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Mom Approved Work From Home Outfits




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

As a mom working from home, I totally understand the temptation to lounge around in comfy pajamas or the same athleisure set two days in a row. Believe me, I've been there! But since committing to a WFH lifestyle, I've made a conscious effort to prioritize feeling good, and for me, that includes looking good too. Even if I'm not stepping out of my home, getting dressed in the morning boosts my mood and makes me feel more productive. It's amazing how a cute outfit can lift my spirits and set the tone for an efficient day, even within the same four walls.

Getting dressed in something that makes you feel confident and comfortable can truly transform your day. Dressing up a bit, even if it's just swapping pajamas for a cozy yet chic loungewear or cute workout set, can significantly boost your self-esteem and productivity. It sends a subtle yet powerful message to your brain that it's time to shift gears from rest to work mode. Plus, there's always that added bonus of being Zoom ready at a moment's notice. So in an effort to bring more work-life balance to my life, I've compiled some of my favorite WFH outfits that are both stylish and comfortable.

Look good, feel good, do good

Establishing a morning routine that involves selecting a WFH outfit can be a powerful catalyst for a productive and motivating day. While staying casual in your pajamas may work for a few weeks, it's not a long-term or sustainable solution. Putting in effort to look good helps create a clear boundary between relaxing at home and getting work done. It's easy to slip into bed for a quick nap if you're still wearing your pjs, right?

This is also why I've invested in a 5-minute makeup routine. Since becoming a mom and in an effort to feel a little bit more like myself (and less like a hot mess!), I developed a simple, five-minute makeup routine. Even though I work from home, I try to do this makeup routine and put on a cute outfit most mornings. It makes me feel put together and ready to tackle the day, whether that means running errands or sitting in front of my laptop.

The work from home outfit formula

I have a simple four-step formula for the perfect work-from-home outfit. Here's what it entails:

  1. Top: cozy layers
  2. Bottom: non-stiff pants
  3. Accessories: delicate jewelry
  4. Shoes: comfy slippers

I also have some basic “rules” when it comes to work-from-home outfits, including:

  1. Opt for stretch: The goal is to eliminate anything that might feel restrictive or uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting. Stick to clothes with elastic waistbands or drawstrings. Opt for loungewear sets, or leggings with a blazer on days packed with Zoom meetings.
  2. Choose breathable fabrics: Natural, lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, or bamboo are your best bet for staying cool and avoiding that stuffy feeling.
  3. Layer strategically: Make sure you can easily add or remove layers depending on the temperature in your home office. This way, you're always just the right amount of cozy.
  4. Select simple jewelry: Invest in 2 to 3 simple layering necklaces, and 2 to 3 simple studs or hoops. These can be in gold, silver, or include diamonds for an elevated, effortless look.
  5. Comfort over style for footwear: Since you're not commuting, there's no need for formal shoes. Aim for slip-on shoes, slippers, or cute sneakers that will keep your feet warm without causing discomfort.

My go-to WFH outfits

Elastic waistband jeans + striped button up + basic tee

Top: I'm a big fan of classic, elevated basics, and this striped Sezane button-down fits the bill. I also like to wear it unbuttoned with a cotton tee underneath to mix things up a bit.

Bottom: These jean joggers look good with everything, and give that cool mom vibe.

Accessories: I love this lab-grown tennis necklace by Dorsey, which looks really chic against a white t-shirt. It’s an investment worth making that can elevate any outfit, and looks stunning in a Zoom meeting.

Shoes: These are my favorite slippers, and I've been wearing them for years! Literally wear them every single day (if you follow me on Instagram you are no stranger to seeing me in them).

Jogger set

Top & Bottom: A WFH wardrobe is not complete without a jogger lounge set, which thankfully are very trendy right now. I love jogger sets because they have an elevated look compared to pjs or sweatsuits. My favorites are the Varley Davidson Sweat and Pant.

Accessories: to elevate this look, I'll add a couple of layering necklaces, like this Madewell Filosophy Box Style Chain Necklace. It's super delicate and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Shoes: I pair these with my favorite slippers, already shared here.

Pull-on pants + tank + Oversized Button Up

Top: I just can't get enough of these rib-knit cotton tanks. You can throw them on with anything! Plus, when you layer them under a long-sleeve button down, it instantly pulls together a chic and polished look.

Bottom: Everlane's Easy Pant are flowy and airy, and super flattering too. The pull-on waistband doesn’t constrict, especially helpful when you're sitting for extended periods.

Accessories: I'm really into long-chained necklaces, especially worn with a button-down shirt. The Dorsey's Clemence Strand Necklace is super versatile – you can wear it long or double it up for a shorter look.

Shoes: The OluKai Hila sandals are one of my favorite house slides on hot spring and summer days.

Black leggings + a cozy cardigan (or blazer for Zoom meeting days)

Top: Quince's cropped knit tank is a staple in my closet because it offers just the right amount of stretch. It's my go-to for pairing with a relaxed, boyfriend-style cardigan. 

Bottom: You can't go wrong with lululemon leggings. These are my all-time favorite leggings for WFH style, park days with the kids and even working out. They also are my favorite maternity and postpartum legging. And bonus, they are perfect to transition to a little yoga break in between meetings.

Accessories: This Madewell necklace adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Shoes: I love these shearling slippers in black. I switch back and forth between these and the UGG slippers.

Sweater loungewear set

Top & Bottom: I love wearing sweater sets during colder months. This Mango set (sweater + pants) is super cozy! 

Accessories: I complete this look with a simple gold chain like this one.

Shoes: For footwear, per usual I typically go with my UGG slippers.


Top & Bottom: I love jumpsuits because they are an easy one-and-done outfit. This Everlane linen jumpsuit is one of my favorites. 

Accessories: I pair it with this chic, but casual Dorsey tennis necklace.

Shoes: My comfy, cool slides work great with this outfit.

Colored leggings + comfy sweatshirt

Top: I could wear this comfy sweatshirt day after day, that's how comfortable it is.

Bottom: I love these brown lululemon leggings.

Accessories:  This Madewell necklace really steps up the look.

Shoes: These brown Varley slides are made from faux suede and comfortable enough to wear all day.

Linen Pants + tank top + half zip pullover

Top: I pair this tank with this J. Crew half-zip fleece during the winter for a cozy look.

Bottom: Since I live in California and it doesn't get too cold, these linen pants keep me cool and comfy.

Accessories: You can't go wrong with a simple gold chain necklace.

Shoes: Love that these slides are machine washable.

It's time to ditch the pajamas and elevate your wardrobe

I hope these WFH outfits help you feel comfortable and confident while juggling everything on your plate. For more on morning routines for busy moms, subscribe to the newsletter.


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