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27 Vintage Girl Names: Timeless Elegance for Your Baby

vintage girl names




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

You're expecting a baby girl and considering giving her a name that stands the test of time. As someone with a vintage name myself with a bit of Southern vibes, Barbara Gail, I definitely support your decision.

Vintage girls’ names, those that were popular a century or so ago, are making quite a comeback. From Sadie to Ruby, these names carry a charm that modern monikers might miss. Vintage names for girls are on the rise, and for good reason. Each one carries a story, a history, and a personality of its own.

Maybe you have a family name that's been passed down through generations, want to pay tribute to a relative, or maybe you're just a lover of all things vintage. Personally, I just loved the timeless elegance and nature-inspired name of Willow, which is what I named my daughter!

Vintage girl names

The Allure of Vintage Names for Girls

Old-fashioned girl names are not just names; they are stories wrapped in time, each carrying their own piece of history. Nowadays, it seems that everything vintage is back in style, and baby names are no exception. Vintage girls' names evoke feelings of elegance, sophistication, and enchantment that are timeless. Moreover, these are not as common, giving your baby girl a unique identity that sets her apart. If you're hesitant about a unique name choice as a first name, you might want to consider it as a middle name.

The timeless appeal of old names in their ability to transcend trends. While modern names come and go, vintage choices have stood the test of time, retaining their allure and elegance. 

27 Elegant Vintage Girl Names for Your Baby


Originating from Germany, Adelaide is a classic meaning ‘noble' or ‘nobility.' It carries a certain grace, hearkening back to queens and princesses of old.


Beatrice, with Latin roots, it means ‘she who brings happiness.' It's an old-fashioned moniker that rolls beautifully off the tongue and brings to mind a smart, friendly girl.

vintage girl names
Photo by Daniel Reche


So, we move onto Clara, a delightful choice of Latin origin meaning ‘bright' or ‘clear.' Imagine your little Clara lighting up the room with her allure and wit.


And next on the list is Dorothy, a Greek-derived moniker signifying ‘gift of God.' It was quite popular in the early 20th century, exuding warmth and tenderness. Another similar option is Dorothea, which adds a little more drama to ‘Dorothy.'


But, here's Edith, a classic Anglo-Saxon choice that means ‘prosperous in war.' It's a strong and distinctive choice for your baby girl.


Now, let's talk Florence, of Latin origin meaning ‘flourishing' or ‘prosperous.' It brings to mind the stunning Italian city and its timeless elegance.


So, we have Grace, that (obviously) stands for ‘gracefulness' or ‘favor.' It embodies elegance and enchantment in its simplicity.


But then, there's Harriet, meaning ‘estate ruler.' It's bold and distinctive, perfect for a little girl who's going to make a big mark on the world.


Next, we introduce Isabella, a Hebrew-derived name that means ‘pledged to God.' It's a beautiful and melodious choice for your little one.


And then, we have Josephine, with French origins meaning ‘Jehovah increases'. It's a classic that's been loved for generations, evoking memories of strong and influential women.


One of the most regal and timeless names on this list is Katherine, meaning ‘pure' in Greek. It's been a favorite for centuries and continues to hold its appeal.

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Photo by Josh Willink


Lucille is another French selection that exudes grace and refinement. Its meaning, ‘light,' makes it a perfect choice for a little girl who brings joy and brightness into your life.


Next up is Margaret, of old English origin meaning ‘pearl.' It's a classic that has stood the test of time and is loved by parents looking for something traditional yet unique.


Nora, from Latin, meaning ‘honor' or ‘glory.' It's simple yet impactful, evoking an image of strength and dignity.


For parents looking for something more whimsical, Ophelia might just be the perfect choice. This Greek name means ‘help' or ‘serpent,' and is also famously used in Shakespeare's play “Hamlet”.


Penelope, famous from Greek mythology, translates to ‘weaver.' It's unique yet familiar, making it a great choice for parents who want to stand out without being too unconventional.


