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How to prevent car seat blowouts (plus more tips to survive your road trip with baby)


This post is in partnership with Coterie. I only endorse products I believe in.

Sleepless nights, emotional breakdowns, unpredictable daily schedules – all reasons a road trip with a baby could seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to make it not only approachable, but fun and remarkably doable; I promise you’ll want to hit the road again ASAP.

#1 Prevent car seat blowouts with a highly absorbing diaper

This is my top tip for obvious reasons. The last thing you’ll want to deal with on a road trip is a blowout. So trust me when I say I’ve tested ALL THE DIAPERS, and there is only one I’d pack on my next road trip: Coterie. Coterie is the most absorbent I’ve found, which minimizes leaks, blowouts and allows for longer stretches in between diaper changes. The fit is snug in all the right places, and the softness cannot be beat. Order them for your next trip (but why wait, order them now for daily use).

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#2 Hit the road immediately after feeding

Feeding the baby and immediately going on your way works best.  This way baby’s full and happy when you get in the car.  While you’re feeding the baby, have your partner pack the car up with all the bags so as soon as the baby is done eating, you can head straight out the door.

If you are nursing, be sure to map out your stops every few hours based on how frequently your baby eats.  My favorite place to stop along the way is at Starbucks since you can order a drink ahead of time easily on the app and the bathrooms are usually clean.

#3 Sit in the back seat to entertain, soothe and feed baby.

Get cozy in the back with your baby to avoid frantic pull-overs throughout the trip. Organize the back seat strategically so everything is within an arm’s reach: supplies for messes (paper towels, burp clothes, sanitizing wipes), supplies for feeding (bottles, pumped milk/formula, pumping supplies, cooler), entertainment for baby (crinkle book, soft rattles, teething toys), sleeping necessities (portable sound machine, pacifier, lovey).

#4 Enjoy all the calm and chaotic moments

There will be crying (both Mom and baby), there will be laughing, there will be anxiety, but most importantly there will be amazing memories made on your family road trip. Enjoy all the calm and chaotic moments along the way.  Don’t give yourself a hard time when things don’t go as planned, you’re doing great Mama!

Try Coterie Diapers for your road trip or use them every day like me!

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I only endorse products I believe in. When you make purchases through links in this post, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

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