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The Best Postpartum Girdles for Support After Birth




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Expert reviewed by Megan Craig PT, DPT, a Certified Physical Therapist 

Many expectant mothers associate the term ‘postpartum girdle’ with the idea of swiftly regaining their pre-pregnancy shape. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The best postpartum girdle offers physical support as you navigate your post-pregnancy body recovery. While beneficial for any woman post-delivery, it proves particularly valuable for those, like myself, who have undergone a c-section.I lived in my belly wrap, or girdle, for weeks postpartum and it provided me tremendous support, which is why it's included on my postpartum essentials checklist.

To provide expert guidance, we've consulted Megan Craig PT, DPT a physical therapist at Renew Physical Therapy. Megan will help us further understand how belly binding supports the back and pelvic floor and covers all you need to know about postpartum girdles for your specific needs. 

Best postpartum girdles according to a physical therapist

What Are Postpartum Girdles?

Postpartum girdles, also known as abdominal binders or belly wraps, are specially designed shapewear for the post-pregnancy body. According to Megan, belly wraps, “support and compress the abdomen to help with approximation of the abdominal tissue.” Throughout the nine months of pregnancy, these tissues undergo stretching and pulling. For individuals who have undergone a cesarean section, there is typically swelling around the incision. Belly wraps play a crucial role in expediting tissue healing and offering essential support and stabilization during this recovery process.

Additionally, belly girdles encircle the torso, offering gentle compression that contributes to enhanced posture. Many women discover these wraps to be beneficial in alleviating back and hip pain associated with childbirth.

Postpartum Girdle in C-Section Recovery

IMO, postpartum girdles are 100% necessary for c-section recovery. I first learned about belly wraps during those memorable first steps after my c-section. With the nurse's assistance while using the bathroom for the first time, she set me up with mesh underwear, a puppy pad, a peri bottle, and then skillfully wrapped me in a belly wrap. 

I used a belly wrap for both of my cesarean sections, and it not only alleviated discomfort around the incision but also offered substantial back support at a time when my abdominal muscles couldn't provide it. Megan highlights, “A belly wrap can be particularly beneficial after a c-section, offering additional support during movement.”

4 Types of Postpartum Girdles

There is a wide range of girdles available, each boasting unique features such as adjustable velcro, breathable fabrics, and varying levels of compression. Some girdles are specifically designed for c-section recovery, focusing on gentle compression near the incision site.

Wrap belts

Wrap belts are adjustable, allowing you to adapt the fit as your body changes. They provide targeted, adjustable compression, so you get the right support where you need it most.

Pull-up girdles

These can look a bit like high-waisted shorts or even full bodysuits. Pull-ups offer a seamless experience, with no hooks or zippers that might dig in. Just step in, pull up, and voila! Instant support.

Zippered girdles

These come in handy if you've had a c-section. The zipper makes them easier to put on and take off, without having to bend over or do any gymnastics.

Corset girdles

Corset girdles offer the highest level of support and are often recommended for women who experience diastasis recti.

types of postpartum girdles

When To Start Wearing Postpartum Girdles

The timing for using a girdle varies depending on individual circumstances. I started wearing one provided by the hospital immediately after a c-section. If you are purchasing a higher compression option after a vaginal delivery, you can start wearing it at least a few days after delivery. However, if you've had a c-section, it's advisable to wait and wear a high compression one once your incision has started healing, usually about a week or two postpartum. Your body needs time to heal, so it's always important to consult with your doctor or midwife to determine the best approach for your specific situation.

How Long Should a Postpartum Girdle Be Worn?

Generally, the range varies from one to six weeks, but it’s all based on personal preference, your healing process, and the type of support garment you have selected. Some women may feel comfortable wearing the girdle for a few days, while others prefer a longer duration. Megan suggests, “I don’t recommend continuing to wear the belly wrap beyond a week or two after birth. If you’re still looking for support, a supportive compression undergarment may be more appropriate.”

