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12 Lessons Learned as a First Time Mom

12 Lessons Learned as a First Time Mom




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

It’s Caden’s first birthday – how!? – and I’m taking a moment to reflect on the last year. 

I’d say I’m still in denial, but the tears kicked in this past Sunday as it finally hit me that Caden is turning one. 

I want to take a moment to reflect on this past year – not on how much he’s grown and changed, but how much I have. Becoming a mom is a wave of emotions and rollercoaster of experiences, add in a global pandemic and safe to say this year has tested my strength.

12 Lessons Learned as a First Time Mom
12 Lessons Learned as a First Time Mom

Here’s 12 lessons I’ve learned as a First Time Mom (FTM)

  1. No amount of reading, classes or YouTube videos will prepare you for the sheer learning curve of parenting. 

Be patient with yourself and your partner. Laugh at the mistakes. Celebrate the wins.

  1. Follow your Mama instincts – they won’t lead you astray.

I had just had a gut feeling when it was time to move Caden to his own room, even when the books said not to, and when we did he finally started sleeping through the night.

  1. Stop putting pressure on yourself to do things “the right way.”

All “habits” you create can be broken. Formula is okay. Holding them for naptime won’t ruin them. Ask for help.

  1. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. 

The memories are worth it. Intimidated about taking a trip with your little one? Do it (here’s some tips).

  1. You will always be 20 minutes late.

You have a baby, just accept it.

  1. Let them be them. And let you be you.

Don’t compare milestones. Your little one is on their own journey, and so are you.

  1. Feeling “normal” takes far longer than you’d expect.

And normal has a new meaning.

  1. Be in the moment.

For good or bad, every phase is temporary. Find your daily rituals to remove distractions and just focus on you and your baby.

  1. Take the pictures….thousands of them.

Professional, DIY or candid, just do it.

  1. Find your Mom tribe.

These are your people, they get it, every single part of it. Be brutally honest, the good and the bad, don’t hold back.

  1. “Me time” isn’t a luxury, it's a requirement.

Showers don’t count as self care. Whether it’s a quick workout, a fancy coffee or listening to a podcast, do something for you each and everyday.

  1. There is now a greater purpose to life.

You have changed, your world has changed and it’s for the better.

Happy birthday my sweet boy, and congratulations to me – I kept him alive and thriving for a whole year!

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12 lessons learned as a first time mom
12 lessons learned as a first time mom


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