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The 7 Best Postpartum Diapers for New Moms

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Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Thought you just had to think about diapers for your baby? Think again. I remember crafting my postpartum station during my pregnancy with Caden thinking to myself… diapers? Really? It’s more important to make yourself feel comfortable in the first few days, and yes diapers can be one of those unforeseen comforts.

Whether you're looking for affordability, comfort, or the best of both worlds, we've got you covered. We've searched high and low, and compiled a list of the 7 best postpartum diapers to make your life a tad bit easier. This is a judgment-free zone!

Best postpartum diapers

Why Do You Wear Diapers After Birth?

While you're devoting time to breastfeeding and cuddling your little one, your body is also hard at work. Your amazing uterus, which housed your sweet baby for all those months, is now returning to its pre-pregnancy size. This process, known as involution, results in even more discharge as the placenta's former attachment site heals.

Why are Postpartum Diapers Great?

You might be wondering, “Why in the world would I need postpartum diapers?” Trust me, I felt the same way, but here's the deal. After birth, you'll be dealing with a lot—hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, and baby blues—to just name a few. But amidst all this, postpartum diapers offer a silver lining. A much-needed convenience. As a new mom, you deserve the absolute best, which is why we’ve compiled this guide and list of the best postpartum diapers on the market today.

These after birth diapers are super absorptive, more so than any maxi pad, giving you the peace of mind to focus on your newborn rather than worrying about leaks the first few weeks postpartum. Secondly, they are ultra-comfortable, almost like wearing a cushion around your waist. And not just that, they come with adjustable tabs, so you can tailor the fit exactly to your comfort.

Whether it's your first time or you’re a seasoned mom, these can provide that extra comfort and convenience during the initial weeks after childbirth. This is all about you and what makes you feel comfortable. There’s absolutely no shame in putting your comfort first.

Why Choosing the Right Postpartum Diaper Matters

Imagine, you've just given birth and your body is on a journey of healing itself. During this initial first week postpartum of heavy bleeding and postpartum recovery, a regular maxi pad just won't cut it. This is where postpartum adult diapers step in. A quality adult diaper postpartum, can make all the difference by offering you the much-needed convenience, comfort, and confidence.

Let's break it down. 

  • Convenience: Having a newborn means constant running around, feeding, changing, and whatnot. Sure, the hospital does provide you with mesh panties and a large pad, but do you really want to add frequent pad changing to your list? These are highly absorbent and can be worn for longer periods, allowing you to focus on your little one.
  • Comfort: After birth diapers are designed to be soft and non-irritating to your skin, preventing any discomfort and aiding in faster healing.
  • Confidence: With postpartum diapers, you need not worry about leaks or stains, leaving you feeling secure and confident.

The right postpartum diaper isn't just a ‘diaper'; it's a must-have during this challenging time. Making informed choices about your care is as crucial as choosing the right baby care products.

What Features Should I Look for in a Good Postpartum Diaper?

When choosing the right diaper, look for features like absorbency, comfort, breathability, and leak protection. Opt for diapers with adjustable tabs or closures for a customizable fit. Additionally, choose diapers made from soft materials that won't irritate sensitive skin.

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to post-birth diapers, comfort is king. Remember when you tried on a pair of jeans that looked fabulous but felt like you were trapped in a denim vice? Yeah, it's the opposite of that feeling we're going for. Consider your body shape, size, and the type of birth you've had (c-section mamas, we're looking at you). You don't want anything too tight around your middle, especially if you have an incision to care for. 


You've got a comfy fit, but what about capacity? Your diaper's level of absorption plays a vital role in choosing the right size. But let's be real, we're not talking about a light sprinkle here. You need a diaper that can handle the post-birth downpour without making you feel like you're wearing a soaked sponge. Look for high absorbency ratings, and don't be shy about changing them often, especially in the earliest days.

Materials and Ingredients

And let's not forget what's actually in these diapers. We're talking about something that's going to be against your skin 24/7. You wouldn't put mystery ingredients on your face, would you? Look for brands that are transparent about their materials. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic are your friends here. Bonus points for environmentally friendly options that don't compromise on performance. 

Best postpartum diapers

The 7 Best Postpartum Diapers for New Moms

Navigating the vast landscape of after-childbirth care products can be daunting. We've taken the guesswork out of shopping by curating a list of the top 7 diapers specially made for you mama, in the market.

Always ZZZ period underwear | Best Postpartum Diapers

Overall Best: Always Zzzs Overnight Disposable Postpartum Underwear

These diapers seriously help in this initial post-pregnancy period of heavy postpartum bleeding. Their high absorbency level ensures you stay dry and comfortable, while the stretchy waistband provides a snug fit without chafing. And, the best part? They're as discreet as they come, fitting neatly under your clothes, giving you the confidence to step out without worry about leakage. These diapers offer far more coverage and leak-free protection from lochia and the bleeding than the thick mesh underwear and pads the hospital provides following delivery.