Personally, I wore support wraps and girdles for 6 weeks postpartum after Caden, and only 3 weeks after Willow. I wish I would have worn it for longer with Willow because I noticed a big difference between back pain recovery. 

The Top 3 Postpartum Belly Wraps IMO

Bodily Belly Band

The Bodily Belly Band is hands down the best postpartum belly wrap out there! Made from a comfy blend of nylon and spandex, this wrap offers a perfect fit and lets your skin breathe. It gently compresses your tummy, giving support to those healing muscles and ligaments after childbirth. It has a three-step fastening system that adjusts as your body changes, so you always get a snug fit. You can wear it discreetly under your clothes and go about your day feeling super comfortable and confident.

FridaMom Postpartum Abdominal Support Binder

The FridaMom Postpartum Abdominal Support Binder is truly a game-changer in terms of value for money. Made with a specially crafted multi-layered laminate material, it provides just the right amount of compression to aid in muscle recovery and support your healing body after childbirth. What really sets the FridaMom Binder apart is its adaptability – it stretches and shrinks with your changing body, ensuring a comfy fit throughout your postpartum journey. Plus, it's got a secure fastening system that lets you adjust it to fit your unique needs. 

Belly Bandit 

This wrap incorporates a compression core that delivers targeted compression in a 360-degree fashion around your belly, waist, and hips. This design aims to keep you feeling secure, promote mobility, and provide essential support to your core muscles. The Belly Bandit is latex-free and has up to 9 inches of adjustability for ease and comfort. 

Additional Compression Products To Consider

Bellefit Postpartum Corset – This one has amazing reviews for its medical-grade compression, supportive design, and adjustable hooks that make it a breeze to take on and off. It's a bit on the pricier side, but reviewers swear by its quality and effectiveness.

ChongErfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support – This girdle is a hit for being a cost-effective option that doesn't skimp on support. It offers belly, waist, and pelvis support and is easily adjustable.

UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Wrap – Made from bamboo charcoal fiber, this girdle is lauded for its breathable material, adjustability and offers targeted compression to support core abdominal muscles.

Making An Informed Choice: Price, Size, Material, and Comfort

Shopping for the best postpartum girdle is not just about looking for the highest-rated product. It's also about understanding your body's needs and comfort. You'll want to consider factors such as price, size, material, and how comfortable it feels when you're wearing it. There is a range of prices, so determine what works best for your budget. As for size, choose a girdle that's easy to adjust to accommodate your changing body. You'll also want a girdle made of a breathable material to ensure comfort, especially during those hotter months. This is something you'll be wearing for a good chunk of your day, so it's important that it fits well and feels good on your body.

5 Postpartum Girdle FAQs

Can it help with diastasis recti recovery?

Yes, they certainly can! Girdles provide gentle compression that can help to bring the abdominal muscles back together. It's also important to combine this with the right exercise program and diet. Always consult with your doctor or a physical therapist before starting any new regimen.

Do they really provide back and hip support?

IMO ABSOLUTELY! Postpartum girdles are designed to support your lower back and hips, which can be particularly beneficial if you're experiencing discomfort in these areas. They encourage good posture by providing support to your weakened core muscles. 

Does wearing a girdle postpartum help while sleeping?

Not necessarily. Megan advises, “We don’t have any evidence that it helps to promote better sleep, and technically you shouldn’t need to have support while sleeping.“ Though a belly band can provide assistance during waking hours and movement, it won't provide extra support when you're lying down. Plus, wearing a belly band while you're comfortably in bed doesn't sound too appealing!

If you still have back and pelvic pain, should you wear a postpartum girdle years after birth?

Not necessarily. Instead, visit a pelvic floor or postpartum physical therapist to address any underlying issues that might be causing this pain.

Can I wear a postpartum girdle during pregnancy?

No, it's important to wait until after giving birth before you start wrapping your belly. Wearing one during pregnancy can actually do more harm than good. The extra pressure and compression can restrict blood flow to your growing baby and potentially cause other complications. Megan adds, “If you find you need additional support when you’re pregnant, I would recommend a wrap specifically made for pregnancy use.  

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