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32 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Women

Woman dressed in a witch costume holding dried flowers




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Barbara Mighdoll

So, you're expecting a little pumpkin of your own this year and looking for some fun pregnant Halloween costumes to celebrate? Well, you're in the right place! We've got you covered with a selection of the best Halloween costumes for pregnant women, designed to show off that beautiful baby bump. From hilarious outfits that playfully incorporate your bump to costumes that might just reveal your exciting news to your friends and family, we've got something for everyone. Halloween is all about creativity, and a pregnancy bump just gives you extra room for imagination.

Where can I find maternity Halloween costumes?

You can find maternity Halloween costumes at various online retailers and specialty maternity stores. Websites like Amazon, Etsy, and Party City offer a wide range of options to choose from. Additionally, local costume shops may also carry a selection of maternity costumes during the Halloween season.

Prefer to make your own costumes? Most of these costumes are easy to put together with everyday items and clothing you might have around the house (or last minute!) with some face paint.

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

32 Pregnant Halloween Costumes


Halloween costumes: pregnant woman as an avocado, husband as toast
Photo via Instagram / @thelanline

An adorable Halloween costume idea: an Avocado! 🥑 Use a green dress as the base and add some dark green fabric paint or iron-on fabric for the skin. Don't forget to create a brown circular area on your belly for the avocado pit! Complete the look with a green headband or hat. For a cute couples look, get your partner to don a toast shirt from Etsy.


Pregnant woman dressed as a mummy | Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @chicagofamilydoulas

Dressing up as a pregnant mummy puts a fun spin on a classic Halloween costume. Wrap your body, especially your bump, in bandages to transform into a mummy. Add some touches of makeup for effect.

E.T. and Elliot

E.T. and Elliot Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @erinbury

This is a surprisingly simple costume. All you need is a red hoodie, a bicycle (or a toy one if you have a backache), and a plush E.T. toy. Zip up the hoodie over your baby bump, put E.T. in your bike basket, and you're Elliot, carrying the otherworldly E.T. to safety.


Basketball Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @tammywins

Use a round belly to your advantage; you can dress as a basketball player with your bump as the ball! Use an orange t-shirt, draw basketball lines on it, and pair it with athletic shorts. Add a headband, some high socks, and sneakers for an athletic look.


Pumpkin Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @alittlepaperdoll

For those who love tradition, turn your bump into a pumpkin for a classic Halloween look. Dress in orange, paint your belly like a jack-o-lantern, or use an orange t-shirt with a pumpkin design. This adorable and festive look is perfect for any Halloween festivities.

Star Wars

Pregnant woman dressed as Rey from Star Wars. Her baby bump looks like BB8
Image via Reddit / @Kakk1986

Ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away this Halloween? Get the force on your side with a Star Wars-themed costume. Your bump could transform into a Death Star with a simple DIY project. Grab a comfortable, dark t-shirt, and paint or print the Death Star design on it. Pair it with dark leggings for a full Star Wars look. Alternatively, if you're feeling crafty, you can dress as Princess Leia or Rey, with your bump as BB-8.

Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @chicagofamilydoulas

Slide into the shoes of a fortune teller this Halloween. You can use your bump as a crystal ball by wearing a light-colored, tight shirt, and painting or printing a crystal ball design on it. Finish your look with a colorful skirt, lots of bohemian-style jewelry, and a headband.

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Baseball Belly

Baseball Belly Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @reginavillano_

Time for a homerun! Amp up the sporty fun by transforming your baby bump into a baseball. It's as simple as getting a white t-shirt and drawing or printing the stitching design of a baseball onto it. Pair it with your favorite baseball cap, and voila!

DIY Mermaid

Pregnant woman wearing a seashell printed maxi dress. Her baby bump is prominent and she is wearing a seashell crown on top of her pink hair
Image via Instagram / @missashleydiana

Another great pregnant halloween costume idea: a mesmerizing mermaid! A form-fitting, blue or green dress will make a splendid mermaid tail. Accentuate your look with some shell accessories and, of course, the all-important glittery makeup.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @shelby_barnes

Here's your chance to personify the ultimate symbol of fertility and nurturing: Mother Earth. Wrap your bump in a flowy green dress or blue and green tie-dye to represent the land and sea. Accessorize with floral headbands or real flowers, and perhaps a globe pendant.

