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The Best Artipoppe Dupes if the OG is Too Spendy




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

Like most parents who scour the internet for the best baby finds, I was looking for the best baby carrier to register for with my first baby. Baby carriers are a must-have for new parents, providing a comfortable and secure way to carry your baby while keeping your hands free. I decided NOT to splurge on a fancy designer brand like Artipoppe, and registered for a cheaper one instead.

Fast forward a couple of years and a handful of baby carriers later, I found myself planning a major family trip abroad for when my second baby was 8 weeks old, and I needed a baby carrier I could rely on, knowing my 2 year old toddler would be taking priority in the travel stroller. I decided to revisit the baby carrier selections, and ultimately, I took the plunge and invested in the Artipoppe carrier. Honestly, it was totally worth the price tag and I’m happy I added it to my list of baby essentials. But I get it, it's a big investment, so I did some research to find Artipoppe carrier dupes that have similar features I love about the Artipoppe at a fraction of the price. 

Are Artipoppe carriers worth the hype?

Absolutely! The Artipoppe has criss-cross back straps that buckle at the waist, so I’m conveniently able to slip the carrier on solo (surprisingly cannot say that about the previous carriers I had). It’s super comfortable and I love all the different print and fabric options. All of these features totally justified the extra cost and looking back, I wish I had splurged instead of trying out three different budget-friendly soft structured carrier options in the process. 

Here are some features that make Artipoppe a great carrier and stand out from other brands:


Artipoppe carriers come in a variety of gorgeous patterns, from classic solids to trendy designs. They're also made with luxurious materials like linen, cashmere, hemp, and cotton, giving them a stylish edge while remaining comfortable.

Comfort and Fit

One of the most important factors in a baby carrier is comfort. You want to be comfortable and you want your baby to be comfortable, especially if your plans involve many hours of babywearing. Artipoppe carriers are ergonomically-designed and made to evenly distribute your baby's weight, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.

I love that I can put it on by myself, without feeling like I'm bending over backwards or about to dislocate a shoulder. Its criss-cross back straps fasten at the waist, unlike other brands with buckles awkwardly positioned between your shoulder blades.

Weight Limit

For caregivers it's a one-size-fits-all, meaning me and my husband and my au pair can all use it. The carriers accommodate babies from newborns up to two years old (7-45 lbs), which is incredibly convenient.

Carrying Positions

Artipoppe carriers offer multiple carrying positions, including front-carry inward-facing, forward facing carry, and back-carry. This allows you to switch up your carrying style as your baby grows and has different needs.


The price of the Artipoppe Zeitgeist ranges from $370 to $3,800, depending on the style and material.

The Best Artipoppe Dupes

While the Artipoppe soft structured carrier stands out for its luxurious and premium appeal, there are cheaper alternatives that have similar features. Here are the best Artipoppe dupes:

WildBird Aerial

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

This carrier boasts a similar aesthetic to the Artipoppe and is crafted from 100% natural linen with European linen fibers. It's designed to comfortably carry babies from the newborn stage to 45lbs, offering options for both front carry (facing inwards) and back carry. It has sturdy clips to keep the straps securely in place, as well as padded shoulder and waist straps to provide essential back support.

Price: $178

Bumpsuit Armadillo Baby Carrier

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

Made from polyester, this carrier provides padded lumbar support for both mama and baby. What's great is that it features two mesh pockets for keeping essentials like keys, phone, or your wallet, making it even more hands-free. Some additional accessories included are a water bottle hook and an elastic tab for attaching a leash if you decide to bring your dog along. You can utilize it for carrying your baby facing either forwards or outwards, accommodating little ones weighing between 7-45 lbs.

Price: $275

Ergobaby Embrace

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

Designed for babies weighing between 7-25 lbs, this baby carrier is constructed with lightweight Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Featuring spreadable shoulder straps and a padded neckline, it ensures the fabric around the baby's neck remains taut for a snug and supported fit while also providing support for the newborn's head. It's available in two options: mesh, breathable and quick-drying, or knit fabric, which offers a softer and cozier feel (for baby's sensitive skin).

Price: $99

Stokke Limas Flexi Gold

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

This carrier offers versatile options for front-carry, back-carry, and hip-carry positions, accommodating babies weighing 7-33 lbs. It's ergonomically designed for optimal support and comfort, featuring an adjustable base and back panel to adapt as your baby grows. The spreadable shoulder straps aid in evenly distributing your baby’s weight. It's made with lightweight 100% organic cotton wrap fabrics for comfort and breathability.

Price: $169

Tula Explore

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

This carrier comes in a variety of vibrant and playful designs, and is crafted from materials such as hemp, linen, cotton, woven fabric, or mesh (a great option for hot days). Suitable for babies weighing 7-45 lbs, it features padded shoulders and wide waistbands to ensure weight is evenly distributed for maximum comfort and support.

Price: $199

Nest Blanche

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

Crafted from plush velvet fabric, this versatile 4-in-1 carrier is perfect for children weighing 7-35 lbs. It offers multiple carrying positions, including facing in, facing out, and back-carry, ensuring flexibility for various situations. Engineered to promote healthy hip and spinal development, it maintains babies in the recommended “M” position. The criss-cross back design is similar to Artipoppe and helps evenly distribute weight and enhances overall comfort for both parent and child.

Price: $59.99

Momcozy Baby Carrier

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

Featuring a built-in EVA waist support, this baby carrier not only provides lumbar support but also reduces strain on your back. The thickly padded shoulder and waist straps can be easily adjusted and the criss-cross design (like the Artipoppe!) on the back strap offers comprehensive shoulder, lumbar, and abdominal support. It's suitable for babies weighing 7-44 lbs, and made with cotton.

Price: $59.99

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

This cotton baby carrier is designed for various carrying positions, including newborn-carry, inward-facing, outward-facing, and back-carry. It has many adjustable features to accommodate baby's growth and comfort and can be used for kids 8-33 lbs. Ergonomically-designed, it incorporates a waist belt and padded shoulder straps for enhanced support and comfort.

Price: $199.99

Chicco SnugSupport

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

This carrier has easy-to-adjust back and waist straps and is a great option to keep parents comfortable. It's designed to keep babies in the “M” position to foster healthy hip development. It offers four carry positions (including two parent-facing, one outward, and back carry), and is suitable for infants weighing 7.5 to 33 lbs.

Price: $69.99

The Best Artipoppe Dupes of 2024

I hope this list helped you find the perfect Artipoppe dupe for your next adventure! For more baby essentials, check out the motherhood section of my blog, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. I can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’re taking with your family!


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