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5 First Time Mom Must Haves




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

These products were voted clear must haves by new moms 

In my final weeks of pregnancy, I was pretty stressed about still having a ton of items left on my baby registry.  I didn’t really know what products I needed to have stocked immediately and what things could wait. Aside from the obvious infant car seat that we all know you must have to leave the hospital, I struggled to understand what from my massive baby registry should be prioritized.

This dilemma seems common among soon-to-be new moms: what do you actually need for a newborn?

I surveyed a whole lot of mamas to find out what items were essential to them in the first month home with their new babies.  The results were surprisingly unanimous. Here’s what they said:


What new moms need most for baby:

1. Baby Lounger: SunggleMe Organic
2. Portable Sound Machine: Dreamegg White Noise Machine
3. Easy-to-use Swaddle: Ollie Swaddle
4. Manual Breast Pump: Haakaa
5. Onesies: Kyte Baby Long Sleeve

5 First Time Mom Must-Haves for Month 1

1. Baby Lounger

Why this a must have for moms: You’ve got to put the baby down sometimes and need a safe cozy spot!

Recommended Options: 

Comments: I purchased the SnuggleMe over the DockATot for a few reasons: it’s cheaper, it’s prettier, it “hugs” your baby providing a cozier spot to set them down (something that newborns particularly like).  The DockATot does say it can be used for longer since it has a longer length, but at 4 months old we prefer to lay Caden down on the activity mat if he’s awake or in his crib for naps and rarely use the baby lounger anymore.

Other related items: 

2. Portable Sound Machine

Why this a must have for moms: Seriously, it really does help with sleep.

Recommended Options: 

Comments: The Shusher was a popular choice among the group I surveyed.  If I were you, I'd check out this newer option by Dreamegg.  Why? It’s a two-in-one solution for a portable sound machine and night light.  It is a little heavier in weight than the other options here, but if you plan on doing any overnight travel, having one less thing to pack is fantastic.

Other related items: 

3. Easy-to-use Swaddle

Why this a must have for moms: Calm baby’s startle reflex to keep them asleep.

Recommended Options: 

Comments: The Ollie Swaddle is a game changer and the number one thing I recommend to all my pregnant mamas as a must-have, even in your hospital bag.

Other related items: 

4. Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Why this a must have for moms: Catch letdown from the other breast while you nurse on one side.

Recommended Option: 

Comments: I wasn’t sure what this was needed for when I bought it, but so glad I had in in the early days of breastfeeding.  When your milk is coming in and your body is learning to regulate your milk production in those first few weeks, its great to have the Haakaa to catch the letdown on the side you aren’t nursing on. 

Other related items: 

5. Onesies

Why this a must have for moms: Easy clothes for the baby.  You should have 2x newborn size to start and 6x 0 to 3 months size.

Recommended Options: 

Comments: The Kimono style is so easy to get on when your baby is tiny since you don’t need to squeeze it over their head.  I’m obsessed with any bamboo fabric – so soft! Milkbarn has some cute prints in bamboo fabric if you are interested in something other than a solid.

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