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This premium diaper helped me ditch my diaper bag

Belt bag diaper bag




Written by:

Barbara Mighdoll

This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in.

As a new mom, you’re either way over prepared or drastically underprepared for the twists and turns of parenting’s harsh learning curve. Packing your diaper bag is no exception. 

With my first baby I think I hauled around a good 15 lbs of baby stuff with me just to run an errand. But with baby #2? I fully ditched my diaper bag! By using a premium diaper plus slimming down to the pure necessities, I fit all my baby's essentials into a small belt bag for a quick outing. It makes leaving the house so much easier!

The space-saving tips to ditch your diaper bag too

1. Quality diapers are my top secret

One of my most surprising learnings as a new parent: your diaper choice matters! I tested Coterie, Mille Moon, Dyper, Kirkland and Pampers in my early motherhood days, and I can attest that Coterie is the crème de la crème for absorbency, softness, and ingredient safety. No leaks, no blowouts, no diaper rashes and less frequent diaper changes means you don’t need to pack changes of clothes, tons of extra diapers or diaper rash cream – saving space instantly. I’m seriously obsessed with these diapers! 

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2. Compact changing pad

Why are changing pads so bulky? Do your research to find a foldable, wipeable, thin changing pad. Pro tip: for easy one-handed folding, I recommend the Mina Baei magnetic closure Envelope Changing Pad.

3. Backup bodysuit because spit-ups happen

Babies are notorious for spit-up. Be prepared by packing just a single, versatile long-sleeve bodysuit for when the inevitable occurs. I love the softness of Kyte Baby. 

4. Pacifier AND clip

Instead of packing 3 back-up pacifiers, do yourself a favor and buy a clip to attach that sacred item to your baby to avoid a lost paci in the darkest of hours.

5. Wipes that let you do more with less in a slim travel case

The new and improved Coterie wipes are softer and stronger than any other wipe I’ve tried, are made with 99% water and gentle clean ingredients (EWG verified), and here’s the key: they are 30% larger than the average wipe meaning they do more with less. Put these in a slim, light and flexible travel pouch to save major space. Or, grab one of the newly released Coterie Wipes Travel Packs for a no-prep option.

6. Hand sanitizer spray

COVID made me a germaphobe, and now that I have a toddler I basically bathe in this stuff. The smell and the texture of EO French Lavender spray is 👌

And if you are nursing that’s it! If you are formula-feeding, I recommend pre-measuring the formula and placing it into a bottle, so all you have to do is fill it with lukewarm water when you are on the go.

Items I no longer haul around with me

  1. Multiple backup outfits. With blowouts near-eliminated from Coterie diapers, I no longer need 2 to 3 “just-in-case” outfits.
  2. Diaper cream + bum brush. With super absorbent diapers, diaper rashes are a rare occurrence.
  3. 3x extra pacifiers. With a pacifier clip, your missing pacifier worries will be behind you.
  4. Toys. Your baby’s biggest interest is YOU. You can find entertainment with the simple things: singing, cuddling, making facing, allowing them to feel different textures.

Don’t let your diaper bag weigh you down: grab some Coterie Diapers now!

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Belt bag diaper bag


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