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20 Classic Vintage Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Classic Vintage Baby Names for Boys and Girls




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Barbara Mighdoll

You're about to welcome a new addition to your family, and you want to give them a name that stands out, a name that has history, rareness, nostalgia, and charm. Look no further than vintage baby names! Whether you're on the hunt for a name that is unique or a name that reflects the elegance of yesteryears, vintage baby names offer a sea of choices. We've put together a list of 20 classic vintage baby names for boys and girls, ones that echo a bygone era while still being timeless.

Vintage baby names

Why are Vintage Names Appealing in the Modern Age?

There's an undeniable allure to vintage baby names. They possess a quality that is both classic and distinctive, conjuring up images of charm, sophistication, and a time when manners and etiquette were of the utmost importance.

The Appeal of Classic, Old-Fashioned Names

There's a certain magic to these names. Each one tells a story, a saga of the times it has witnessed, the people it has named, and the history it carries. These have been tested by time, and they carry with them stories of the past – stories of strength, love, and resilience. And let's face it, there's something interesting about saying your little one carries the same name as a 19th-century poet or an illustrious figure from history.

Why Vintage Baby Names are Making a Comeback

Beyond their charm and elegance, names like Imogene and Harvey are also experiencing a resurgence because of their uniqueness. In our era of personal branding, parents are seeking out names that are out of the ordinary, names that will help their child stand out in a sea of Noahs and Emmas. Opting for old-fashioned baby names not only gives your child an unforgettable name, but it also bestows them with a piece of history, a little bit of character, and a whole lot of charm. As a result, old-fashioned baby names like Hazel, Alice, or Walter. have started to feel positively modern as they've climbed to the top of baby-name lists.

20 Classic Vintage Baby Names for Boys and Girls

10 Classic Vintage Names for Girls

Amelia: A Timeless Classic

A sweet and graceful name for your baby girl that rings with elegance. It has a timeless appeal that transcends generations, embodying both strength and delicacy. When you hear Amelia, you might think of Amelia Earhart, a woman who was as fearless as she was graceful.

Rose: Elegance in Simplicity

Just like the flower it represents, Rose is a symbol of love, passion, and beauty. Very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, the name dropped almost completely out of favor after World War II and only became used again in the 1990s. Other floral name options to consider: Posey, a common diminutive of Josephine. Florence, of Latin origin, meaning “blossoming,” “flourishing,” and “prosperous.” Lillian, derived from the lily, is another beautiful choice that exudes elegance and timeless appeal.

Classic Vintage Baby Names for Boys and Girls
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Olivia: The Evergreen Beauty

The name Olivia, a blend of vintage charm and modern popularity, never goes out of style. It is charming, graceful, and has a certain musicality to it. And who can resist the charm of an ‘Olivia'?

Grace: A Testament to Dignity

Grace is all about dignity, elegance, and refinement. It is a testament to the timeless beauty and simplicity of vintage names. With a choice like Grace, your little girl will surely carry herself with poise and elegance throughout her life.

Isabel: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Isabel, an old-fashioned name with a modern twist, is a delightful blend of tradition and contemporary appeal. The perfect name for a girl who is bound to be both traditional and trailblazing.

Mabel: The Forgotten Gem

Mabel, once popular in the Victorian era, is one of those forgotten gems that is waiting to be rediscovered. It exudes a sense of nostalgia and charm that is hard to resist.

Clara: A Gentle Whisper from the Past

Clara whispers gentle melodies of the past. Its vintage charm paints pictures of serene landscapes and quiet, peaceful times. Clara, meaning ‘clear and bright', could be a beacon for your child, guiding them towards a future filled with light. 

Evelyn: A “Beautiful Bird”

Evelyn, a sweet choice that radiates charm and elegance, was a favorite in the 1910s and is making a strong comeback today. It's holds a vintage charm while fitting perfectly into the contemporary world.

Eleanor: Echoing Nobility and Grace

Eleanor, with royal roots and a timeless appeal, is sophisticated yet approachable. It embodies strength and grace, much like the many historic figures it has named.

Edith: A Melody from the Past

Finally, we have Edith, a melodious choice from the past that is making a slow but steady comeback. Evoking images of Edwardian elegance, Edith is as charming as it is classic.

