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Postpartum Retreats: Are they the best investment post-baby?




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

After going through the whirlwind of pregnancies, labors, and hospital stays, I’ve got to say, a postpartum retreat would have been an incredible way to round out my birth experience. The postpartum period, especially those first few days and weeks, is a wild ride, with sleepless nights, constant feeding, and the chaos of adjusting to my role as a new parent in this new life. I often wished for a pause button to catch my breath and regain my balance. 

Recently, I learned about postpartum retreats—a sanctuary for new moms, offering rest, healing, and a sense of community. Looking back, I wish I had known about it sooner. How amazing does that sound?! That's why I'm sharing it with you now, so you can consider it for your own motherhood journey.

Postpartum Retreats: Are they the best investment post-baby?

What are postpartum retreats?

A postpartum retreat as we are calling it here in the US, is significantly based on a postpartum care center, or joriwon, that originated in South Korea.

Postpartum retreats are specialized getaways designed to support new mothers in the overwhelming and exhausting weeks following birth. These retreats focus on rest, recovery, healing, and dedicated time bonding with your baby. They offer professional support for physical healing, mental health, and help new mamas adjust to parenthood. Postpartum retreats allow moms to focus on self-care and connect with other new mothers sharing similar experiences. Services often include nutritional guidance, sleep support, baby care workshops, and counseling sessions, tailored to foster a strong and healthy start for both mother and baby.

Why do I keep hearing about postpartum retreats?

The rise in popularity stems from a growing recognition of maternal mental health needs and the importance of support after childbirth. Finally (finally!) our society is realizing that the postpartum period involves significant physical and emotional changes for moms, and we’ve been left to fend for ourselves for far too long. With families spread out all over the place these days, that traditional network of support might not be there like it used to be. Plus, more people are openly discussing their postpartum experiences, discussing taboo subjects like postpartum depression, incontinence, body image, and relationship challenges. It's about time we talk about these things and get the support we need.

What are the benefits of postpartum retreats?

Postpartum retreats offer tons of benefits for both moms and babies, including:

For mothers:

  1. Mental health support: Tailored programs that offer emotional and psychological support to tackle common postpartum challenges, including anxiety, depression, and stress.
  2. Physical recovery: Professional guidance on physical recovery post-birth, including pelvic floor exercises, nutritional advice, and restorative practices.
  3. Community and connection: Being around other new mothers creates a sense of community, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering connections through shared experiences.

For babies:

  1. Early bonding opportunities: Retreats provide a calm and supportive environment for mothers to bond with their newborns, crucial for emotional development and attachment.
  2. Health and development checks: Some retreats offer access to pediatric care, ensuring babies are healthy, gaining weight, and meeting developmental milestones.
  3. Routine establishment: Professionals can assist in establishing effective feeding and sleeping routines.
Benefits of Postpartum Retreats

What to Expect During Your Stay

Every retreat is different, but here are some general things you can expect during your stay at a postpartum retreat:

Customized postnatal care programs

Retreats have qualified professionals who offer personalized programs in postpartum recovery based on individual needs and challenges. This can include yoga classes, therapy sessions, nutrition consultations, lactation support, and more. Also, many retreats provide around-the-clock care, ensuring that both mother and baby have access to professional support at any hour. Care teams are usually composed of experienced healthcare professionals, including nurses, midwives, and pediatricians. They assist with everything from postnatal recovery and lactation issues to baby care and emergency health concerns. The availability of constant newborn care gives parents peace of mind, knowing that help is always on hand whenever they may need it.


Many retreats offer nutritious and balanced meals and postpartum snacks to support healing and recovery. These meals are carefully designed to offer balanced nutrition, essential for supporting mothers in their recovery and healing processes. Meals are usually rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, to ensure mothers receive the nourishment they need for healing.

Bonding activities for mother and baby

Postnatal retreats often offer various bonding activities and classes for mothers and their newborns. These activities can include baby massage, lactation technique classes, or meals delivered straight to your room so you can cuddle while you eat a snack. These activities are not only beneficial for the mother's mental health but also help promote healthy development and bonding between mother and baby.

How long is a typical stay at a postpartum retreat?

The length of stay can vary, but it’s typically between 3-7 days. Some retreats may offer longer stays for more intensive recovery or if there are any complications during the postnatal period. The duration of stay also depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Choosing the right postpartum retreat for you

When looking for a postpartum retreat, it's important to consider your individual needs and preferences. Some things to keep in mind when choosing the right retreat for you include:

  1. Location: You will have just given birth, so finding a retreat within close proximity of your hometown is necessary. Consider what type of environment will make you feel most comfortable during your stay.
  2. Services offered: What types of services are offered at the retreat? Do they align with your recovery goals and needs?
  3. Accommodations: Are you looking for a luxurious experience or something more budget-friendly?
  4. Staff qualifications: It's important to ensure that the staff at the postpartum retreat are qualified and experienced in supporting postnatal recovery. This includes medical professionals, as well as specialists in postpartum care and support, such as lactation consultants and postpartum doulas.
  5. Past participant reviews: It can be helpful to read reviews or testimonials from past participants to get an idea of their experience at the retreat.
  6. Cost: Postpartum retreats can vary in cost, and some are super pricey. Consider your budget and any potential insurance coverage for postnatal care.

Factors to consider before booking

Before booking a postpartum retreat, make sure to consider the following:

  1. Consult with your healthcare provider: It's important to discuss your plans for a postpartum retreat with your healthcare provider to ensure it aligns with any recommended recovery plans.
  2. Length of stay: Postpartum retreats can range from a couple days to more than a week. Think about how much time you feel comfortable being away from home and what will be most beneficial for your recovery.
  3. Additional support: Some postpartum retreats offer additional services such as therapy or counseling sessions, yoga or meditation classes, and nutrition consultations. Think about what type of support would be most beneficial for you during this time.

Family and visitor policy

Before booking a postpartum retreat, be sure to check the family and visitor policy. Some retreats may not allow family members to visit, while others may have specific guidelines for their presence. It's important to consider your support system and if you have other children you’ll want to see during this time.

Preparing for your postpartum retreat

Once you have chosen a postpartum retreat that aligns with your needs and preferences, it's important to properly prepare for your stay. Here are some tips to help you get ready:

Items to Pack

Most of the items will be similar to what you're packing in your hospital bag, but of course you’ll want more comfortable postpartum loungewear to wear daily during your stay.

Postpartum retreats near you

If you're looking for a postpartum retreat to help you relax and recover after childbirth, here are some popular postpartum retreats in the United States and Canada:

  1. Boram (New York City)
  2. Fourth Trimester Postnatal Retreat (Washington D.C.)
  3. Sanu Postpartum Retreat (Tysons, Virginia, outside of Washington D.C.)
  4. Ahma & Co (Dana Point, Orange County, California)
  5. Alma Care (Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, Canada)
  6. The Village Postnatal Retreat Center (San Francisco, Bay Area, California)
Postpartum Retreats Near You

Ready to start your postpartum healing journey? Explore your ideal retreat and immerse yourself in a nurturing environment designed with new mothers in mind. And if you're looking for a postpartum essentials checklist or budgeting for a new baby, we got you covered!

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