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3 hacks to conquer a flight with a toddler

toddler at airport




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

I've taken my toddler on over 26 flights. Here’s how we survive the travel day.

Traveling with a toddler? Well that can be just down right frightening, right!? After 26 flights with Caden, who IMO is on the extreme end of energetic and emotional, we've learned a thing or two for how to make the travel day smoother. Caden loves traveling, he asks to go on an airplane all the time. And guess what? With these hacks we *kind of* do too.

Hack #1: Stuff your car seat bag with essentials.

Most airlines allow you to check a car seat for free. There are a number of reasons not to check your car seat without a travel bag: 1) higher likelihood it will break 2) dirt and exposed to the elements 3) you can tuff the travel bag with odd shaped or bulky baby and toddler essentials. We typically place the SlumberPod, toddler air mattress, diapers and any swim necessities like floats or toys in our car seat bag and have never had any questions or issues about it. Its worth noting that this can add up in weight, which is why purchasing a super lightweight car seat is important for travel.

A *critical* diaper packing tip for international trips: bring 3 days worth of diapers in your carry-on, AND pack a week's worth in your travel car seat bag. While we all wish we’d get lucky and have zero airline drama, chances are a flight will be delayed, canceled or missed. You don’t want to be stuck without diapers in the airport. And, if you are traveling internationally, it's uncommon to find stores open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The last thing you want to worry about after an exhausting trip is urgently finding diapers. So play it safe, and pack enough to get you through a week.

diaper hacks for flying with baby and toddler

Car seat travel bag

Hack #2: Let your kids run wild before the flight.

Just don’t let them out of your sight and be ready with tons of antibacterial hand wipes 😉

airport hack for flying with a toddler

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Hack #3: Bring all the snacks.

Our bag was filled to the brim with snacks to occupy our toddler. And I highly suggest putting together a fun surprise snack box to keep yours extra busy. Just grab a pill box, fun stickers, their favorite snacks, and some extra special treats (I added peanut butter chips and marshmallows).

the snack box hack for flying with a toddler
the snack box hack for flying with a toddler

Make a snack box for your next flight: snack box option 1 | snack box option 2 | stickers

There you have it: 3 hacks for flying with baby and toddler. Get ready for take off ✈️

3 flight hacks to make traveling with a toddler easier


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