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Lalo improved it’s high chair: here’s what’s different (hint: booster seat)





Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

One of my biggest concerns as a first-time-mom: my beautiful, curated, clean and organized home becoming a chaotic frenzy filled with unnecessary (and worse, ugly) baby products.

So as with everything I purchased for my son Caden, I approached my research on high chairs with scrutiny. I wasn’t looking to sacrifice form for function, especially for a product which will have a prevalent place in our most frequently used room in our home. In fact, I put off purchasing a high chair until all alternative options were no longer feasible.  Seriously, I really avoided it. I used a travel clip-on high chair on my kitchen island or had Caden sit on my lap for meals – neither of which provided the convenience, safety and ease that we need day-to-day. 

I ended up selecting the Lalo high chair ‘The Chair’ to purchase: it’s beautiful, safe, easy to clean and I loved how it was built to last, converting into a toddler chair. Now that Caden is 2 years old, I can confidently say it was a great purchase but did have some drawbacks: the tray had a learning curve to use it and couldn’t fit a plate and cup without Caden knocking it off, the footrest’s one-size-fits all position wasn’t optimal, and while converting to a toddler chair is great, it was missing the middle step of a booster seat to avoid purchasing yet another baby product to add to our collection.

Well guess what? It’s like Lalo heard me. Just in time for our family’s newest arrival, I was very excited to learn that Lalo upgraded its high chair ‘The Chair’ and added a booster conversion kit ‘The Booster.’

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lalo high chair

So what is different to justify the purchase of another high chair for baby #2?

Improved tray: easier to use and increased surface area

Now the mechanism to put on and pull off the tray has been improved for ease of use. No more struggling or spending time explaining how to use it to someone else. Lalo also increased the surface area and added a lip to keep food from going into the baby’s lap without increasing the overall dimensions – more room for food while containing the mess without taking up more space. Win, win.

Adjustable footrest to support your growing baby

The chair itself is designed to support a baby’s legs before they can reach the footrest (unique to Lalo), but now the footrest is reachable as soon as baby’s legs are able to bend over the seat. It can also be flipped over for more legroom as your baby grows.

Wipeable straps for faster clean up

To be honest, I removed the straps from the high chair as soon as Caden seemed sturdy because they got dirty every mealtime and needed to be thrown in the washing machine to truly get them clean. But now, improved material makes the straps easier to wipe down. Bonus: Lalo added a support piece to keep the straps from sliding down the baby’s shoulders.

Options for cushion colors

If you’re anything like me, aesthetics are important. Instead of the high chair coming with a default grey cushion, it now comes with tonal matching cushions to the chair’s color (I’ve had my eye on that beautiful Sage).

Converts to a booster seat… Yes!!

This is a big one. Now there is even more functionality with The Chair converting into a Booster Seat. Once Caden outgrew the desire to sit in the high chair, he needed a booster and I was so disappointed Lalo didn’t have this option. Excited this has been added and we can reduce clutter 🙌

Reasons I purchased the Lalo in the first place vs. Stokke’s multiple options

  • Easy to clean: Smooth surfaces with no cracks and crevices for crumbs to get stuck in.
  • Versatility: The Chair can be used with the tray, or without the tray pulled up to the table. It can be converted into a toddler Play Chair (pairs nicely with the Play Table) and now into a Booster Seat.
  • Assembly: Very fast and easy assembly got even easier with this upgrade with legs that now just click into the base of the seat.
  • Design: Clean lines, not bulky, minimal footprint.

You can stop your endless research and comparisons of high chairs now. The upgraded Lalo Chair is the one you want.

Get $30 off the upgraded The Chair Full Kit ($205 with discount): LALONMM30

Get $10 off the new The Booster ($85 with discount): LALONMM10


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