-open the top of this waterproof nylon bag, you can easily access everything and see what you need thanks to the shape and plentiful compartments.

Like The Getaway Bag, it has a ton of extra pockets on the inside and outside! I love the pull-out diaper caddy with pockets and labels if you have multiple kiddos in diapers. The Baby Bag has a luggage pass-through, a top handle, stroller hooks, and convertible straps, meaning you can carry it just about any way you want. It fits a remarkable amount of stuff. My husband was annoyed when I got another diaper bag, but after using it, he exclusively reaches for this one for day-to-day adventures and for travel. I recommend buying the Large if your primary use will be travel, while the Medium is good for everyday.

Beyond its practicality, the Baby Bag also gets style points. I love the trendy puffer style and the fact that I can get plenty of matching gear to go with it like the stroller caddy and bottle tote

Stevie Nylon Backpack by Mina Baie

Here’s another backpack that I love to use as a diaper bag and an everyday backpack. It’s stylish enough to feel like it’s complimenting my outfit while practical enough to get any job with two kids in the stroller. 

The square shape is definitely unique, but it provides plenty of space for baby items like diapers and extra clothes as well as mom items like a laptop or cosmetic bag. The outside features 5 pockets and the inside has plenty more! Like the Baby Bag, there are many ways to carry Stevie using the top handle and adjustable straps. So, whether you’re a tote bag mom or a backpack mom, you can be content with this purchase. 

Bestie Mini Backpack by HotStyle

There are plenty of trips with Willow and Caden where I’d rather pack light. Whether it’s because our excursion is pretty short or because we’ll be doing a lot of walking, having a mini backpack alternative saves me a lot of hassle and back pain. This mini backpack from Amazon is one of my favorites because it’s stylish, compact, practical, and inexpensive. 

It has 6 inside pockets and 4 outside ones. This includes two drink pockets, so you can still carry water bottles or baby bottles with this mini option. Even though it’s only about a foot tall, the rectangle shape allows you to store a small laptop or tablet inside—or a couple of your child’s favorite books, depending on what you’re up to for the day! 

Despite the cheap price, the Bestie has held up really well and I love that it’s water-resistant! If you don’t love neutrals as much as I do, you can get this backpack in over a dozen colors to fit your personal style. 

The Best Mom Backpacks For Travel

Other Mom Backpacks for Travel To Consider

Dr. BFF by JuJuBe

The Dr. BFF has a similar shape to the Baby Bag, but it’s a bit larger and has a “doctor bag” opening that is really handy! The bag stays wide open when you’re doing things like diaper changes or rummaging around for your child’s comfort item. It’s made of quality materials and it’s easy to clean since it’s totally machine washable, which are both a plus for travel. 

The Dr. BFF comes with padded shoulder straps, a padded crossbody strap, a luggage sleeve, top handles, and stroller hooks, giving you lots of options for carry. It also comes with a changing pad! I think you’ll also love all the added inner pockets, especially the front “mom pockets” with a key tether, a phone pouch, a slip pouch, and 4 other additional compartments. There is probably enough space in here to fit your entire baby road trip packing list!

Multi-Functional Diaper Bag by Mokaloo

Here’s another affordable Amazon option that has similar features to some of the other bags we’ve listed! It’s tall like the Getaway Bag, but instead of a side panel pocket, it has a back compartment that’s waterproof for swimsuits or soiled clothes. I’ve had a couple of incidents on flights where that feature would have been handy! 

Some cool features on this backpack include a USB charging port, an extra bottle pocket, a utensils pocket, a wipes compartment, and multiple carrying options. It’s a smart budget-friendly pick that’s ideal for travel or everyday use. And its definitely gender neutral if you're ready for Dad to have his turn carrying it.

Classic Leather Diaper Bag by Freshly Picked

For a medium-sized travel backpack that’s not too small or too big, Freshly Picked is a popular choice. First of all, the bag is gorgeous and isn’t a conspicuous, cheesy diaper bag, which makes it more versatile. I can use it for travel with my kids or take it to the farmer’s market with my friends, and it’s still practical and chic. 

This vegan leather bag is obviously made of high-quality materials and it’s 100% wipeable and spill-resistant. It’s very durable too, which is why it made it onto my list of top backpacks for travel! Like others on this list, you can wear this bag in different ways, including as a backpack, crossbody bag, or purse. Even though it’s on the smaller side, it still has 10 compartments for organized trips. 

Dream Convertible Diaper Bag by Itzy Ritzy

This is another puffer-style diaper bag that works well for travel because it’s packable! If you don’t want to use the bag on the flight there or the trip home, you can simply fold it up into your luggage and it barely takes up any additional room. As you can imagine, it’s also very lightweight and breezy, which is ideal for hot climates. 

It comes with a luggage sleeve, adjustable shoulder straps, stroller straps, and a changing pad. And, even though it’s packable, it still has a sturdy rubber bottom to keep the bag stable. Inside, there are 6 pockets, and outside there are 8 more, including an insulated bottle pocket and a space for your laptop. 

The Best Mom Backpacks For Travel

Crisscross Sling Bag by Petunia Pickle Bottom

Depending on the trip and the age of your children, sometimes you really don’t need a lot of space and would rather pack as light as possible. This sling bag is the perfect size for that type of mama! Unlike other sling bags, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Crisscross is wide and square, making it more practical than its narrow, triangular counterparts. 

The bag is water-resistant, has a second insulated front pocket, and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. Additionally, the neutral exterior will go with any outfit and could be used in a lot of travel scenarios—kids or no kids. 

St. James Convertible Leather Diaper bag by Storksak

Multi-function is the name of the game when it comes to travel. You want all of your items to do the most, so you can pack as light and free as possible. This convertible leather diaper bag is expandable and contractible to suit your needs. It has a top carry handle and special shoulder straps that can transform into a crossbody strap. 

You’ll also find 5 internal pockets and a unique side pocket situation. One side is insulated and can hold cold or warm bottles for up to 4 hours. The other side is perfect for your tech. Beyond that, the bag comes with a large changing mat that has additional pockets. It comes in 2 beautiful leather finishes, too!   

Indi Neoprene Diaper Backpack by Dagne Dover

I love the modern aesthetic of the Indi diaper bag as much as I love its functionality and durability. First of all, it comes with 2 additional pouches, and when you combine that with the numerous pockets and vertical organization on the inside, it just makes for a really tidy bag. Everything is accessible when you zip open the top! 

The Indi has a luggage sleeve, a laptop pouch, a mini changing mat, stroller straps, and a special access panel for wipes. Everything you need for a stress-free trip with children! But, there’s one more thing I love about the Indi, and that’s the fact that it comes in three separate sizes depending on your needs and your number of children. This allows you to get all the features of this high-tech bag regardless of your ideal backpack size. 

Use this list of the best backpacks for travel to find your go-to bag!

I hope this list helped you find the perfect diaper backpack for your next trip–don’t forget to add one of these to your baby registry checklist. Any of these will serve you well and make traveling with children much easier. For more on traveling with kids, check out the travel section of my blog, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’re taking with your family! 


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