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Increase Potty Training Success with A Printable Training Chart

Free printable potty training chart




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Being a parent comes with its fair share of challenges, and one of the most intimidating is potty training. It's messy, time-consuming, and can be downright frustrating, but trust me, the end result is totally worth the effort. After the toilet fills up, imagine dancing a victory dance with your beaming toddler. It's a moment for the books and you'll earn yourself a medal for getting through it.

One of the most popular suggestions I received when we went through the experience with Caden last summer was to find a free printable potty training chart. The idea is to make potty training turn into a game, keeping your toddler engaged and motivated throughout the entire journey.

Free printable potty training chart

What is a Potty Training Chart?

The concept is simple. Here's the lowdown: each time your toddler uses the potty, put a sticker on the chart. This will serve as a visual representation of progress that will keep your kiddo excited, engaged, and motivated to accomplish their potty training goals. You can even up the ante by promising a small prize when a certain number of stickers are collected.

To be honest, we made the decision to start potty training quite hastily. It all began with a consultation with a potty training expert in early June. Then, while driving to an activity over the weekend, we spontaneously determined that the upcoming weekend would be the perfect time to commence our potty training journey 😬

But due to our busy work schedules that week, we didn't have much time to prepare for the big weekend. As a result, I found myself scrambling on the big day to gather all the training tips that had been recommended to me, including a potty training chart. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any free simple and minimal instant downloads online, so I had to get creative. I ended up making my own chart using an art project that Caden had started earlier that morning and an Elmo sticker book that we happened to have lying around.

Free printable potty training chart

Tips on using a Potty-Training Chart Successfully

Choosing the Right Chart for Your Child

Choosing the best potty training chart is important because it serves as the motivator and marks the starting point of the training journey. Kids love colors, patterns, and their favorite characters so it may be helpful to choose one that will catch their attention. Whether they're into Daniel Tiger, Elmo, dinosaurs, princesses, or superheroes, add those themes to make the chart more personal. You can even grab some themed stickers to enhance the fun. This isn’t just about picking the prettiest chart or the coolest stickers. It's about finding something that will truly engage your little one.

Introduction and Familiarization of the Chart to Your Child

Now that you've picked your free printable potty training chart, the next step is to introduce your child to it. Explain what each number of stickers represents and that every sticker is a celebration of their progress.

Don't forget to hang the chart at eye-level so it's easily accessible. Your toddler will definitely want to be part of the process. 

Rewarding Your Child's Progress

And here’s the fun part – rewarding your child's progress! You could use small prizes like a small toy or a new sticker for their potty sticker chart. You can also gift training pants or regular underwear. Keep in mind that rewards don't have to be materialistic. Celebrate their potty training goals with words of praise, high fives, or even a little dance. Positive reinforcement is key!

How to Make Your Own Potty Training Chart

Designing your own potty training chart can be a fun project that adds a touch of individuality to the process. Wondering where to begin? It's simple! Start with a blank chart as the foundation of your design. Make sure the chart includes spaces for stickers. From there, let your creative juices flow. Throw in some paint, stickers, or sparkles. Better yet, get your toddler involved in picking out different designs to decorate their chart.

Well, you can DIY it like I did 😆If you choose this route, I strongly suggest involving your toddler in the activity. Encourage them to draw, color, or paint on the piece of paper that you intend to use. This way, they can actively participate and contribute to the process.

Or save yourself the scramble and grab the free printable potty training chart below.

Free Potty-Training Chart Printable

Our free printable potty training chart is more than a tool, it's a keepsake of your child's significant milestone. Here's to making the potty training journey exciting, rewarding, and memorable!

Free printable potty training chart

Other Potty-Training Necessities

Of course a potty training chart isn’t the only thing you’ll need to make the process a success. Be sure to grab a potty seat for your home to fit your child’s little booty more comfortably, and if you frequent the park or go on road trips, I highly recommend a travel potty. You’ll also one some big kid underwear (for boys, for girls).


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