A symbol of love and beauty, ‘Rose' is derived from the Latin word ‘rosa.' It's simple yet elegant, and has been used by countless parents throughout history.


Conjuring images of France, and exuding strength and passion, Scarlett is a lovely choice for your little girl. It's derived from the Old French word ‘escarlate,' meaning ‘red cloth'.


Theodora is a Greek name meaning ‘gift of God.' It brings to mind royalty and power, but with plenty of potential for cute nicknames like Teddy or Dora.


Last but not least, we have Violet, a name that brings to mind the beautiful purple flower. It's derived from the Latin word ‘viola' and has been a popular choice for centuries. Another colorful option to consider: ‘Ruby.'

Vintage Girl Name ideas
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya


So, we have Mabel, what had been considered an “old lady” name. But truly, it has a magnetism that's hard to resist. With English origins, Mabel means ‘lovable.' This one has a vintage appeal and a touch of whimsy, making it a delightful and unique choice for your little one.


And next up, we have Matilda, a German name that means ‘battle-mighty.' Matilda carries a blend of strength and sweetness that is hard to find. Plus, it comes with adorable nicknames like Mattie or Tilly.


Derived from the Germanic ‘Roslinde,' Rosalind means ‘tender horse.' This vintage option has a timeless and elegant quality to it, making it a perfect choice for your little girl.


Last but not least, we have Winifred, meaning ‘blessed peacemaking.' It's a classic choice that has been around for centuries and has adorable nicknames like Winnie or Freda.


In at number 24, we have Flora, a Latin name that means ‘flower.' It's a gentle, nature-inspired name that brings to mind images of blooming gardens and spring mornings. Interested in another nature-inspired choice? Keep ‘Iris' in your back pocket.


Last but not least, we have Agnes, a Greek for ‘pure' or ‘holy.' There's something deeply comforting about this selection, perhaps a sense of nostalgia, making Agnes an excellent pick for those seeking a name with a vintage appeal.

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Vintage girl names
Timeless Vintage Girl Names
Photo by Natalie Bond

How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Name for Your Baby?

When it comes to picking the perfect vintage name for your baby girl, there are a couple of factors to consider. And these aren't just any old factors, they're the key to finding a name that not only sounds beautiful but also has a beautiful meaning and heritage.

Some factors to consider: 

  1. Think about its meaning. The meaning behind your chosen moniker can often provide a glimpse into the characteristics and virtues you'd like your child to embody. For instance, Martha, meaning ‘mistress of the house' and ‘lady,' may carry a wish for your child to grow with integrity. So, delve into the etymology and history of your selection.
  2. Think about the versatility of the name. Can it be shortened or have multiple nicknames? Take ‘Elizabeth' which can be shortened to ‘Betty' or ‘Bertie', or ‘Francesca' which can be shorted to ‘Frankie' or ‘Chess' lending a modern twist to the vintage vibe.
  3. Consider the flow with the last name. Does it roll off the tongue, or does it clash?
  4. Consider the trends. Yes, even vintage names can be trendy! Look at the popularity of ‘Olivia' or ‘Alice'. 
  5. Think about the potential of misspellings or mispronunciations. A name like ‘Arabella' might be vintage and unique, but it's also prone to misspellings and mispronunciations.
  6. Consider the cultural and geographical implications. Some options might have different meanings or connotations in different cultures.

At the end of the day, the best choice is the one that feels right. So, take your time, do your research, and trust your instincts

Vintage girl names

What does the Popularity of a Name Mean?

If a name is popular, it means that many parents find it appealing. However, it also means that your child might share her name with several classmates, which could be a pro or a con, depending on your perspective. On the other hand, less popular ones might give your child a unique identity.

Final Thoughts of Vintage Baby Girl Names

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a special experience, and opting for vintage baby girl names adds an extra layer of uniqueness and charm. No matter which vintage name for girls you choose, one thing is for sure: your daughter will have a unique and timeless name that she will carry throughout her life. So take inspiration from these names and find the perfect fit for your little one.

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