Amazon basics Best Postpartum Diapers

Value Buy: Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear

If you're looking for an economical yet reliable choice, Amazon Basics Postpartum Underwear is your go-to. Not only do they provide excellent absorbency, but their breathable material also means comfort is never compromised. So, you can save some dollars without skimping on quality. 

Organic: Rael Disposable Underwear Postpartum Essentials

For moms who prefer an all-natural approach, Rael Disposable Underwear is a great choice. These eco-friendly diapers are made from organic cotton and don't contain any harmful chemicals, ensuring the gentlest care for your healing body.

Attn: Grace Briefs

Non-Toxic: Attn: Grace Briefs

Attn: Grace Briefs offer a non-toxic option, free from fragrances, lotions, and chlorine bleaching, ensuring your skin stays irritation-free during the healing process. But that's not all! They also come with a modern, sleek design that doesn't scream “diaper”, allowing you to feel stylish even in your postpartum period.

Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear High-Rise

C-Section Friendly: Always Discreet Postpartum Underwear High-Rise

Specifically designed for new moms who have had a c-section, these diapers provide a comfortable high-rise fit that doesn't irritate the incision site. They offer maximum absorbency and a smooth silhouette, allowing you to concentrate on bonding with your baby, not your postpartum diaper. 

Bambody Period Underwear

Reusable: Bambody Period Underwear

Looking to make a sustainable choice? The Bambody Period Underwear is the perfect reusable option for you. With its leak-proof design and comfortable fit, these reusable underwear not only reduce waste but also keep you dry and confident. The best part? They feel like you are wearing real underwear! Sometimes it's the little things that matter in this strange new postpartum life. 

Cora Period Underwear Shorts

Reusable C-Section Friendly: Cora Period Underwear Shorts

These reusable underwear shorts are perfect for moms recovering from a c-section. The high-waisted design ensures your incision is protected while providing the absorbency you need. So, you can be kind to the environment, and gentle on your body. 

What matters most is that you feel comfortable and confident in your postpartum care choices. After all, this is your journey, and every choice you make is a step towards healing and embracing motherhood.

Best postpartum diapers

Postpartum Diapers Vs Pads Vs Incontinence Underwear

Now, you may be thinking, “Sure, adult diapers for postpartum, got it. But what about pads or incontinence underwear? Aren't they the same thing?” Well, let's break it down.

First and foremost, let's talk about pads. When it comes to choosing the right type of pad for your postpartum needs, it's important to consider the method of delivery, whether it be c-section or vaginal. This is because depending on the delivery type, you may find that regular pads might not provide the optimal level of absorbency and comfort during those early days after giving birth.

Next up, let's talk about incontinence underwear. These specially designed garments are specifically intended to address bladder leakage, providing reliable protection and comfort. However, it's important to note that they may not be suitable for managing the heavy flow associated with post-birth bleeding. While they may initially seem like a viable option, in practice, their absorbency and durability might not meet the required standards. It's like bringing a water gun to a hose fight – it's simply not equipped to handle the task at hand.

Then we have postpartum diapers. These champs are designed specifically for the unique challenges of post-birth recovery, so they fit better, hold more, and won't leave you feeling nervous about leaks. 

So, let's recap:

  • Pads: Can be uncomfortable and insecure.
  • Incontinence underwear: Not designed for heavy flows.
  • Postpartum diapers: The best fit and absorbency for after birth.

This purchase may be just one of many unexpected postpartum experiences, but bravo Mama for taking the best steps to make yourself comfortable during these initial overwhelming days after birth! Remember to pack it in your hospital bag for added convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Diapers Will I Need?

When it comes to stacking your postpartum diaper supply, it's definitely not a one-size-fits-all situation. And just like newborns, every postpartum experience is unique. So, ballpark estimates suggest anywhere from three to ten days of daily diaper use, with multiple changes a day. This varies based on factors such as individual healing process and the type of birth (vaginal or cesarean).

How Often Should I Change My Diaper?

You'll want to change your postpartum diaper roughly every four to six hours, but this can vary. If you're feeling damp or uncomfortable, it's time for a new pad. There's no medal for stretching out the use, trust me. Your focus should be on keeping yourself clean, dry, and comfortable.

How Long Do You Wear Postpartum Diapers?

The duration for wearing diapers is entirely dependent on you. So, you might need them for the first few days to first two weeks. These aren't permanent additions to your wardrobe. They're here to make your after birth journey a little easier. Once you're feeling healed and confident, you can transition back to normal underwear with maternity pads and panty liners at your own pace.

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