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Low Effort Fun: Printable Snowman Craft for Kids

printable snowman




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This holiday season feels so much different than the past few. Caden is old enough (3.5 years old) to really understand that the holidays and festivities are occurring. I think all of us moms want to make this time magical for our little ones, but as usual we just can't do all the things. So today I'm sharing some super SIMPLE and EASY, LOW LIFT crafts I planned for Caden, specifically this printable snowman craft.

In an effort to enjoy the holidays with a special get together with our good friends whose children happen to be Caden's besties, we invited them over for a 4pm happy hour with wine for the adults and crafts for the kids. I can say this printable snowman template was a HUGE hit, and a very self-sufficient activity for our little preschoolers to get 10 minutes of uninterrupted catch up time.

How to Use this Printable Snowman Template

Materials Required for the Craft

  1. Printable Snowman
  2. Glue Stick (I prefer to the ones that go on as purple so the kids can understand where it is being applied)
  3. Cotton Balls or Sparkly Pom Poms

Steps to Assemble Your Snowman

  1. Print this free printable snowman I created
  2. Let the kids apply glue to the snowman
  3. Assemble the snowman's body using cotton balls or pom poms
  4. For the older kids, you can have them color in the background with trees
printable snowman template craft for kids

Free Printable Snowman Template

To get this printable snowman, just right click, download and send to your printer!

printable snowman template

Seasonal Activities to Pair with the Snowman Craft

Build Gingerbread Houses

We grabbed these $4 mini gingerbread house kits and they were PERFECT! Definitely purchase a few more candy toppings, like fun sprinkles, Annie's mini bunny gummies, and mini m&ms, because the pack only comes with one kind of tiny colorful candies.

making gingerbread houses

Decorate Holiday Shaped Cookies

Grab a package of pre-cut sugar cookie dough from the grocery store, roll it out with a rolling pin (just make sure you don't make them too thin. Then let your kids help cut them into fun holiday shapes and go crazy with decorations!

Here's some good options for holiday shapes:

And here are some good decoration ingredients:

holiday cookie decorating

Bake Bears in a Blanket

These bears tucked away in a cozy puff pastry on a chocolate pillow could not be cuter! A great baking activity to do with your kiddos. Caden is going to be obsessed when I do this with him.

Make the Viral Snow Global Mocktail

You've likely seen this on TikTok or Instagram. It would make a super fun “science experiment” to do with your little ones. Instead of alcohol, just fill with sparkling water!

Friends Gift Exchange

Make a $10 cap and do a little friends gift exchange. Its a great experience for toddlers to experience giving gifts themselves to see their friends happy. I have a ton of great options in this roundup of white elephant gifts.

holiday crafts for kids
Holiday Kids Crafts Supplies List with Links


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