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6 diaper bag essentials worth the hype, and the price.

diaper bag essentials


This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in.

When it comes to my diaper bag, I have two rules: 1) always restock it after the kids go to bed and 2) only pack the essentials. This allows for a less chaotic exit out the door in the morning, and ensures I don’t have permanent back damage from schlepping two needy little ones, and all the stuff they require, around the city.

So what’s inside? Well aside from the basics (changing pad, burp clothes, hats, portable sound machine), I’ve found there are some must-have splurgy items definitely worth the price and the hype.

✅Worth the Price ✅Worth the Hype

#1: Coterie Diapers

One of my most surprising learnings as a new parent: your diaper choice matters! I tested Coterie, Mille Moon, Dyper, Kirkland and Pampers in my early motherhood days, and I can attest that Coterie is the crème de la crème for absorbency, softness, and ingredient safety, meaning no leaks, no blowouts, no diaper rashes and less frequent diaper changes. And I snagged you a deal to try them for yourself:

Get 10% off your subscription purchase of Coterie ($81 for a month of diapers): EXTRA10

#2: Magnetic Onesies

At first you may be battling nonstop drool, later it will be messiness from introducing solids. Either way, you always should pack a back-up change of clothes. I was turned on to magnetic onesies when I started seeing them gifted at all of my friends’ baby showers. No zips, no snaps, these things go on fast and easy!

#3: Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer

This is a downright necessity. For my first baby, I would always struggle with heating up bottles prior to going anywhere and hoping they stayed warm, or shuffling to find a coffee shop to grab hot water to heat up a bottle while out and about. This invention is a true life saver.

#4 Snap-on Booties

The solution for your baby kicking off their socks constantly. I love snap on booties because they don’t come off. Ever! I always have a pair with me since you never know if it will be cold or warm in San Francisco.

#5 Travel-Sized Coterie Wipes

I LOVE the new and improved Coterie wipes. They are softer and stronger than any other wipe I’ve tried, are made with 99% water and gentle clean ingredients (EWG verified), are 30% larger than the average wipe, fully biodegradable, AND now come in a travel-size pack perfect to throw into your diaper bag.

#6 EO French Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray

COVID made me a hand sanitizer snob. The smell and the texture of EO French Lavender spray is 👌

Grab some Coterie Diapers for your diaper bag like me!

Get 10% off your subscription purchase making a month of diapers $81 with code EXTRA10

I only endorse products I believe in. When you make purchases through links in this post, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

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