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Play Box Subscription Showdown: Lalo vs. Lovevery

lalo play box vs. lovevery play box




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

I've got some exciting news for you! Lalo, a beloved brand among modern parents including me, just dropped their newest product, The Play Box, for babies and toddlers starting from newborn to 2 years old. And it's giving Lovevery, the OG of subscription play boxes, a run for its money. So I decided to put both to the test for a Lalo vs. Lovevery showdown with my favorite test subject, my 16-month-old, Willow.

We all know how tricky it can be to keep our little ones entertained. And let's not even start on the clutter from all those toys! Enter the world of play box subscriptions – a busy mom's secret weapon. They're a total game-changer, taking the guesswork out of finding age-appropriate toys and activities for your kiddo. Plus, who doesn't love the convenience of new toys showing up at your doorstep every few months?

I’m comparing Lalo's The Play Box 16 to 18 Months against Lovevery's The Adventure Kit 16 to 18 Months. Whether you're a mom looking to simplify your life, a soon-to-be-parent building your registry, or even just prepping your holiday wish list, you're going to want to read this!

Criteria #1: Learning Philosophy & Toy Development

Lalo: The Lalo Play Box is developed by Lizzie Assa, M.S.Ed, a parenting strategist, independent play expert, and most importantly, a mom to three kids. Lizzie ensured that each toy had real play value and was more than just a shiny distraction. She also helped create the educational content that accompanies each box, guiding parents on how to truly make the most out of playtime. The Play Box is a result of her expertise and firsthand experience in raising kids, bringing a balance of fun and learning to each box. Score: 5/5

Lovevery: Lovevery has a panel of 11 experts who provided feedback in the design of their toys, encompassing academics, researchers, and practitioners from diverse disciplines. They aimed for a holistic approach to playtime that is simple, accessible, and relevant to both you and your baby. Their focus is on creating an enriching learning experience for your little one, and their kits reflect this dedication to developmental growth. Score: 5/5

Learning Philosophy Winner: Tied

*Both Lalo and Lovevery bring something unique to the table. Lalo, with its toys designed by a hands-on mom and parenting strategist, and Lovevery, with its broad expert team, both ensure their toys support your child's learning journey.

Criteria #2: Aesthetic & Quality

Lalo: Lalo's toys, with their modern brights, earth tones and monotone neutrals, are truly eye-pleasing and sophisticated. They add a beautiful touch to your child's play area without compromising on the fun. Lalo’s toys are compact and well-designed, making storage and clean-up a breeze. What makes Lalo stand out is the quality of the materials used. Each toy is crafted from wood or natural rubber. Score: 5/5

The Lalo Play Box Subscription, Months 16 to 18

Lovevery: Lovevery, on the other hand, uses a broader color palette that is bright and vibrant, catching the eye of any playful toddler. Lovevery's toys, while of varying sizes, do tend to be a bit larger, which might require a more significant amount of storage space. The Racer toy in this box is noticeably larger and brighter. Lovevery also offers wooden toys, but they also include some plastic pieces. Score: 3/5

The Lovevery Play Box Subscription, Months 16 to 18

Aesthetic & Quality Winner: Lalo

Criteria #3: Sustainability

Lalo: Lalo has taken an impressive stance on sustainability, offering toys created with recycled materials. And the brand takes its commitment to safety and sustainability a step further by ensuring that all its toys are Non-toxic & BPA Free. They even have a donation program that gives these toys a new life, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste. They have significantly cut down on packaging and waste in their box deliveries which was blatantly obvious when I unboxed both at the same time. Score: 5/5

Lovevery: While Lovevery does hint at sustainability through its website, the focus is not as explicit or thorough as Lalo's. They claim their products are designed to last and be passed down, reducing the need for new toy purchases. However, there is less emphasis on recycled materials, waste reduction in packaging, or a donation program like what Lalo offers. Score 3/5

Sustainability Winner: Lalo

Criteria #4: Cost

Lalo: The Play Box starts at $80 on a month-to-month basis with free shipping. For a longer commitment, the 6-month subscription comes out to $37.50/month, the 1-year subscription comes out to $39.50/month, and the 2-year subscription comes out to $35.80/month. I love the idea of a 2-year subscription to include as a group gift on your baby registry.

Lovevery: The Play Kit also starts at $80 on a month-to-month basis with free shipping. For a longer commitment, the 3 kit prepay comes out to $38/month and the 5 kit prepay comes out to $40/month.

Cost Winner: Tied

And the winner of the toy subscription box showdown is: Lalo

Lalo's The Play Box takes the crown in the toy subscription box showdown. The value lies in more than just the cost. You're investing in durable, high-quality toys that promote cognitive and motor skills, are environmentally friendly, and safe for your child – and Lalo checks all these boxes. Plus Lalo recognizes that we don't want our living spaces taken over by bulky, garishly colored toys. Their toys are designed with an eye for aesthetics and made to be compact, ensuring they fit perfectly in your home without becoming an eyesore.

The Lalo Play Box Subscription
The Lalo Play Box Subscription
The Lalo Play Box Subscription


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