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Baby Face Cream Showdown: EllaOla vs. Tubby Todd vs. Aveeno vs. Aquaphor

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Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

I’ve spent HOURS researching skincare for myself. Little did I know I’d end up doing the same for my baby.

When my daughter developed a red splotchy rash all over her face and neck, I knew I had to find a solution. I needed a face cream made for baby’s sensitive skin in mind that would provide the best moisture protection without sacrificing safety. So I put these popular brands to the test: EllaOla vs. Tubby Todd vs. Aveeno vs. Aquaphor.

EllaOla vs. Tubby Todd baby face cream review

Safety & moisture protection: Which baby face cream is best?

EllaOla Face Cream

EllaOla baby face cream passed a 96 hour hydration test – way longer than any on the market. And it proved to be true! My baby’s skin felt soft and silky even the day after using it. It has ceramides and vitamin B5 that strengthen the skin to retain moisture and keep allergens away. It is EWG verified meaning it ranks at the top for safe ingredients. I swear this is nicer than my own face cream. Even my husband has started using it. 5/5

Tubby Todd Dream Cream

This trendy brand has some work to do on ingredient safety for its baby cream. It’s got a nice thick texture that moisturizes better than your average brand, but a strong fragrance (a huge no, no for sensitive skin) and its ingredients are rated as a “moderate hazard” by EWG. 3/5

Aveeno Baby Lotion

This typical big box store brand doesn’t offer a baby face cream, so I tested its popular baby lotion instead. It says it provides 24 hours of hydration, but my baby’s skin felt dry by the end of the day. EWG ranked it as a “high ingredient concern” for allergies given some of its ingredients like benzyl alcohol and petrolatum. 3/5

Aquaphor Ointment

This ointment is often recommended, but after trying it myself I simply don’t know why. It’s made with petrolatum and lanolin alcohol – neither ingredients I want to put on my baby’s sensitive skin, especially face. EWG has flagged it as a risk for allergies and restricted use. Aside from safety concerns, its texture makes it impractical since it sits on top of the skin and can easily be wiped off, or worse end up in my baby’s mouth. 2/5

And the best baby face cream is…

EllaOla’s deeply nourishing baby face cream is the clear winner for moisture protection and ingredient safety.

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EllaOla baby face cream review
Before and after using the EllaOla baby face cream.

More reasons to love EllaOla’s Baby Face Cream:

  1. Texture: This rich cream formula protects your baby’s face from drool and other irritants, and is especially good in the fall and winter seasons for extra moisture protection.
  2. Shea butter: This key ingredient is scientifically proven to soothe and hydrate skin. 
  3. Airless pump: This dispenser is way more hygenic compared to brands like Acquaphor that use jars.
  4. Developed by Harvard Dermatologist: Using the best plant-based ingredients including marine algae and grape seed oil, these pediatric dermatologists went through all the clinical testing to prove the efficacy of the products.
  5. National Eczema Association Seal: Approved to use on and treat baby eczema.
EllaOla vs. Tubby Todd baby face cream review
EllaOla vs. Tubby Todd baby face cream review


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