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3 hacks to conquer a 12 hour flight with a baby & toddler

3 hacks to conquer a 12 hour flight with a newborn & toddler


I spent a month in Tuscany with my 2 month old & 2 year old. Here’s how I survived the 24 hour travel time to get there.

Traveling with a newborn? Intimidating. Traveling with a toddler? Frightening. Traveling with both together? Downright insane. But guess what? I did it! I spent a month in Tuscany with my two kids, and while the 24 hour trip from San Francisco to Italy wasn’t my favorite part 😬 these 3 travel hacks made it much less stressful and dare I say, an enjoyable part of the adventure.

Hack #1: Pack diapers wisely.

Your diaper choice matters! You need a super absorbent diaper that won’t leak, prevents blowouts, allows for less changes on the flight, and keeps your baby dry to stay asleep for when he/she eventually passes out. I tested Coterie, Mille Moon, Dyper, Kirkland and Pampers ahead of my trip, and TLDR: Coterie came out on top for absorbency, softness, and ingredient safety. Seriously, these are next-gen diapers and I’m so into it!

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And a *critical* diaper packing tip: bring 3 days worth of diapers in your carry-on, AND pack a week’s worth in your travel car seat bag. While we all wish we’d get lucky and have zero airline drama, chances are a flight will be delayed, canceled or missed. You don’t want to be stuck without diapers in the airport. And, if you are traveling internationally, it’s uncommon to find stores open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The last thing you want to worry about after an exhausting trip is urgently finding diapers. So play it safe, and pack enough to get you through a week.

diaper hacks for flying with baby and toddler

Car seat travel bag

Hack #2: Let your kids run wild before the flight.

Just don’t let them out of your sight and be ready with tons of antibacterial hand wipes 😉

airport hack for flying with a toddler

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Hack #3: Bring all the snacks.

Our bag was filled to the brim with snacks to occupy our toddler. And I highly suggest putting together a fun surprise snack box to keep yours extra busy. Just grab a pill box, fun stickers, their favorite snacks, and some extra special treats (I added peanut butter chips and marshmallows).

the snack box hack for flying with a toddler
the snack box hack for flying with a toddler

Make a snack box for your next flight: snack box option 1 | snack box option 2 | stickers

There you have it: 3 hacks for flying with baby and toddler. Get ready for take off ✈️

hacks for flying with baby and toddler
hacks for flying with baby and toddler

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