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Ahead of the Holidays: My Top 5 Travel Tips with a Baby

baby on airplane




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in.

I've traveled A LOT with my baby. So with the holidays arriving, I thought I'd share my top 5 travel tips that are guaranteed to help alleviate stress and increase convenience, making your upcoming travel days easier with your baby.

Tip 01: Don't purchase diapers at your destination.

Don't waste your time at your destination by going out of your way to purchase diapers. Not only is this guaranteed to be at least a 45 minute detour, but what if the store is out of your size. Plus, you don't want to settle for a mediocre diaper that leaks or causes diaper rash. Instead pack them in your car seat travel bag. I tested Coterie, Mille Moon, Dyper, Kirkland and Pampers early in my baby's life, and TLDR: Coterie came out on top for absorbency and ingredient safety. Seriously, these are the best! And as a subscriber, Coterie allows you to order a pack of diapers directly to your destination ahead of your arrival. Talk about convenience.

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pack diapers in the car seat travel bag

Tip 02: Use a stroller that fits in the overhead bin.

Not only is your stroller guaranteed to get scratched, dented or in the worst case broken (my friend's stroller seat got snapped in half), but the airline may lose it. And yes this goes for gate-checked too. Take it from someone whose gate-checked stroller went missing for 6 days… just bring one on the airplane with you.

Tip 03: Ask for a free seat for your baby.

Did you know that airlines will allow your baby to have his/her own seat for free if the flight isn't full? If you are flying an airline with assigned seating, go to the gate agent and ask if its possible to move you to a seat with an open seat next to it. 9 out of 10 times they will accommodate this request. And if you are on Southwest, its even easier. Just ask the gate agent if every seat is taken. If not, bring your baby on board with the car seat and claim an extra seat. Just be sure you put the baby in the window seat.

baby on airplane

Tip 04: Snacks are the best form of entertainment.

If your baby is old enough, pick low mess, bite-sized snacks that don't require utensils. My favorites are puffs, yogurt melts, plain pasta or peas. Put them in a fun container for added entertainment.

baby with snacks on airplane

Tip 05: Wear pants with pockets.

You'll need a place to quickly stash your phone or plane ticket on your body, instead of zipping and unzipping your diaper bag. I've acquired this tip after multiple annoying experiences where I needed to use hands quickly. This is especially important if you are baby-wearing through the airport, which I also recommend.

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