Vintage Baby Names for Girls
Photo by Pixabay

10 Classic Vintage Names for Boys

Silas: An Untamed Vintage Classic

So, let's talk about Silas. Not your average run-of-the-mill name, Silas has a certain untamed quality about it, like a wild stallion defying the winds. A biblical name rooted in tradition, this choice has an enduring appeal that never fades away. 

Damien: A Dash of Sophistication

But don't overlook Damien! A choice that breathes sophistication, Damien carries a dash of mystery and intrigue. This classic moniker, rich with vintage charm, can give your child an identity that stands out, yet fits perfectly in any era.

Channing: The Charming Classic

Next up is Channing. It's hard to resist one that's as charming and vintage as Channing. It's like a hand-knit sweater from grandma- warm, comforting, and full of love. Bestow this classic option on your boy, and he'll carry a piece of history with him. 

Donovan: The Bold Vintage Virtuoso

Donovan, a baby boy name that roars like a lion, Donovan is for the bold and the brave. With its strong and sturdy foundations, could set a tone of courage and determination for your child. 

Banks: A Rare Vintage Gem

Banks, an unusual selection, that might be traditionally thought of as a surname. It resonates with the sound of a rippling brook, calm yet persistent. And who knows, your little Banks might just grow up to make waves! 

Henry: A Regal Choice

One of the more popular names on our list over the last few decades, Henry is a vintage classic that never truly fades away. Much like some of the rulers of England, It's the perfect choice for a little boy who is destined to rule his own world.

Vintage Baby Names for Boys
Photo by Henley Design Studio

George: A Nod to the Classics

George, one that nods to the classics while maintaining a timeless charm. It's the sort of name that sounds equally good on a little boy and a grandfather.

Charles: Exuding Aristocratic Charm

Charles, one that exudes aristocratic charm that has retained its allure since across centuries. But don't let its regal origins deter you, for Charles is as grounded as it is grand.

Edward: A Time-Tested Favorite

Edward, a time-tested favorite a testament to the enduring appeal of the classics.

Arthur: A Tale of Chivalry

Arthur, an old english name steeped in classic tales of chivalry and valor. This moniker feels just as gallant and virtuous now as it did in the middle ages.

Vintage baby names

How to Choose the Perfect Vintage Baby Name?

Choosing a moniker for your little one can feel like a delightful journey back in time. But with so many beautiful options to choose from, how do you settle on the perfect one?

Considering Family Heritage and Traditions

Family heritage and traditions are a treasure trove of ideas. There’s a good reason you might want to consider naming your newborn after a beloved family member, or perhaps there is a name that has been carried down through generations, waiting to be dusted off and worn by your little one. Scouring your family tree can unearth some hidden gems that bring a sense of continuity and sentimentality. For example, the name Theodore, meaning “gift of God,” is a perfect pick for your little one, reflecting the idea of a precious gift from a higher power.

Looking at Historical and Literary Inspirations

Our past is filled with remarkable individuals who left their mark on the world. Historical figures, literary characters, and classical authors offer a wealth of options that are both meaningful and majestic. Names like Amelia (Earhart), Winston (Churchill) or Fitzgerald (Scott) can give your child a piece of history, and perhaps inspire them to carve out their own unique story. Maybe books like The Great Gatsby getting a resurgence is making you itch for the 1920s and use Daisy or Jay. Elizabeth may boast major monarchy energy, but its roots extend far back into the Hebrew Bible. If you want a really old-fashioned name, how about going all the way back to Old Norse folklore, Roman or Greek mythology (Felix). Feeling like you’d like to take inspiration from classic period films? Try a vintage name like Stella (A Streetcar Named Desire), Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) or Harold (Harold and Maude).

Balancing Vintage Charm with Modern Appeal

Choosing a vintage baby name doesn't mean it has to sound old-fashioned. The trick is finding one that combines the charm of the past with a modern appeal. Names like Evangeline, Jasper, or Penelope have that old-world allure, but they're still very much in step with today's trends. Another way to make modernize is to consider a nickname. Eleanor can sound fresh and modern when you shorten it to Nora, Ella, Ellie, or Lea.

Remember, a name is something your child can proudly carry into the future, even if its roots lie in the past. Some people prefer old-fashioned options that have stood the test of time.

Vintage baby names

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