Cat and Yarn

Cat and Yarn Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @boreinggirl

Why not go for a cute, simple costume this Halloween? Dress yourself in an all-black ensemble, add some cat ears, and you're halfway there. But here's the fun part: wrap your bump in colorful yarn, transforming it into the purrfect ball of yarn. It's a straightforward, cost-effective costume that's bound to get some giggles.

Gumball Machine

A pregnant woman is wearing a jean jacket, red pants, and a white shirt. The white shirt is covered with pompoms to emulate a gumball machine.
Image via Instagram / @jernay_danielle

Ready to add some color and fun to your Halloween outfit? Dress up as a gumball machine! You can use a red skirt or pants as the base. Next, add colorful pompoms to a white shirt for the gum, placing the majority around your bump. Don't forget to draw a quarter slot on your skirt! It's a playful, vibrant costume that will make everyone smile.

Disco Ball

Disco Ball Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Instagram / @emilyvartanian

Ready to light up the party? Here's an idea: become a glittering disco ball this Halloween and earn bonus points for your creativity! Utilize a maternity dress or shirt, and with the help of some sequins or glitter, turn your baby bump into a shining disco ball. Add a silver headband for extra sparkle, and voila!

Become the Pregnant Emoji

Pregnant Emoji costume
Image via Instagram / @shelbylizgibbs_dejesus

Looking for a costume that's simple yet iconic? Try dressing up as the pregnant emoji. All you need is a pink shirt and pants (or dress), and your baby bump does the rest. So easy, so recognizable, and more importantly, very comfy.

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Winnie the Pooh

A family is dressed up for Halloween as characters from Winnie the Pooh. Including Piglet, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Christopher Robin
Image via Instagram / @lolo_webb

It's time to channel our favorite honey-loving bear, Winnie the Pooh. A red shirt and yellow pants or skirt are the basic requirements. Add a HUNNY pot prop (preferably not filled with real honey) and your baby bump becomes Winnie's cute belly.


Woman is wearing a white t-shirt, with a black short-sleeved cardigan. The white shirt is decorated to look like a snowman, with the woman's pregnant belly looking like the bottom half of a snowman
Image via Pinterest

And, for an endearing, winter-themed costume, consider dressing up as a snowman. White maternity shirt and leggings, a scarf, and a hat are your basics. Paint buttons on your shirt, with your belly being the biggest one. You can even add a cute carrot nose with makeup. It's a cozy, adorable costume that will make people smile, and might even make you long for some hot cocoa!

Magic 8 Ball

Woman standing on a front porch dressed all in black. She is wearing a black shirt with a magic 8 ball on the shirt.
Image via Instagram / @havingtheirbaby

A Magic 8 Ball costume perfect for those who enjoy a bit of whimsy and a dash of nostalgia. Grab a black maternity dress and paint (or print out) the number 8 on the front. Now, you're ready to predict the future!

Marge Gunderson From ‘Fargo'

Split-screen image of a woman dressed as the main character from Fargo: a pregnant police chief
Image via Instagram / @magiccatjenny

Try dressing up as Marge Gunderson from ‘Fargo.' All you need is a tan jacket, a trapper hat, and a faux fur collar. Don't forget to add a pair of brown gloves and some snow boots to complete the look.

‘Beer’ Belly

A couple is dressed in ripped jeans, cropped t-shirts, and flannels. Both the man and the woman have cropped tops and showing their bellies, including her pregnant belly.
Image via Instagram / @justine.oconn

Want to turn heads and make people laugh? A ‘Beer' Belly costume should do the trick. Grab a white t-shirt, some fabric markers, and let your creativity run wild.


A couple is dressed as Pokemon characters Ash Ketchem, and a Charizard. The woman is pregnant and on her white shirt is a giant red and white Pokemon ball.
Image via Instagram / @sephirakrishna

For all the Pokémon fans out there – how about transforming your bump into a Pokéball? A simple white and red dress with a black belt is all you need. This costume will not only be a hit with the kids but will surely evoke some fond memories for the adults, as well.

Mama Bird

Mama Bird Pregnant Halloween Costumes
Image via Pinterest

All you'll need for this delightful Mama Bird costume is a feathered boa, a beak mask, and a maternity tunic. Don't forget to add a little bird makeup around your eyes to complete the look. You'll be the most adorable bird in town, with your little chick still in the nest.

