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Ask Me Anything: Lalo High Chair Review

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Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

If there's one question that keeps popping up amidst my circle of expecting friends, it's this: “Do you really like your Lalo High Chair?” And let me tell you, my response is always a resounding yes.

Here's the thing: a high chair isn't just another baby product. It's a piece of functional decor that's going to claim its own little corner in your house. It's where your child is going to have their first taste of mashed broccoli, and where you'll find yourself scrubbing off the remnants of said broccoli. So, it makes sense that you'd want to pick a high chair that's not just useful, but also visually pleasing. Enter: the Lalo High Chair.

Now I'm going to answer all the frequently asked questions I get about the Lalo High Chair – a product I've loved and used for both of my kids. So here’s some real talk about all-things Lalo, from the viewpoint of a mom who's used this high chair for multiple years.

Lalo High Chair Review

Ask Me Anything: Lalo High Chair Review

Q: Do you trip over the chair legs?

I get why this tops the list of questions – the chair legs do come out at an angle. So, tripping fears, I understand! But let's put some facts on the table. If you compare the diameter of the Lalo High Chair with competitors, it's only around half an inch larger on average. Tiny, right?

In the first couple of days, I won't lie, the chair legs and I had a few encounters. But soon, my mom-brain adapted swiftly. Now, even 2AM snack runs for Caden are incident-free.

I'd also like to mention that the Lalo's design is sleek and simple. It's not intrusive or bulky like other high chairs and I love how easy it is to move from being placed in the corner of our dining room, to right beside the table and into the kitchen while I'm prepping dinner. It blends beautifully with our home decor and you forget that it's even there.

Q: Is it adjustable?

Absolutely, and this feature is one of the highlights of the Lalo High Chair. The chair is a brilliant three-in-one piece designed to evolve with your little one. When your baby is around four months old, you can start using it as a high chair with the adjustable footrest that adapts to your child's growing height. And Lalo has an infant insert that helps push up the smallest babies just starting solids, so they’re not too far from the tray.

As your baby grows older and more independent, the Lalo transitions into a booster seat. This makes meal times easier and fosters a sense of independence in your little one. Then, it transforms into a play chair. And we love the full play kit. Talk about getting your money's worth!

Q: Is the tray too small?

I can now confidently say, no, the tray is not too small. In fact, Lalo addressed this concern last year when they launched an updated version of the high chair. The design now boasts an increased surface area, providing ample room for little hands to navigate their culinary journey, while still maintaining compact, cleanable proportions.

I like that the lip around the edge of the tray keeps food from falling into your baby's lap, reducing mess while not expanding the overall dimensions of the chair. It’s a fantastic improvement, balancing more room for food exploration without having to contend with increased cleaning space. Win, win!

Q: Do suction plates stick to the tray?

Okay, not all suction plates you'd find on Amazon stick to this tray… but honestly that's true for all high chairs I've tried. You'll need to do some trial and error, but if you want to skip this step just purchase The First Bites Kit from Lalo and you'll for sure get tableware with suction that sticks right on. Not to mention the silicone bibs that come with it are the best ones you can buy – thin, flexible and easy to pack. This tableware kit has become my go-to baby shower gift.

Q: Is the cushion easy to clean?

Here's the good news – the Lalo High Chair cushion is not just comfy, it's also super easy to clean. A simple wipe-down is all it takes to make it look as good as new. Plus, it’s easily removable and washable, which makes dealing with those unexpected spills a breeze. So even if your little darling decides to turn a bowl of spaghetti into a modern art masterpiece, you're all set.

So how did I do?

Did I address all your burning questions? Hopefully this gives you some real insight from an actual mom who has years of hands on experience with this high chair to help you feel confident in your purchase!

AMA Lalo High Chair


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