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New Modern Mom: Where My Passion and Profession Collide

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Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Today, I'm thrilled to share some personal news with you. After much introspection, I am taking on a new professional journey. I’m transitioning from my role as a VP of Marketing in the world of Silicon Valley tech startups to become the full-time Founder and CEO of New Modern Mom, a passion project I spun up during my first maternity leave in 2020.

As a seasoned tech marketer, I've had the honor of leading multiple teams through periods of high growth, guiding brand refreshes, product launches and helping to build businesses from the ground up. But the brand refresh I'm most excited about today is my very own! 

This role switch is not just a career move, but a pivot towards a deeper sense of fulfillment as an ambitious mom. This is my attempt at striking a balance, pursuing a career that motivates and inspires me while giving me space to lean into the highs and lows of motherhood.

the story of New Modern Mom

New Modern Mom: A Life Update

The Genesis of New Modern Mom

When I discovered I was expecting, the barrage of emotions, choices, and to-do lists was overwhelming. Nesting, preparing for the arrival of our little one, and the desire to advance in my career were all happening simultaneously. And let's not forget a global pandemic. So I combatted that uncertainty the only way I know how: I over-researched everything to gain the confidence I needed to make quick decisions.

As a result, an extensively long Google doc began to take shape: pages and pages of my research, product recommendations, lessons learned and self-reflections through pregnancy. Then that document found its way into the hands of friends, and friends of friends. A community of new mothers was forming right there in my Google doc.

It prompted a realization:

I could use my marketing expertise accumulated over a decade to turn this Google Doc into something much more significant – for me, and for ambitious moms everywhere. And that's exactly what I did.

I started New Modern Mom as a resource to help simplify the daily chaos of motherhood. I designed the logo, built the website, and curated helpful checklists, product recommendations, self-reflections, and lessons learned to answer all the questions that moms have top of mind.  And I don’t take light decisions lightly. Every piece of advice or opinion I share on this platform is backed by research and personal experience.

New Modern Mom is more than just a publishing platform, it’s a mission to empower mothers striving to find that delicate balance between a rewarding career and cherishing precious moments of motherhood. It's about living a fulfilled, balanced, present, and beautiful life amidst all the chaos.

But my vision is larger than what you see today —I dream of a burgeoning community of ambitious women who are drawn together by their shared experiences and goals. A space that allows us to learn from each other, offering support, encouragement and real-talk as we navigate our beautifully messy lives.

Quote by Barbara Mighdoll, Founder of New Modern Mom

The Decision to Embrace Ambition and Balance

Becoming a mom introduced a new dimension to my identity, transforming my perception of ambition and success. At 29, I had already achieved my dream role, that coveted title of “VP.” I was proud, standing on a pedestal built by years of dedication, hard work, and unrelenting strides beyond my comfort zone. But with the arrival of my first child, the dream job I had so passionately chased suddenly lost its luster.

So I thought if only I could find a product or company I was intrigued by, that would be the answer. That’s how I landed my next VP of Marketing role, in the pursuit of finding intellectual stimulation. And it worked… until I became pregnant with my second child, and realized that intrigue, while improvement over disinterest, did not equate to the passion I was seeking. 

I was caught in the dichotomy of wanting to be present as a mother and seeking fulfillment in a thrilling career. I felt like I couldn’t lean into either side without sacrificing something. 

But as Mindy Kaling said “If you don’t see a clear path for what you want, sometimes you have to make it yourself.” Now began the journey to wholeheartedly dedicate my time and skills to “my little passion project,” New Modern Mom.

10 Remarkable Wins in the Initial Two Months

In just two months of working full-time on New Modern Mom, this path has rewarded me with the fulfillment I craved. And I’m proud of the accomplishments thus far.

1. Financial Growth:

New Modern Mom’s monthly revenue surpassed my previous salary, giving me confidence in the opportunities that lie ahead.

2. Social Media Milestone:

Celebratory moments were aplenty as we marked (and surpassed) the milestone of amassing 10K followers on Instagram with an engagement rate 3x the industry average.

3. Business Formation:

Guided by my supportive husband and unofficial CFO of New Modern Mom, we transformed passion into officiality—by launching our own S corp. We set up books, opened a business bank account, constructed a monetization plan, and established business tracking – including OKRs.

4. Team Building:

I've had the privilege of assembling a small, yet powerful team in content operations, social media, newsletter management, and SEO. (P.S. I’m hiring a part-time content operations manager!)

5. Continuous Learning:

Extensive learning and development in the form of blogs, webinars, and podcasts have become integral parts of my routine to gain an in-depth understanding of SEO, digital publishing, and the fascinating world of generative AI. This knowledge now fuels our editorial process.

6. Brand Strategy:

We've formulated a clear vision, mission, and a holistic brand strategy platform that sets the tone for our journey ahead.

7. Content Creation:

Published numerous new articles, tallying up to 60 resources available for moms, with 30 more in the pipeline. Expect more advice, product recommendations, and inspiration!

8. Professional Fulfillment:

As a seasoned tech marketer, the joy of channeling my skills into a passion project is immeasurable.

9. Acquisition Offer:

YES… you read that right. A testament to our potential and value—an acquisition offer came my way. However, I’m not ready to let go of the reins just yet.

10. Quality Time:

Amidst the hustle, I savored special time with and without my kids—Tuesday swim lessons with Willow, Trader Joe's adventures with Caden, relaxed mornings by myself with podcasts, and present evenings sans work stress.

The Journey Ahead

As New Modern Mom embarks on its next chapter, I know that what’s been accomplished so far only scratches the surface of my aspirations. It's a testament to marrying skills and experience from an esteemed marketing career with unwavering determination, clear vision, and heartfelt passion. And of course, the support I’ve received thus far from you, my readers. A big thank you.

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