Bun in the Oven

Coordinating Halloween costumes of a man and a woman. The man is dressed as a chef, with the woman wearing an oven costume with a fake cinnamon bun. A 'bun in the oven" Halloween pregnancy costume
Image via Instagram / @thursdayschildshop

A cardboard box, some paint, and a printed picture of a bun are what you'll need to pull off this hilarious oven costume. Bonus points if your partner dresses like a baker. So, if you're feeling a bit cheeky this Halloween, this is the costume for you.

Zombie Baby

Woman looking into the mirror fake screaming. Poking through her maternity shirt are baby doll arms, and a face pushing through the fabric of the shirt. The woman is dressed up for Halloween.
Image via Instagram / @christinerunsfast

For those who love a good scare, a Zombie baby costume might just be the perfect fit. All you need is some tattered clothing, a bit of dramatic makeup, and a whole lot of attitude.


Woman wearing a skeleton outfit, with a baby skeleton graphic sitting on her pregnant belly
Image via Instagram / @brookescheurn

So, you're in the mood for a classic Halloween costume? A Skeleton Maternity Halloween Costume might just be the perfect fit for you. It's simple, yet with your baby bump, it adds an unexpected twist. All you'll need is a black maternity dress and some white fabric paint. Paint a classic skeleton design on the dress, making sure to highlight your baby bump with a cute little baby skeleton.


Close up of a pregnant belly with a Minion painted on the belly for Halloween
Image via Rooblidoo

This would be Caden’s choice – and we dressed up as a family of Minions last Halloween! Who doesn't love the cheeky Minions from Despicable Me? Easily transform into one of Gru's adorable helpers by wearing a yellow top, blue overalls, and a pair of Minion glasses. You can even accentuate your baby bump by drawing a cute Minion face on your belly with face paint.

A family dressed as minions for Halloween.
Image via the author

Our take on a Minion Halloween!

Construction Worker

Coordinating Halloween costume of constructions workers. Husband is holding a sign stating: Warning! Bump Ahead
Image via Instagram / @life_with_ciara

Have an old hard hat and reflective vest lying around? So why not turn them into this clever costume? You can playfully incorporate your baby bump by sticking a “Baby Under Construction” sign on your belly. Remember, safety first!

Fried Egg

A couple is wearing a coordinating costume: fried egg and chef. The woman's pregnant belly is the yolk in the fried egg.
Image via Instagram / @amandablechman

A simple, clever Halloween costume option could be a fried egg. All you need is a white dress and a yellow circle (representing the yolk) glued to your belly. Suddenly, you're not just cooking up a baby, you're also frying an egg!


A couple is dressed for Halloween as a meatballs and spaghetti, and the pregnant woman is wearing a "Prego" shirt
Image via Instagram / @milibabes

And speaking of cooking, how about a punny costume? Dress up as a jar of ‘Prego' pasta sauce! A red dress, an enlarged printout of the Prego logo, and a bit of creativity will turn your baby bump into a delicious announcement.

Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka

A family Halloween costume with the family dressed as characters from Willy Wonka: Willy Wonka, an Oompa Loompa, and the mother who's pregnant, is dressed like a giant blueberry
Image via Instagram / @angelascheiderich

Ever dreamed of becoming a human blueberry? This is your chance! Dress in a purple maternity top and pants, with a little purple face paint, and voila! You're Violet Beauregarde, straight from Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.

Mike from Monster’s Inc

A family Halloween costume with the family dressed as characters from Monster's Inc. The mom is wearing a green outfit and her pregnant belly looks like Mike Wazowski
Image via Instagram / champagnegetaway

Dress up as the adorable, one-eyed Mike Wazowski! A green dress and a large painted eye on your belly will make you instantly recognizable.

Avenger's Endgame Thor

A woman dressed as Thor from Avenger's Endgame; Thor's hammer, beard and sunglasses. The woman's pregnant belly looks like a "beer" belly
Image via Instagram / @simply_siobhan

Dressing up as the God of Thunder, with his ‘dad bod', can be a hilarious way to incorporate your baby bump into your costume. An old red cape, a helmet, and some drawn-on abs can create a memorable costume.

Juno MacGuff from the Movie Juno

A man and woman dressed as the main characters from the movie Juno
Image via Instagram / @brittanyviklund

If you're a movie buff, dressing up as pregnant Juno MacGuff could be the perfect fit. A striped shirt, jeans, a bottle of SunnyD, and a good sense of humor are all you need to pull off this costume.

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a time to celebrate, and what better way than to dress up your bump with a little humor and creativity!

Featured Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash


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