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15 Last Minute Toddler Holiday Gifts from Amazon

15 Last Minute Toddler Holiday Gifts from Amazon


Alright, the final countdown is on to order those last minute holiday gifts for that special toddler in your life. Here’s what Caden asked for this year. Best part, I checked and they all are available on Amazon Prime to arrive before Christmas (for now).

Happy holidays!

15 Last Minute Holiday Toddler Gifts from Amazon

  1. Magnetic building blocks
  2. Felt Board
  3. Karaoke Microphone pre-loaded w/ kids songs
  4. Dot sticker Activity Book
  5. Stamp Set
  6. Cocomelon Figurines
  7. Bath crayons
  8. Wikki Stix
  9. Magnetic robot building set
  10. Play doh cooking set (but literally anything play doh would be a hit)
  11. Kids Guitar
  12. Reusable puffy sticker books
  13. Gel washable crayons
  14. Bathtub finger paint
  15. Train set

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15 Last Minute Toddler Holiday Gifts from Amazon

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